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The official website of NFL | Mendez Bryant: in the past we have not tried | football over the past 3 seasons, Dallas Cowboys ended the season with 8 wins and 8, which led to their failure to enter the playoffs. In this week's interview, Bryant took over the outer Mendez (Dez Bryant) said: I must tell the truth, in my opinion, the only reason to 8 wins and 8 losses to end the season, is that we are not working hard enough. Bryant revealed that he had been active in training on the second day after the last week of the regular season last week and had been absent from the Philadelphia hawk for the first time after the playoffs. He hoped to face the new season with a more positive attitude and a more serious attitude. This season, cowboys have one of the best attacking frontlines in the league. The team attributed it to cohesion, and players said that the cowboys were the most united in this season since being coa cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ch of Jason Gareth (Jason Garrett). made such remarks at this time, to a certain extent, to explain what Bryant was really aware of. The cowboy's performance this season is new, and as Bryant said, every cowboy player has worked harder than he did in the past. At present, the competition in the playoffs has entered a white hot stage, and Bryant also hopes his teammates will be able to make persistent efforts.The official website of NFL | Sherman campaign to sell their current | football T-shirt Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) on the sidelines? No, he's not that idle. He sells his T-shirt on his website. Once the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Sherman in the face of the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) when the Seahawks win, then Sherman after the game to Twitter to comment about the Brady brothers: you are angry? When was about to face a face to face war again, Sherman began to open his own fashion T-shirt publicly, and it was on your brother that you were angry, right? (You mad bro), yes, if you buy it, you'll wear it on the day of the super bowl. then Beijing time on February 2nd morning let us look to who is more angry.even-even soccer equipment network Puma company in the Garner Football Association (GFA) today jointly launched the national team Garner 2016-17 season New Jersey home court. In the past few decades, Puma has been committed to the African partners to provide the most advanced design technology and the most avant-garde. As in the past to adhere to this spirit in design and innovation, to create a new Puma evoKNIT series Jersey, Garner national team later this year to wear the new shirt. the fierce competition will be the real test of the use of Puma in Jersey in the design of the future high performance technology, evoKNIT technology has all the characteristics of the jersey fabric design -- light, personal comfort, can perform good temperature regulation, enhance the performance of athletes. More importantly, for the first time in history, the torso part of the Jersey really realized "seamless". jersey with dynamic water management system, two sets of yarns to "push pull" effect, the yarn close to the skin quickly away from the outer surface of athletes sweat, yarn will further sweat, keep dry. In order to achieve this goal, the mechanical cooperation between Puma and highly technical, the football industry has never been used. The innovative production process has produced seamless tubular sleeves and torso from the beginning, providing security for comfort. Such a Jersey can strengthen the strength, regulate the body temperature, minimize the obstacles in the movement, and help the Garner team show the strongest tone in the high - intensity you think it's a new idea for the boss Mark Davies (Mark Davis) to relocate the raiders from Oakland to Las Vegas? In fact, in 1999, Davies had begun the dream. Andy - Abboud (Andy Abboud), vice chairman of the Las Vegas government relations and community development, told reporters: "the spring when Davies came here and talk to us, you can see these in the online publication of the video we see, and we are committed to the welfare of the community, Mark also revealed that he had bought Las Vegas Raiders in early 1999." This is really an advanced thinking. In 1999, the Internet was not very popular, and Davies thought of it. Andy also said he had heard Davies's desire to move the team about 2 years ago, when his goal was Las Vegas. wanted Davies to relocate the team because the Raiders couldn't get a new stadium in Oakland. In addition to the previous attempt to relocate Losangeles failed, Davies is bound to let the team go to Las Vegas.

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