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Michael Vick in 2015 for the Steelers started three games, and said he felt "can play one more year, but quarterback 32 teams don't seem to think so, Vic after holding personal freedom for a long period of time. so it seems that the days of VIC as an active player are probably at the end of the day, and he himself recognizes this. Vic recently told reporters that he still wanted to keep in touch with rugby, but it might not be the way to play. "I think it's time," Vic said. "I'm trying to look at life from a different angle. I have a child but I cry piteously for food, and in the 2016 year spell. I was satisfied with my career and achievement, and the consequences were even beyond my expectations. Review the past every game, every single attack, I can say that I won the game for each team engaged in the team, although I am in the New York giants and Pittsburgh Steelers are only three times the first opportunity. I don't obliterate all, my occupation career has been very good, it's time to look ahead." Vick finished the last regular season at the Georgia dome of Atlanta falcons. He said he was "excited" for Atlanta and hoped that they could bring back the highest glory in NFL.NFL's official website, Sean Lynch Ma cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Wei ran close to the Oakland Raiders, agreed to join the football nest finally, Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) return to the NFL has been only under the east wind. NFL website reporter Michael - Sylva (Michael Silver) and Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo reported on Friday that Lynch is close to the Oakland Raiders and agree on a new contract. before he could join the raider, the Raiders had to deal with the hawk first, as the Seattle hawk still owned Lynch's right to belong. at this stage, the deal itself is just a form, and the two teams can quickly reach a consensus to pave the way for Lynch's return. Lynch's return has been one of the topics for a few weeks, and Lynch once said the Raider was his first and only choice. Raiders although not retained Gaius Murray Latta (Latavius Murray), but they are in the running back position and the two outstanding young guard Jaron Richard ran (Jalen Richard) and Andrea (DeAndre Washington) - washington. retired at the beginning of last year after the 2015 season in which he had experienced a traumatic 2015 season. His last thousand yards have been three years ago, and it should be doubted how much heat he can play. but the Raiders believe Lynch's arrival is enough to change the team. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity., according to local media reports, the Baltimore Raven defensive side Chris Chris Canty has been absent from the team for two consecutive times due to ankle injury. but this does not mean that he will miss this weekend with the Houston Dezhou team, it all depends on 80% local time Friday during training, cut the pedicle in the past three weeks with satisfactory performance, making 13 tackles this season, because the wrist cut pedicle missed three field infection the game. , and the good news for crows is that their Jacoby Jones has returned to training after adjusting for Wednesday. So is substitute Bernard Jones Pearce (Bernard Pierce). but Anthony - Levin (Anthony Levine) can only take part in a limited training.last weekend domestic football was in full swing, NFL also entered the playoffs before the sprint, steel war party crow played this season, the two sides may be the most thrilling game, fierce battle to the last second of the game, not life and death, I take you replay the game: The first section of the game Steelers will hit the crow a climax 0 than 14. Benjifulake shot average flight distance of only 6.9 yards (Union shortest), 2.5 seconds when the proportion is 68.2% (the highest League), if all of his impressions left in the championship season, so you have to be disappointed, four quarterback Fraco from a new brain will become the long pass, evolution the "short season fully deserve the king". This field after the opening of Fraco's game is still insignificant, very short frequently hit, basic to the "emergency (Checkdown)", can just attack over the Steelers in the first half, Fraco without warning the situation, the first note of "super slightly attempt" in long distance passing: first fully introduced receiver Jeremy - Mclean behind the inaccessible region, second is the Steelers safety Sean Davies mock up against the outside of the results back to their safety position, easily steals Fraco! crow second wave attack, offensive coordinator Marty Mohsin Ludwig Fraco emphasized to be in passing, so Fraco fired into the wings it succeeded, but forget one thing, and promote the diversification of short road is the old trick attack, finally see the Steelers, just over half and only abandoned kick. The first wave of attack with the crazy "I word formation" is the school running back, second wave attack crazy shotgun formation is to attack attack at all receivers, no deception of the first section of the guide Mosin ludwig. and the Steelers offensive, Baer Le viand road attack into the Bureau, although the efficiency is low, but the Steelers always adhere to. Wallace to "health football", almost no false run pass, with no mobile pocket, the stay in the pocket, do not move pace, leading the Steelers will pass, and Antonio Brown which almost finished growing communication but AB line array, second foot fall out of bounds, you don't know, it's just the beginning of the rain. Then to solve the problem of Baer's personal ability, then pass back hung two defenders, still reached the end zone! second wave attack run, began to focus on the shooter attack defense frontline crow road Steelers super star, inside linebacker C.J. Mosley's eyes stared at Baer, and then the Steelers another big Shazhao flash: Ben and AB, the two future is likely beyond Manning and Harrison, a combination of many historical break. The record, finally succeeded in the second pass line, AB "fade line (Fade) and Brandon - Carle's step by step to A〉

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