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attack group two will win a total of 5 array of falcons to reverse the cowboy Although ace quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) due to injury, but the Dallas Cowboys once rushed to see the ball on the hope of winning, running back Joseph Randall (Joseph Randle) and Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) were made in 3 and 1 rushing touchdowns, and the first half of the Falcon can only rely on Deonta Freeman (Devonta Freeman) 2 rushing touchdowns to bite the score and number one wide receiver Julio Jones (Julio Jones) is unable to play. But the second half of a sudden change in the situation, Jones made 2 receptions comeback touchdown, the game he has the ball 164 yards and 2 touchdowns, while the second half Freeman again made a touchdown of the game a total of 141 yards rushing scored 3 touchdowns. Two brave play help to overcome 39-28 Cowboys catch up from behind. ground offensive air force Jaguar rout of the Patriot volley it was an unexpected game, but the new England patriots made an unrelentless score. Quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) 42 passes 33 times successfully gained 358 yards and 2 touchdowns. In this game he became the fourth NFL history to complete the 400 touchdowns achievement quarterback. While the Patriots played a road attack high efficiency, although add up to only 115 yards out, but ran Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarette Blount) and Duhem Lewis (Dion Lewis) each received 3 and 1 rushing touchdowns. In the face of such a performance of the Jacksonville Jaguars defenseless, only took over Alan - Hearns (Allen Hurn cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s) 59 yard touchdown catch is the only moment. The final 51-17 patriots rout of the jaguar. North America civil war scenes tiger victory crow ankylose start two wins Cincinnati tigers met need the first win of the season of the Baltimore crow. And the number one side of the game has become the brightest player. The first three tigers take the lead of 14-7. In the last section of the raven, the Raven had a sudden force, and the score was 17-14 over the free kick and the defensive team. Then the tigers took over A.J. Green (A.J.Green) to complete a record of 80 yards of the ball. The crow steadily finally by the veteran Steve - Smith (Steve Smith) to complete the game of his second touchdowns. At the end of the day or A.J. Green came out, he finished 7 yards of the ball to help the tiger finish the victory. The game Green 10 ball 227 yards and 2 touchdowns, quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) 32 passes 20 times successfully gained 383 yards and 3 touchdowns 1 passes by steals. On this side of the crow, Smith finished 13〉The official website of NFL | pour one! The Broncos linebacker Trevor | football season Vince the Denver Broncos defensive squad this season has been a wave of injuries, linebacker Danny Vincent (Danny Trevathan) - Trevor has become a fallen player. According to NFL famous reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported on Monday, Torey Vincent suffered a knee dislocation of bone tendon requires surgery, so he has to determine the end of the season. Torey Vincent was injured in last week the Broncos defeated the San Diego lightning team to 22:10 in the second half of the race. Torey Vincent, 24, is considered to be an important member of the defense team of the Mustang team. But two independent knee injuries unfortunately came to him. Torey Vincent only played 3 times and completed 11 tackles. is the Broncos one disaster after another, and may lose another linebacker Brandon in the regular season for two weeks (Broandon Marshall), Marshall Rapoport revealed in Sunday's game in Marshall feet were injured, but fortunately return undecided, X ray negative. Marshall is a member of the season showed amazing Mustang defense team, naturally do not want to lose him in the playoffs.Beijing time as early as February 2nd, the highly anticipated NFL forty-ninth super bowl to Arizona in the Feinikesi stadium war, both sides of the season for the American League new England patriots and the National League, is the last season of the defending champion Seattle Toohey hawks. The results of the two teams for fans to send the ups and downs of a drama, the Patriots Seahawks suffered midway counter attack in the case of opening advantage, but they eventually rallied in the fourth quarter by two touchdowns completed 10 ball reversal, and rejected the Seahawks a line of code in the lore of the last moment, to win 28:24. This code became the Seahawks "the longest yard". All teams made 12 wins 4 of the negative record in the regular season, the Seahawks first in the National League semi-final victory over the Carolina Panthers, and then in the League of nations in the final shaking reversal of the Green Bay Packers; while the Patriots is in the American League semi-final victory over Baltimore in the small crow, United will match kuangtu Indianapolis pony, but although the game easily won, but they are caught in a "bleeding" whirlpool. The Phoenix City with warm climate is very sunny today, so it is very suitable for rugby game, and some of the generals who are injured will not miss such an important occasion easily. They all participated in the competition. Seahawks won the toss toss and chose to let the Patriot attack first, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) was the first attack by three short but powerful defense did not allow the Seahawks Patriots to further promote, the latter was forced to punt. Hai Ying will be the first time they attack the task over to running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch), but Lynch didn't win the first attack for the team, "three strikes (Three and out)", Hai Ying also punt. The Patriots ran Wei Garrett Blount (LeGarrett Blount) of the road to promote the Seahawks to make the ball first, then a third two patriot continuous conversion smoothly into the red zone haiying. The Seahawks defensive group finally punches, cornerback Lynn Jeremy (Jeremy Lane) in the end zone line steals Brady under pressure in the return pass, but Lynn was seriously injured in the process of the elbow, forced to leave treatment, the end of the first quarter, both sides did not score. easy side battles, the Seahawks quarterback Russell Werwilson (Rusell Wilson) it is difficult to find the target in the second pass Patriots to defend, only the Seahawks punt again. The Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola (Danny Amendola) with Brady short and fast ball down the left forward, the first offensive and the war to the Seahawks half, then Brady came to Viljoen by running back Sean (Shane Vereen) and took over the en - AI Demann Holi (Julian Edelman) completed two the key of the third conversion, the Seahawks once again reached the red zone. This time the Patriots did not let the cooked duck flew away, sent to the outside left over "BradyThe official website of NFL | Miami dolphins next season and then went to London | football Jacksonville Jaguar may no longer be the only team in Florida to return to London. According to the " " Palm Beach Post Andrew Branson, reported that the Miami dolphins is expected to return to England next season for a regular season. But it is not known whether it is the home team or the visiting team. Next season's London match will arrange the Miami dolphins to play against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguar has reached an agreement with the Confederation and will play a match in London every 2016. Miami dolphins are also trying to bid for the hosting of the super bowl, and the league has already held the request of the earth team to make the regular season in London. but in any case, the Miami dolphin team will go to Britain for two years in a row, and it is also an important channel for the alliance to try to expand the overseas market.

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