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The official website of NFL, the Raiders rookie safety. The team can beat Lifengwu Mei confidence, chief football nest tiger rush July 11th, Oakland Raiders were in the playoffs for the first time since last season, but they didn't win the Western League Championship in 2002. The division champion finally belonged to the Kansas City chieftain. They also won 12 wins and 4 defeats as the Raiders. But they won the first place in two season's victory over the Raiders. Defender Obi Meilifengwu (Obi Melifonwu) was not in the array and the Raiders he hasn't faced the chief, but he said Monday he is confident this year's results will be different. I think so, Meilifengwu said. As I said, all the players we have this year, the returned players and our new players, our coaching staff and everyone who works for this goal, I feel that these people can stop them. In fact, I know we can stop them. In the t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping wo victories of last season, the chieftain set a total of 729 yards (passing 481 yards) 47 points, and the Raiders strengthened the defensive team with the top three pick of this year's draft. It is unclear how many Meilifengwu can contribute, but the Raiders hope to excel in the measurement of camp he can help them overcome the Emirates become division champions. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its the last season for the first time playing for the Atlanta falcons, German - Hester (Devin Hester) to find their role in the attack group and the Falcon falcon, using his unique skills, this is Hester occupation of his first eight seasons played for Chicago bears hard to do. But made 38 catches for 504 yards last season, Hester was unable to determine this season if he can still play the same role in the Falcon attack group, is now the new offensive coordinator Kell - Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) in charge of the attack. "now is still unknown," Hester told ESPN. "We are studying the attack, finding out who is the most suitable for which position and which route we should run. We are now new in the new attack system, so we try to figure out who can run the best route. When the training camp is over half, you can see it. " Hester is the history of the NFL best back to attack the player, he will still hold back the kick-off from Falcon attack expert. Any contribution he made to the falcons attack group was an extra harvest.The new badge shows the full name of "Stade Malherbe Caen Club (Caen Marlay cloth Sports Club)", "the" Marlay cloth "from the sixteenth Century local famous poet Francois de Maleb (· · Franç OIS de Malherbe), the creation of" 1913 year club "also appears in the badge in.The official website of NFL | rams defensive tackle Donald was named the best defensive rookie | football , as predicted by Geoff Fisher, Jeff Fisher, announced on Saturday the local union announced that the defensive defensive front Aaron Donald (Aaron Donald) was chosen as the best defensive player this season. This is also the defensive front player for the second consecutive season to harvest the award. Sheldon Richardson (Sheldon Richardson), who came from New York jets last season, won the award. , according to the PFF (ProFootballFocus) scoring system, showed that Donald had led all the defensive fronts of the league in terms of the total score this season. His performance was very versatile, significant in both flushing and running, and the runaway score was also led by the cutting edge. At the same time, Donald finished 9 escapement and ranked second in the defensive front. Khalil Mack from Oakland Raiders and C.J. Mosley of Baltimore crows (C.J. Mosley) is also a popular candidate for the award, but there is still a distance between the two people's performance and Donald Khalil. Earlier this season, Donald limited playing time, but from the fifth week he secured the first position, become the backbone of the ram defense group. Although his body is a little smaller than the other defensive front players, his speed and strength are beyond the imagination of all. Donald, with his efforts and excellent performance, made up a place for himself in the most talented defensive front of the league. He and Robert Quin (Robert Quinn), Chris Lang (Chris Long) and Michael Brooks (Michael Brockers) frontline will also continue to bring surprises to fans next season. There is no doubt that Donald deserves the award, and he is the best defensive rookie of the season.

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