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The official website of NFL |2015 AP North forward | football season nearly five years with the Steelers two busy crow tiger quietly rise, The new supersedes the old., powerful United North like open season ago almost booked a wild card playoff, even can sweep the United two wild cards. The new season, whether the situation will change a situation of tripartite confrontation? Can the next dog, Brown, be able to surprise people again? Pittsburgh Steelers is confident: talk about leviant - Baer and Antonio - Brown, Baer has the perfect modern running back figure and dodge skills, which helped him in the red ball or ball always flash turn maneuvers while Brown is press forward to the enemy's capital, perhaps the only one in the League to complete all the tactics for the catcher, to be like the same huahuachangzi plump. This helper is far more than just the two of them, Weiss Mata - Bryant, Marcus and Witton, old and solid Seth Miller, you can hardly expect them who will burst at what time. In addition, the offensive front also must not be underestimated, the pavement cover fifth in the league, pass Protection League ninth, Ben, Baer and Brown have no doubt is the league's best QB-RB-WR combination, with the players around a perfect fit, let the Steelers have a perfect offensive with. concern: admire the Steelers dedication, their three consecutive first round selection linebacker, really effective, but other positions have the depth of concern. Cameron - Hayward is indeed a very powerful defensive front, but his teammates are far less than ten years ago is so tough, another defensive end even can not find qualified first. After the defensive line Polamalu and AIKE - Taylor retired story need not repeat, but the Steelers offseason short and not trying to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping find substitute, plus the two round cornerback Golson Senkui this season, the Steelers defensive line after the most stable or perhaps just joined in less than a month, Brandon Boykin, if steel the curtain will appear big hole, then the defensive line will be duty bound. In addition, kicker Sean Sue shamrock in the hall of fame after the injury season is equal to the secret service less spiritual pillar. unknown factors: on the last season - Roethlisberger went broke out, many people think that this is as unalterable principles things, after all this brilliant career, three Super Bowl twice won the trophy, the elite four Methodist should help the team win the championship four points, and in turn, who should also grow into elite passer. At the end of the year, the three diseases and two pain of the body were no longer in sight. With the departure of Polamalu and Taylor, let the first become the core of tactical and locker room leader, the moment people are old, Wallace is late, at the age of 33. is expected to score: 10 wins and 6 losses (AP top card) award forecast: Big Ben for MVP, best attack groupThe official website of NFL | packers rookie center Lindsley is expected to enter the occupation football bowl | Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers Dazanben at ESPN Milwaukee radio show this week in the team rookie center Cray linsly (Cory Linsley), said its outstanding performance is the team open cover and sharp attack protection. So how did Lindsley make the team at the core of the team? ????????????????????+9.3??????????????????????????쨴?????-???????Max Unger????+10.2?????? He showed his experience on the open road and scored a high score of +8.7. The last time the packers had such a strong ground cover was Scott Wells, who was in 2010 and 2011, Scott. Lindsley's passing pass is rather inferior, only -1.3's score. But he only allowed his opponent to get a kill and a quarterback this season, which is good for the rookie. Lindsley's excellent performance also made him hope to enter the professional bowl in the first year of his career. After all, it is difficult for the National League to choose a center that is stronger than others. The Carolina Panthers Ryan card (Ryan Kalil) Lille last season was the League of nations starting center, but this season his passing score only -5.2 protection, the Hai Ying center Engel by the foot injury has missed a lot of games. The Chicago bear's Blaine de la - La Puente (Brian De La Puente) was scored this season for +8.2, but he was not the bear team's solid first shot. The Washington Redskins Craig - Lyncher Staiger (Corey Linchtensteiger) and Daniel - 49 of San Francisco's Gil Geer (Daneil Kilgore) are doing well, but on the ground on the road are not linsly so well.The official website of NFL |2015 ALDS Mustang vs forward | Steelers Rugby had a difficult weekend in Cincinnati after the Steelers finally reached the first round. Although the tigers played well, but very low ball quotient and critical errors cost their playoff run, the first round of the nightmare still continues. While the Steelers in Quebingshaoqiang case through the first round, but with the same area rivals games that they suffered heavy losses. In the face of the strong horse, the Steelers fate in the end how? offensive: is more defensive than wild horse, and the offense of wild horse in this season has made the fans a big drop. The main quarterback Payton Manning old filling, handle and pass pass strength are very backward, in the 10 games he played in only 2249 yards and 9 touchdowns accounted for. But the number of copies had 17 terrible times, and it was not until the end of the regular season or the first of the league. The pass score was also only 67.9 of the poor. It is a substitute quarterback Bullock Oswald vhailor brighten, under the leadership of his horse was not affected by how much Manning injured. Quarterback bad performance is also largely affected by offensive line. Their 5 attack lines are first served, and only center Matt Paradeis (73.4) can reach the general substitute level of the league. As a whole, this season, wild horse's offensive line has put the quarterback under pressure 196 times, the entire league ranked thirteenth. Two main receiver Immanuel Saunders (85.8) and Demaliusi - Thomas (79.1) is still the most powerful offensive weapons mustang. This season, two of them are over fifteen yards. They are the top fifteen players in the league. is still the Steelers win, Brown. The main quarterback Ben - Roethlisberger (92.8) is the third good quarterback of the league this season. He was not on the court, the Steelers is simply two teams. While the main receiver Antonio - Brown is the league the highest score of the receivers, although no Mawang won the Brown play or the obvious to people. But without Brown, the group can better do Steelers ball? The second best team wide receiver Marcus Wheaton (75.4) in addition to regular season with the Seahawks in a big outbreak, the other time he was the league average wide receiver. And the other, Mata Weiss Bryant (70.8) and the old front end forward Sith Miller (73.7) played a big rise and fall throughout the season. The tigers against the wild card race, Bryant was a dazzling play. In the absence of de Angelo Williams, Steelers No. three or four running back Jordan Todd Mann and Fitxgerald Tusant have a dazzling play. The game Williams is likely to line regression, this is undoubtedly a huge positive for the steelers. defense: 〉The official website of NFL | pony and coach Pagano contract for four years | football didn't look good all season, and Chuck Pagano finally got a new contract to stay in Indianapolis's pony. The team announced on Monday that Pagano agreed to contract with the team for four years, and before this season, he and Ryan general manager Grieg Sen (Ryan Grigson) the feud between widely reported, and Indiana continued to spread his position after news. was surprised not only by the Pagano team, but also that there was no obvious winner in the right struggle. After a long day's long meeting on Monday, the team confirmed that Grigson would continue to stay for the same long time. Team owner Jim Irsay (Jim Irsay) told a press conference that Pagano persuaded the team to renew the contract for Grieg. The two people are now bundled together. Though the relationship between Pagano and Grieg Sen has been described bad for many times in the season, it is alleged that their relationship is closer to two respectful and enthusiastic professionals. did not have the pressure of the fans, and there was no pressure from the players, and Yale said when he mentioned the reason for the renewal of Pagano. The reason is that Pagano has won 44 games in the last 4 years. was originally a manager pony is considered to be the most attractive this offseason position, the next manager around quarterback Andrew (Andrew Luck) - Iraq build team. Now that Pagano and Grieg Sen have put aside their differences, their next task is to successfully build offensive frontlines that protect the signboard characters.

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