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Water polo men took | tour! The new mixed flower swim diving project on Saturday, fina held a meeting in Qatar and Doha, by voting in diving and synchronized swimming competition in the new mixed projects, men took tour game is no longer a dream. as we all know, the current formal synchronized swimming competitions only allow women athletes to participate. Russia, Spain and China are all the top players in this project. In fact, as early as 2000, fina through men's synchronized swimming project application, but in recent years, men's synchronized swimming was included in the Olympic Games the voice of a wave after wave. It is understood that the meeting in Doha, in the synchronized swimming project, fina in technology choice and freedom have increased the mixed pairs project. Although in the Olympic Games, world championships and other competitions, it is difficult to see the male flower swim athletes, but in fact, there are a lot of men love the sport, at the national level the United States and Canada, France cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and other countries in the game, often can see a man's figure. As early as 2009, the first world cup for men's synchronized swimming was held in Milan, Italy, when 12 countries participated. will add men and women to the three - meter board and ten - meter platform in addition to the combination of men and women. This is an interesting attempt. A double jump score is based on whether the two people's takeoff is at the same height. On the platform, this is not a very difficult thing, and on the three meter board, there is a significant difference in the height of the men and women's take-off. It can be foreseen that once the official event is officially launched, the team of China has the advantage of diving dream team, and the Chinese team will have a unique advantage in this new project. , however, this does not determine the fina diving and synchronized swimming project mixed into the international level game time. Perhaps in the swimming world championships in Kazan next year, we can see the new surprise diving and flower swim.After more than a year of , Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) returned to the top of the team's quarterback position. on Monday, Cleveland Brown announced that Griffin would be their first quarterback. Hue Jackson, the manager, was hoping to make a start on Friday's first pre - season match against Green Bay Packers. "it's time," Jackson said in a statement. "Robert has the right to be appointed as Cleveland Brown's first quarterback. Since he was signed by the team in March, Robert has made it clear that he is willing to do everything he wants to do to win the start. During that time he won the respect of his teammates, the coaching team and the whole team, which was necessary for him to lead the offensive team and the whole team. The decision of is not surprising. Although Brown selected a quarterback in this year's draft and Josh McKoen (Josh McCown), most of the attention was placed on Griffin five years ago. this is a high cap of gambling. It could help Brown be more competitive in the new season than initially expected, and it could also make them bottom in the north. Jackson has always been considered a good hand in fostering the quarterback and is committed to cultivating Griffin as a useful person on and off the court. Griffin had a wonderful performance at the weekend. He had a good pass and a bad pass throughout the camp. Is that enough for him to keep the first start? Friday will provide the first opportunity to answer the question.on Saturday, the Minnesota Vikings from Cleveland Brown's sparring squad signed wide receiver Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson), Viking season new attack Coordinator (Norv Turner) - Turner's last season in the Brown administration, quite familiar with Johnson. Brown last year was Johnson from the Green Bay Packers team sparring sign, but unfortunately Johnson tore the anterior cruciate ligament, the season. Charles - Johnson's stature and speed are good, but the Vikings sign him more because he is more familiar with Turner's attack system. And if Ronnie - Smith (Rodney Smith) is unable to fight because of the injury this week, Johnson will replace it. so far this season, the Vikings took only three and received a pass, are Greg - Jennings (Greg Jennings), a DERILL - Paterson (Cordarrelle Patterson) and Jared Wright (Jarius Wright) - yunus. Cleveland Brown's fans at last have good news, and the team's top player Meyers Gareth (Myles Garrett) is coming back. , this year's top champion Xiu has been recovering because of sprained ankle. Jackson Jackson Hue revealed that he was coming back to the stadium on Wednesday. although Brown won't restrict Gareth to play on Sunday, Jackson doesn't have to let Gareth play in the third week. Jackson said, "I am not yet ready to decide what to do about it. First look at his state and see how he has recovered. This is a long-term process, hoping to see him in the place we want to see him." Garrett high ankle sprain usually takes 4-6 weeks, his recovery speed is obviously very quickly, so fourth weeks to see his higher probability.

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