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The official website of NFL | Olivier - Vernon: captured and killed more than anything | football Olivier Vernon (Olivier Vernon) has just completed the contract with the New York giants recently. The good news is that the player who won the big contract is not satisfied, so he is more eager to complete the capture on the court. When was interviewed by the New York Post reporter, Vernon answered what were you like more about escapement or sex? Vernon's answer is, brother, I think I like to kill, because it's more difficult to catch. He was right, most of us didn't have a chance to get a catch on the NFL stadium. Vernon also said he hopes to have the opportunity to escape to kill Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) at the same time, he also expressed to Tom Brady (Tom Brady) respect. said: everyone wants to be on the court, and I have a lot of things to do on the court now, and of course I have plenty of time. Obviously Vernon didn't lose himself because of a big contract.NFL official website in Cleveland, football running back Brown to strengthen the position of the nest Brown manager Hue cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Jackson (Hue) said on Wednesday that it would increase the number of shots in the 2017 season. therefore, on Wednesday, Brown made an increase in the list to give Jackson more offensive options. They announced the signing of Terrence makeev (Terrence Magee), to give up Jackson (Darius Jackson) - daliusi. Markee last season at Brown's training ground for some of the time, the Seahawks had appeared in the list, as the Seahawks rushed the ball 3 times for 12 yards. In the 2015 season, the Raven shot 2 times and contributed 4 yards. Brown is currently running back in depth the top two were Isaiah Crowell (Isaiah Crowell) and Duke Johnson (Duke Johnson), seven round pick Matt Adams (Matt Dayes) is also worth looking forward to. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Beijing season ended on the morning of August 24th, and Minnesota Vikings fought against Kansas chieftains. The Vikings defeated the chieftain at home 30 to 12. A lot of highlights of the game, opening less than 5 minutes, the Vikings quarterback Mata Cassell (Matt Cassel) completed a 53 yard pass to wide receiver Pedersen Calder Riel (Cordarrelle Patterson) and touchdowns, then additional hits, more than 7 to 0 lead. When the first day with 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the chiefs of Alex Smith (Alex Smith) touchdown zone balls by the Vikings cornerback Cape Town Mannering (Captain Munnerlyn) steals, then the Vikings quarterback Cassell pass back when the ball was defensive tackle chiefs Paidiao fell into a counter safety division. The Vikings kept a weak lead by 7 to 2. The biggest highlight of the second section was the two times of the two teams' quarterback, and the Sheikh had been copied in front of the red area so that the loss was greater. The third section is a section of the score, the backup quarterback Taylor Gabriel chief left in the third quarter for more than 3 minutes of time (Tyler Bray) 20 yards passing by the Vikings cornerback Sean Pratt (Shaun Prater) and steals run back to front 10 yards, the Vikings rookie four points Wei Teddy - Brady White (Teddy Bridgewater) easily completed 8 yard touchdowns, tight end Alan resse (Allen Reisner) - the ball successfully, the successful completion of additional points. After the three attack attack weak chief unhelpful to punt, the Vikings rookie return hand Edelman ty (Adam Thielen) completed 75 yard run back again, Brady White easily completed 5 yards short message array, the receiver is still near end reethe that, more than 27 to 5 score gap. In the fourth quarter, the two sides play very low efficiency. They finish playing kicking and shooting until the last 30 seconds. The chief quarterback Bray finished the 8 yards pass to save the home face. , the difference between the two teams is not great. The Vikings had 17 first trips, 148 yards of the ball and 175 yards of the pass. Compared with the chief 18 times, the ball runs 91 yards and passes 194 yards. In addition to the running ball, the gap between the two sides is not big, only three red areas were copied to the chief of the chief of the whole game. So that is the phrase "defender world." for the Vikings this game the biggest gain than rookie quarterback two stable touchdowns, though it is short but for a backup quarterback is worthy of recognition.The official website of NFL |JJ w had appreciated his heartfelt thanks to the | football coach JJ watts (J.J.Watt) has always been very grateful to Wade Phillips (Wade Phillips), who called him a white strong boy from Wisconsin. Watt expressed his gratitude to the former Houston Dezhou air defense coordinator when he was interviewed in the US time on Friday. Wade saw something else I could not see in my body, which I didn't even notice. Like Wade, he will lead you to the person you want to be, even better at that level. He is also the one who told me that my ability is far more than my own dream. If I just follow the instructions and play basketball according to the coach to complete the competition to adapt to the system, then maybe I am not so strong now, so I want to thank him. Watt finally said: now I, thank every thing that makes me better, because that is the opportunity that Wade has created for me. The fact of is not only Watt, Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) and Cooper Manning (Cooper Manning) have all expressed the respect for Wade.

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