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in the next 5 years with the Pittsburgh Steelers signed a $26 million contract after only a few months, Alan taze cornerback (Cortez Allen) is no longer the first. Defensive coordinator Dick Loeb (Dick LeBeau) confirmed the introduction of free agent cornerback Brice Mccain (Brice McCain) the next game will replace Alan Houston in Dezhou. The change in did not allow anyone to see Alan's performance this year. His opponent was relentless focus on defense, and playing in the match against Cleveland Brown let the opponent get 2 times large number of attack. Professional rugby Football Focus (Pro) put Alan in the last place of all this year's HORNBACK. "Sometimes, there will always be a volt in a game. I am confident that he can win it all and become a very powerful player, "said loeb. last season, Alan was also derogated as a substitute for some defen cheap nfl jerseys free shipping sive performance, and seemed to be a sometimes less confident player. When everything goes well, he can let his boss give him a long contract. When things start to get worse, he will collapse. Unfortunately, for no longer has the outstanding performance of the Steelers defense group, regardless of the blame, not smooth this all too common.The official website of NFL | Kham - Newton: because I am a black | football quarterback League Fans for the four Carolina Panthers quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) the view is extremely polarized. , the super quarterback, is likely to take the regular season MVP of the 2015 season, but his every celebration has brought a lot of criticism. recently said, "because I'm a black quarterback, many people don't like me, because they don't have to compare me to who I am," Newton said recently. But your fans, whether you win or lose, they know what they should do, they will support you no matter what happens to you. Of course, people's evaluation criteria are based on their own ideas. Newton has completed 3857 yards pass and 35 touchdown this season, leading the Panthers to win 15 wins and 1 losses. At present, he is going to enter the super bowl. At least, his performance has not been controversial.Wednesday morning from the Miami dolphins can not play because of injury in the list of activated rookie receivers defant - Parke (DeVante Parker). NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the move was more procedural and the schedule for the resumer had not changed. Since he received foot surgery in June, his recovery schedule has been back in the first week of the game. Parke's agent in the offseason are touting Parke's recovery last month, he said that Parke's recovery in "everything is perfect. " Parke in an operation before the off-season training outstanding performance. It is reported that he was seen on Monday for the first time to walk slowly on the court. in the first week of the game let Parke return to help open space and bring a defense with a strong offensive players for the team, the quarterback Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) Taney is a big plus.The Minnesota Vikings did not look forward to their star run this week, so they took the chance to find the right person elsewhere. ESPN reported that the Vikings in the former Cleveland Brown team running back the Tate (Ben Tate) had not changed the free agent when he took off. In order to prevent fraud, although the Tate is a veteran, but he was laid off and all the players are needed after the deadline to exclude from the list of layoffs in the transaction. And the Vikings took him off before he got rid of him. 's attack on the pavement should help the Vikings, especially this season without Adrian Peterson, Vikings by Matt (Matt Asiata) - Achillas tower - Mike and rookie Jessica 's McKinnon (Jerick McKinnon) to punch the ball. in March this year by the Brown team's sign, thought he to Ariane - in Dezhou team Forster (Arian Foster) for 4 years as a substitute can be used as a starting running back. But the meaning of Isaiah Calloway M good times don't last long, rookie (Isaiah Crowell) and Terrence West (Terrance West) on the road to punch the ball in play a prominent and attracted a number of complaints and the complaints of the Tate, eventually led him to be laid off on Monday. 's past has shown good ability to punch the ball, the Vikings are at lower risk.

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