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The official website of NFL | Bill team with snowmobiles connected by plane | football players , because Bill is arriving in Detroit on Friday night and is beginning to resume training. So they have to take some unique measures to ensure that their players can go to the airport. Mike - Roda (Mike Rodak) of ESPN reported that because most of the players were trapped in a snowstorm, the team had to send a snowmobile to pick them up. They finally got the 53 players, and on the way to Detroit. this week after the blizzard, the huge buffalo prohibit driving, because some of the local snow thickness reached nearly 2.4 meters! , but not everyone can be lucky enough to take the motorcycle and take the Chris Chris Hogan cheap nfl jerseys free shipping . Chris sends herself to the Ralph Wilson stadium. and why don't you use a dog to pull a sleigh, at least he can take the helm by himself. Perhaps, he has his St. Bernard sent out to help those who can not go to the people of Detroit.The official website of NFL | Eli Manning is confident the giant to the playoffs | football in the new season the New York giants in the offseason generous investment group to rebuild defense last season and bad correction led the team for the four consecutive season into the playoffs without error. quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) on Wednesday asked whether he can return to the playoffs that giants in the new season. Manning did not avoid the question, and he answered directly. yes, of course, he said. We have introduced some excellent players in the new season. We are generous in the free agent market, but we still have many core players to stay, especially in the offensive team. I think we have some good moves in the defensive team. Some of us have been restored to health. If we have talents, then we can only knead them together, find ways to win, and play the best performance when we need them. The general manager of the team, Jerry Rees (Jerry Reese), of course, wants Manning to be right. For Rees this season is the season feels like a fight to win or die. After he left but coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) left the team. The National League is the most competitive division of the NFL. Every team has a real chance to win the division.He continued: "last year in France, the Portuguese team first stood on the top of Europe, and we also became the first European Cup champion to cooperate with Nike. In the twenty years our U17 national team won two European Championships, and the beach football national team was also on the top of the beach football World Cup twice. In addition, our women's football has also entered the final stage of the women's European Cup for the first time this year.Last week, is selected for the first time occupation bowl of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Bobby Wigner Lane (Bobby Wagner) on the first day of 2015 and got a piece of good news, he was named the National League defensive player of the year December. this is Wigner from the Utah State University after graduation to enter the NFL for third years, 5 games due to a toe injury he missed this season, but after its return to the 6 game, Wigner played well, help the Seahawks will rival the total score in 39 points per game only lost less than 7 minutes! Wigner in the 4 game in December sent a total of 36 tackles, he became the Seahawks history first won the defensive player of the month inside linebacker. Michael Bennet (Michael Bennett), a teammate defender, was pleased with Wigner's success and thought Wigner deserved it. "It's time for him to invite us to dinner, and when the inner guard won the honor, he should thank the defender."

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