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T.J. Elton (T.J. Yelton) at 259 yards rushing, the lead this year's rookie running back at number one, is also the Jacksonville Jaguars team. The show has also attracted the team's opponents this week, the attention of the Tampa Bay pirate defense interception Gerrard Mccoy (Gerald McCoy). Mccoy said: "in my opinion, he is like a trumpet leviant - Baer (Le Veon Bell). His strength is not particularly outstanding, but he has the ability to create a miscarriage of grappling. Even if you stand in front of him, you may still not be able to hold him. He's still young, and there's a lot to learn. But he's a good running guard. " currently, yelton ball 70 times for 259 yards, 3.7 yards for free. In addition, he finished 10 times, pushing 42 yards. He is the only player in the League to touch the ball to 80 times, but he has failed to finish any of the players. Elton was progressing every week, and last week cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he finished the first hundred yards of his career. This week's rival pirates did not show the best performance in the run, 18 times allowing their opponents to complete more than 10 yards.The official website of NFL | Matt - Ford jet: let me play football | does the signing of the Matt Ford (Matt Forte) signings with the New York jet mean that it is possible to get closer to the super bowl? American time on Monday, Ford said in an interview that the jet is hoping that we can play every one of us. It is clear that the jets trust Ford very much. Ford, 30, signed with the jet on Wednesday. He was selected to 2 occupation bowl, his arrival means that the third jet bad performance will change. in addition to Ford, the jets also signed Bela Powell (Bilal Powell), he is more suitable for some ball tactics, and Zach (Zac Stacy) - History and base - Robinson (Khiry Robinson) will complete some limited short yardage running ball. , for Ford, does not need to share his holding time at least in the jet.Day before , NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) said in the "NFL" game show, this year's show champion Jed viand (Jadeveon Clowney) - clowney injury is still recovering, he will have to hope in the seventh week of Dezhou people in the face of the Monday night race in the steelers. Klauni is injured in the first week of the Houston people in Dezhou and Washington Redskins game, in the game he played 23 defense on the face of the lateral meniscus tear, since then has been in a state of rest. The Dezhou whole team is looking forward to his return. this season, Dezhou defensive back once, defensive front particularly good, last week's game at Buffalo Bill, J.J. watt (J.J.Watt) led the defense line to complete a total of 16 times on the quarterback hit, Klauni believe that after the reunification, Dezhou people in front of the defense will be more terrible.The official website of NFL | NFL before the famous defensive coach Bardi Ryan died | Rugby may be one of the best defensive teams in history, and the legendary defense coach Bardi Buddy died at the age of 85. Ryan created 46 defense to help the Chicago bear win the twentieth session of the super bowl, a success that was not a chance. He helped New York win the team's only super bowl in 1969 by playing crazily and quarterback tactics with innovative craziness. He was also one of the founders of the famous purple cannibalism defense group of Minnesota Vikings in the mid - 1970s. in the championship season of the bear team, during the regular season, they had only 12.4 points and 64 shots. Beat the new England patriots in the 46-10 super bowl, Patriot quarterback was sacked 4 interceptions for 2 times. The Patriot shot the ball 11 times but only got 7 yards. no Bardi Ryan... I'm just an ordinary person, bears the legendary linebacker Mike singletery (Mike Singletary) said in a 1985 ESPN documentary bears. He is the most tenacious and meanest person you have ever met. But he loves you. He just didn't know how to express it. But when he looks at you, you know that. and the bear team manager Mike Ditka (Mike Ditka) said on Tuesday morning. Bardi was an important member of the Chicago bear and the bear team in the 1985, and it was hard to believe. Without that defense, we can't win any champion without his coach. I think anyone can understand that. We won because of our defensive team. We can never forget that. This is it?? he has a pair of twin sons - rob and Rex - all two as assistant coaches have won the Super Bowl champion ring. Now, two people work in Buffalo Bill, and this is where Bardi NFL started his career.

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