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| handball Olympic champion and world champion fitness volunteer activities start | hand Association in September 22nd, Liu Yandong, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and state councilor, spoke at the start of the ceremony. Zhang Chen, a journalist from Xinhua news agency, September 22, Ji'nan (reporter male soldiers, Zhang Xiaojing China) the Olympic champion and world champion in 22, Ji'nan took the lead, as a volunteer for the national fitness career as a force. At the starting ceremony of the national fitness volunteer service held on the day of , the appearance of 23 Olympic champions was inject vitality into the ceremony. Nanping Grand Slam winner Kong Linghui lead, deliberately to Ji'nan to play table tennis ball; although the competition is not fierce, but still won the audience's applause. I volunteered to participate in this activity, only a master and know in advance to play, but do not know Kong Linghui, these days also specially trained about social sports majors in Physical Education College of Shandong University at the age of 22, Zhao Mengyu said with a smile, this time that we have 12 people to feel the exchange of good. Kong Lingh cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ui said: volunteering services, first let volunteers understand that their activities are of great significance, so that volunteers realize that volunteering is a manifestation of their own value, but also their own comprehensive ability to raise and improve opportunities. In the distance from , weightlifting champion Zhang Guozheng and gymnastics champion Huang Xu were very active in the cage football field. Though they didn't last long, they showed their skills to several young people. I think the national fitness (effective) lies in how much time it takes to participate in sports and to learn to live a healthy life, Zhang Guozheng said. has just won the Shanghai Olympic gold medal Grand Prix, the runner up of the men's 110 meter hurdles, Liu Xiang and the three Olympic champion of the Beijing Olympic Games, Zou Kai. Liu Xiang said, "I have been active in physical training since I was young. At that time, physical exercise was actually to enhance physical health exercise and fitness activities. Later, I went to sports school before I gradually embarked on professional training. I will make full use of the knowledge and skills of physical exercise I have mastered, and serve the voluntary activities of the whole people's fitness... We must vigorously carry forward the volunteering spirit of "dedication, fraternity, mutual assistance and progress", popularize the concept of volunteering, enhance the sense of social responsibility, carry out voluntary service in depth, and create a good social atmosphere for all fitness, everyone's participation and everyone's benefit. Zou Kai's words are full of affection: I am the beneficiary of the national fitness program. The reason why I go to gymnastics is that my parents are enthusiastic participants in the national fitness program. feathers 〉The official website of NFL |1988 for the first time since the start of 5 consecutive years the tigers football | Andy - Dalton (Andy Dalton) once again led the Cincinnati tigers to a great victory, and obviously the tiger has been recognized by the outside world. in Sunday's game just ended, the 27 to 24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks, the team is second in the fourth quarter finished with 17 points, the match into overtime, after the team completed in 2004 had a similar feat. , the winner of the game, made the tigers start 5 - 0 again since 1988, when the tigers took off the super bowl.Falcons have reached a long-term contract with their own horns. , according to media reports, Desmond trufan special (Desmond Trufant) of the new contract total value of $69 million, including $42 million security deposit. It was close to last year's $75 million, $50 million, $50 million, $75 million, $50 million contract for Josh - Norman (Josh) signed with Washington Red. The 2017 season is trufan super rookie contract for fifth years, he was in 2013 the first round of the season Falcon show, the original $8 million 26 thousand. But the falcons attach great importance to him, so they choose to give priority to the contract.The official website of NFL | patriots cornerback Blanna views on football teams coach | the new England patriots cornerback Brandon browner (Brandon Browner) has a unique view of the 49 session of the two coach on the super bowl, because he was the two coach who played the ball. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol Lerner (Pete Carroll) is very grateful, because Carol autobiography to him, giving him a chance to play in the NFL (2011-2013), he also love Bill Bailey Chico (Bill Belichick), because Bailey signed a free player identity and he gave him to win a super bowl ring chance. they are very different, Bronner said, but sometimes they are the same. what does this mean? the difference between them is that they are two coaches belonging to two different types, he explained, (Bailey Chico) is an old school, very stern coach; and Peter Carol is a great coach but he told us very relaxed. When we go to the conference room in Seattle, you can hear loud music, but this is definitely not going to happen in new England. but for two coaches, I like to play under their hands. Peter is a top coach, I've never seen any other coach has a method like that game, he always maintained a relaxed attitude, let us also feel very free and there is absolutely no feeling of nervousness.... (Bill), I from the childhood to high school coaches are very strict so, I can get used to Bailey Chico, and will have a great effect on my game. After , Blanna shared a story that he thought of the two. Remove the you see on TV, I think the two of them actually like, their football IQ is very similar, he said, belicko said this week some of Carol very love philosophy, as if I was listening to Carol before crossing to tell me a sample. In Seattle, when Pitt talked about the ball, he often talked about what Bailey Chico told us, and Bailey used the same three words "It's about the ball", just like Carol said.

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