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The official website of NFL | - James: Lebron Mansel would change their behavior | football The team of Lebron James (LeBron James) signed Cleveland Brown Jonny quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) in January 2014. Recently, his marketing director expressed his concern for the Brown quarterback. Manzel missed this season's last game of the regular season, because he had to dress up a nightclub in Las Vegas. After , James expressed his opinion on Wednesday in the United States: I think it's more of Manzel's personal behavior. But I'm not sure. I don't know all the details. I'm not at the scene. I just heard about something. There are always some people around him trying to do something for him. I believe he will find out these people. This is what we all want. James finally said that if he went to Las Vegas, he wouldn't use the fake name, I wouldn't go to Las Vegas, but if I go, it's me.The official website of NFL | chowhound paradise or media gospel? The number of Super Bowl football | - read with the final whistle of the United States Federation, the forty-ninth Super Bowl cheap nfl jerseys free shipping formally entered the reciprocal stage. Let's read the number to read the interesting numbers about the super bowl. America chowhound 1, Americans can eat 1 billion 250 million chicken wings at the super bowl over the weekend, 2, the day of the super bowl, Americans will eat about 11 million 200 thousand pounds of potato chips 3, super bowl will sell more than 50 million cases of beer at the end of the weekend, 4, 1/12 people look at the super bowl to see the advertising and the midfield show 5, only 5% of the people will choose to watch the match alone 6, during the super bowl, 11 million pizza was sent to the families of business competition influence; 1, of the 10 highest ratings in American history, 9 are super bowl 2, the largest audience in the history of the super bowl, reached 164 million 3, a super bowl, 150 million dollars in revenue for the host zone, 4, 30 seconds of Super Bowl advertising, the value has soared to $4 million 500 thousand 5, since the introduction of the Super Bowl advertising, the cost has been 125 times, an average of 2.5 times a yearChongqing Hiro Bowling bowling Museum, Chongqing, second weeks in December, won the flying saucer Chen Jun. | Bowling Chongqing honglink bowling alley December 2014 second week tournament held at 19:00 last night, the second week of December, the game is also very exciting, all players of intense competition, the final first by the UFO player Chen Jun with 1282 points to win the game, take the top six awards first prize: Chen Jun second: Jiang Cheng Gang third: Li Jun fourth Lin Yanxiang: Fifth: Yang Jin sixth: Chen Anjianlast season as the first experience of the complete NFL season, from the beginning of the season, actually for Denver Mustang finally able to win the super bowl is really not a little defensive. Until the time of each division finals, the Denver Broncos when faced with the new England patriots in my heart really feel the Patriots can win, when in the 50 Super Bowl content prepared though equally, but see Manning last season's injury and sporadic appearances, really worried about the offensive and defensive rhythm group group the efforts of his performance will drag the entire Denver mustang. But in the end, the old saying was confirmed: Defense won the championship. The new year's day morning six o'clock to get up to Manning's career ultimate battle, until nearly noon, when Payton Manning won second Super Bowl champion of his life, I was in New Year's day morning broadcast of the game when tapping the keyboard, cut the GIF video screenshots, thanks to Payton Manning his last game dedication brilliant Super Bowl showdown for us for everyone, his mind suddenly flashed a thought: "next year, Payton - Manning should come to China!" indeed, he really came. Manning's China office is very lucky to get a rare opportunity to ask Payton Manning questions. This is an opportunity worth remembering and cherishing for a lifetime. When a colleague and ready for the problem of content, for many factors we really can not ask too tricky or complicated problem, even once thought to lose such a rare opportunity to ask questions...... But after experiencing some twists and turns, we finally succeeded in completing the visit which lasted for only ten minutes, but it felt very unusual. also needs to wait for Manning to complete his signature before the interview. After arriving at the hotel we had a short rest in is filled with all kinds of gifts waiting for Manning graced the room, although not counting, but the number of visual light football there are dozens of, not on the Jersey, helmet and so on other gifts. Because I have heard Manning for the time of the control requirements are very precise, so we are very cherish and his close contact with a second, while I have a watch found time to 14:30, Payton Manning, came on time. in the crowd's Manning really looks very prominent, probably because of his 196 height and his big figure! Manning, who was walking on the road, felt not very fast, steady but absolutely not talking about his footwork, but really gave me the feeling of a retired worker. If you never knew the man behind the story and he had been in the NFL that honor and record, you absolutely can not think this person is a all-powerful figure of national treasure level on the other side of the United states. Of course 〉

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