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NFL after the fourteenth week of the regular game, let's see what's going on in the strength list. First, the top three still by the Green Bay Packers, new England patriots, Denver Broncos won, Seattle Seahawks beat Philadelphia eagles, returned to the top five, Pittsburgh Steelers victory with the chief of Cincinnati tigers, ranking improved 6. In addition, 49 people in San Francisco upset 13-24 to defeat to Oakland Raiders, Raiders compete for the champion in a bowl on the biggest obstacle, ranking rose from thirty-second to twenty-ninth, 49 people in their playoff hopes become very slim. The following complete list: 1. Green Bay Packer 10-3 2. new England patriot 10-3 3. Denver wild horse 10-3The Seattle Seahawks 4. (+2) 9-4 5. Indianapolis pony 9-4The Arizona Cardinals 6. (+1) 10-3 7. Philadelphia Eagle (-3) 9-4 8. Dallas cowboy 9-4 9. Detroit lion 9-4Pittsburgh Steelers 10. (+6) 8-5 11. kkansas chief 7-6 12. Cincinnati tigers (-2) 8-4-1San Diego 13. lightning 8-5 14. Baltimore Raven (+3) 8-5 15. Miami dolphin (-3) 7-6 16. Houston Dezhou people (+2) 7-6 17. Buffalo Bill (-2) 7-6 18. Saint Louis rams (+2) 6-7 19. 49 people in San Francisco (-5) 7-6 20. Cleveland Brown (-1) 7-6 21. Minnesota Viking (+3) 6-7 22. Atlanta cheap nfl jerseys free shipping falcons (-1) 5-8 23. Carolina panther (+4) 4-8-1 24. New Orleans Saints (-2) 5-8 25. New York giant 4-9 26. Chicago bear (-3) 5-8 27. Tampa Bay Pirate (-1) 2-11 28. Washington Red 3-10 29. Oakland Raiders (+3) 2-11 30. Jacksonville Jaguar (-1) 2-11 31. New York jet 2-11 32. Tennessee Titan 〉Bowling |2016 in Zhejiang province and Zhejiang Province, Bowling bowling league championship competition rules 2016 Zhejiang Bowling League and the constitution of the Zhejiang Bowling Championships 1. Host: Zhejiang Bowling Association two, undertaking unit: Hangzhou Fuyang Ford Bowling Club Ningbo KangBo bowling Taizhou Lin Hai Spring Rain bowling Museum Jiaxing JinShengDa bowling Wenzhou Jiaxin Bowling Club Shaoxing X sub fitness club Haining Bowling Club Du Shi Bing three, promotion agency, Wenzhou Xiang Rui Sports Development Co., Ltd. four, the competition time and place: from January 16th to 17th Jiaxing Shengda bowling hall, from March 12th to 13th from April 2nd to 3rd Wenzhou Ningbo Compro Bowling bowling Bowling Club Fuyang Jiaxin from May 14th to 15th Ford club from June 4th to 5th Shaoxing times X fitness club in Haining in from July 9th to 10th from August 6th to 7th the bowling club Du Shi Bing spring bowling The League finals (Elite) and the time and place of the Zhejiang Bowling Championships are notified separately. five, participating units: Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Bowling Association members and bowling clubs. Bowling enthusiasts can compete in the name of their own. six, match events: Group: Men's group, women's group, women and men's group women: single, double, all-round, elite men: single, three person, all-around, elite . seven, qualification: the athletes must have the individual membership of the association stipulated in the articles of association of the Zhejiang Bowling Association. eight, plus qualifications: average more than 190 points for the first team, an average of 180 points or more for the B team, an average of 170 points for the C team, an average of 170 for junior players, the team with 8 points per game in Serie B, C team with 18 points per game, junior players plus 28 points. level identification first 〉The official website of NFL | giants linebacker and Beeson restructuring contract negotiations | football New York giants linebacker Jon beason (Jon Beason) and the team's 3 year contract will expire at the end of the 2016 season. At this stage, the team hopes to negotiate contracts and Beeson restructuring. Next season, Beeson will cause nearly $7 million impact on the team's salary cap, he can take about 6 million of the wages. giant hope and reorganization of the contract as a team Beeson, make more salary space, thus make a difference in the free market. In this regard, Beeson said: with the increase of age, we will realize the importance of business. Whether or not to stay in the team and how to stay in the team is directly linked to your performance. If you can keep a high level for a long time, then your situation will be different. If Beeson can stay healthy, he is still the backbone of the giant trusted defense. But it doesn't seem to be realistic. In the last 4 seasons, he only had more than 4 appearances in one season. Last March, Beeson and the team signed a 3 year contract worth $16 million 800 thousand. However, he was missing 12 games for a foot injury. At the same time, it is revealed that the giants are still actively looking for a cost-effective line in the free market.???|????????28?????????|???????i???????(?) Qiu Bo (China) defending the honor of Chinese male taiwan honor after 90 Cleveland Beijing time on 27 February, (reporter Kang Shaohan) tomorrow at noon, swept all eight World Cup gold medals Chinese diving team will be staged in beijing. has just arrived at the eighteenth Diving World Cup and the London Olympic Games of London Olympic venues, and the Chinese team sent a super lineup led by Wu Minxia, He Chong, Chen Ruolin, Qin Kai and Lin Yue five Olympic champions. After six days of fierce competition, the powerful Chinese team took all eight gold medals. is specifically: Men's 3 meter board, single He Chong, double Qin Kai / Luo Yutong, women's 3 meter board single Wu Minxia, double Wu Minxia / He Zi, men's 10 meter platform single Qiu Bo, double Cao Yuan / Zhang Yanquan; women's 10 meter platform single person Chen Ruolin, double person / Wang Hao. Since this is the Chinese team since 1981 to participate in the world cup, third times to achieve blanket. in addition, the Chinese team also harvested the men's 3 meter single (Qin Kai), the women's 3 meter board single (He Zi) and the women's 10 meter single (Hu Yadan) three runner up. This is the victory of the July London Olympics to win momentum and confidence. It is reported that , at noon tomorrow Chinese diving dream team will take the Air China flight 938 has arrived. (finished)

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