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The official website of NFL | will compete with Houston watts and Jones prize | Du mervil DUCAM Rugby Dixon - Jones prize (Deacon Jones Award) in recognition of the alliance captured and killed most of the players, is now 3 individual competition. Kansas chiefs of Justin Houston (Justin Houston) is currently 18 sacks and sacks to lead the league standings, Houston Dezhou team J.J. (J.J. Watt) with 17 watts, 5 followed by Baltimore's Elvis Crow - Du mervil with 17 sacks ranked third. Three of them have a chance to sprint this season's king of escapement. The 2012 season is the League Watt captured and killed the king, and Du mervil is the 2009 season of the captured and killed the king, but the Jones prize was founded to Dixon last year to commemorate the Great Hall of fame at hand. Last year's winner is Indiana Colts Robert - Mathews (Robert Mathis). Houston is the San Diego lightning quarterback Philip Rivers on Sunday (Philip Rivers), the 15 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping game of the season was only killed 29 times. Watt is the opposite of the Jacksonville Jaguars Blake bottos (Blake Bortles), 13 game of the season was sacked 50 times, while Du Somerville is facing Clif Browns defeated rookie Connor Shaw (Connor Shaw), this is his first time starting Sunday. So Houston is likely to be surpassed by Watt or duroville. but they are three team this season in the playoffs for the sprint, so they don't consider too much about how their data, but three of them must have a will to win the final.New York jet chose the defensive end Leonard Williams (Leonard Williams) in the draft, which also put a shadow on the future of another defensive front team Mohamed Wilkerson (Muhammad Wilkerson). Since last summer, Vic and the jets have been trying to Tellson's continued long-term agreement, but still no progress. For the players of the future, the jets general manager Mike McCarthy (Mike Maccagnan) said the glam team will try to trade Wilkerson. McCarthy Glam said: "we won't trade him, that is not part of the plan. With regard to the renewal, he is our number one target, but there is still no substantial progress. " When asked whether Williams will join the impact on Vic Wilson, McCarthy Glam did not give a positive answer: "he is a good player, there is still a part of the team. I want to be able to leave him in the team, but everything has to be done. " There was a rumor in that the jet had hoped to send Wilkerson away before the draft, but failed to wish. Now the choice of trading will make his value a big drop, so the jet is inclined to keep Wilkerson. On the other hand, if the two sides are still unable to agree on the renewal of the contract this year, the team may be able to label it after the end of next season.card Lille - Mike (Khalil Mack) in the game's 5 capture performance, let Oakland Raiders commander Jack Del Rio (Jack Del Rio) think the team defense team will have a bright future. "when we go ahead, we will build a ruling defensive team," Del Rio told ESPN. "We have taken a few steps and showed some signs, but this is something that will happen. It's just a matter of time. " The success of NFL is built on the double cladding that attracts and defeats the opponent. Del Rio now has the ability Mike has, and Mike has made 9 escapement in the last 3 games. in addition to Mike, Del Leo can expect rookie Mario - Edwards Chong military small (Mario Edwards Jr.) and veteran defender Dan Williams rushed the ball (Dan Williams) as the cornerstone. Edwards has stood out since the middle of the season. According to the rugby focus network data, he has made 21 catch up quarterback in the past 6 games, and Mike has won 19 times. Williams has become a strong leader in the progress of the ball Raiders. They let their opponents run in the past month, each time the ball can only advance 3 yards. even though the Raiders have no hope of getting a playoff seat, they have a bright future. If the Raiders head went on the defensive on several draft group do not feel surprised. As they did in the attack team, they would want to make Mike a good player around it.Bowling | Longmarch bowling 2016 Series tournament game tonight just ended 3 month! Ceng Junlang won the 3 game and 664 pointsThe 2016 Series tournament Longmarch bowling game tonight just ended 3 month! Ceng Junlang won the 3 games and 664 points, runner up Kong Min: 654 points, third runner up Zhang Cheng: 647 points, fourth Wang Jie: 626 points, fifth Lin Jianfeng: 622 points, sixth old Gu: 621 points. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for the enthusiastic participation of all of you! The 2016 series open Longmarch bowling 3 month match score Champion: So Toshiro; runner up: Kong Min: Season: Zhang Cheng; fourth: Wang Jie fifth: Lin Jianfeng sixth: old lucky prize: Jane Yu Cen

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