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The official website of NFL and | Seahawks linebacker Wagner signed four years | football day, and one of the top young players and the cornerstone of the Seattle Seahawks contract. After renewed the contract with the quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson), NFL official website reported that the team has agreed to extend the contract with the central line, Bobby Wagner (Russell Wilson) for 4 years. Reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) revealed that the contract renewal is worth $43 million, with a guarantee of $22 million. Wagner from Utah State University since 2012 second round draft by the Seahawks selected in the League since has been one of the best players. Even if he missed 5 games in the last season, he still had the best season for him last season. his speed, intuition and aggression are rare. He played an important role in the defence and appeared in all areas of the field in the team's Super Bowl defeat this year. If we can not be replaced as the Seahawks defensive player of that sort, Wagner may be in safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) after the second. His contract reflects this. It was hard for to notice that Wagner had completed a contract renewal one day after Wilson's renewal. Wilson is the leader of the offensive team, and Wagner takes all the defensive team's tactical command. His comeback last year after directly enhance the performance of the Seahawks defensive group. this contract marks the Seahawks finished a very fruitful offseason. General manager John - Schneider (John Schneider) and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) together the core talent team is very crazy: Wilson, Wagner, Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham), Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman), Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas), Kim - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor Wright (K.J.), K.J., Wright) - Michael Bennet (Michael Bennett), Clif (Cliff Avril) - ivlli and Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) contract with the team at least 2017 season. three seasons the Seahawks has been the league's top teams, stable performance so long at this time in addition to Tom - Brady (Tom Brady) or Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) of the team, not always able to see. After this wave of renewal, the Seahawks in Brady and Manning eventually retired will be able to continue to maintain such a good level. 〉The official website of NFL | tight end Seif Ryan Jenkins will be out of action for | football Austen - Seif Ryan Jenkins (Austin Seferian-Jenkins) is absent. NFL official website reporter Geoff Darlington (Jeff Darlington), according to people familiar with the matter, reported Tuesday that the Tampa Bay piracy grade two near the front side will be out for four to six weeks due to a shoulder injury in the match against New Orleans saints. 's timetable will leave him out of the game against Houston Dezhou, the Carolina panther and the Jacksonville Jaguar. Pirates will bye in sixth weeks, seventh weeks in Washington Redskins game are reasonable goals for the earliest he would return. 's 6 - foot - 5 - inch, 262 - pound Seif Ryan Jenkins scored 110 yards against Tennessee Titan's 5 catch in the first battle of the season. In the last game, he only finished 2 times to get 29 yards, but continued to show progress. Brandon Meyers (Brandon Myers) and Luke Storck (Luke Stocker) will fill most of his playing time, Meyers will serve as a more reliable catcher, and Storck will be a open shield player. The pirates also recruited Cameron - Bret (Cameron Brate) from the training team to consolidate the bench. is a tough situation for Seif Ryan Jenkins, who has shown great hope after the quiet new season. He has become a rookie four Wei Jie, Winston (Jameis Winston) - who most want to pass, the latter will miss his attack.The official website of NFL | Brady Smith, chief of misfiring big score to win | football the Kansas chieftain won the new England patriot at 41 - 14 at the end of the midday September 30th competition. where is the fiercely antagonism of this game and all kinds of anti overtaking? Well, the play is not good? Patriot defense sucks? Does Smith pass the ball too well? The Sheikh is too fast for the guards? The game basically Brady misfiring, the defense is to create high patriot chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith) play has always been known for running injured all over the body, Jamal - Charles (Jamaal Charles) the game actually finished 2 catches for touchdowns, but his ball is still no one to stop running, let us first look at the process of the game. The opening 12 minutes both offensive and defensive game in front of the , but always failed to convert, relatively the chief's return hand running distance more, until sixth minutes Smith took over the attack, a stable short run forward, and finally by Did Charles for 2 yards with 7 touchdowns, chief of the end of the first 0 lead section. The second quarter to 3. Brady failure had to give up the ball, the first run by chief Neal - Davies (Knile Davis) completed 48 yard run, after running back Charles Smith pass 5 yards passing touchdowns, Emirates to 14 than 0 lead, eighth points in the second quarter after Zhong Fasheng strange scene, Brady the third pass failure need to punt group play, but the change is the Patriot defense group, they had to request a suspension for the punt group. The Emirates finished the ball in the last 1 seconds, leading the first half with 17 - 0. in the second half of the patriot is still not what improvement, Ninth minutes by Emirates team line Weitanba Brady Harry (Tamba Hali) captured and killed and dropped the ball. The chief place to easily complete the offensive team kickoff touchdown catch by Charles successfully completed a touchdown, the ball finally to the Patriots on hand, Brady a 17 yard passing by Emirates team steals, Emirates team finished 31 yards at football score, the score was 27 to 0, Brady seems to have been to fifth minutes wake up, 19 yards passing touchdowns. The fourth section basically become a waste of time, Smith a very smooth, easy to promote the completion of touchdowns, after only two passes and Brady steals the interception by Husserl - Aapo Dora (Husain Abdullah), but due to personal foul line chiefs players were disallowed, Brady was saved back, after the Patriots substitute quarterback Jamie (Jimmy Garoppolo) - Bole Gelon Gelon Khodorkovsky completed 13 yards passing touchdowns. The score changed to 14 to 41, but the game had completely lost the suspense at this time. on both sides of the game data contrast 23 quarterback Brady, 14, just finished 〉The official website of NFL | Bill defensive coordinator does not care about the old club football fans booed | , the former male lion commander Jim Schwartz (Jim Schwartz) is currently the new defense coordinator of Bill. He may be booed by the lion's fans at Bill's challenge to the lions this week. Schwartz said he didn't care about it. When was asked how he expected the home fans to entertain him, Schwartz made an understatement and brought it over. It doesn't matter, he told Buffalo news. I only care about the game. This is of course not important. Schwartz said that all he cares about is routine. This is the case every week, Schwartz said. I've been there as a visiting member before, so I know where the visiting room is, and where the main locker room is. This is a very important game for us. This is an away game, and we have lost two. We need to win the game, both for the lion and the other teams. Everyone is in association with other teams in the league. Every coach has taught in a team. All these factors have nothing to do with the game. Schwartz won't have a different feeling this week. The male lion fans may have booed the passenger coach more than usual.

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