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Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie tight end Austen - Lee - Jenkins (Austin Seferian-Jenkins Saiph) that does not know he has violated the rules of what caused by penalty. And he does not know what is the reason he was coach Smith (Lovie Smith) - Levin two lessons. Jenkins said he didn't know it was irregularities before he knew that he had a single step on the ball. "It's a wrong decision," he said in an interview with the Tampa Bay times. I don't want to make this speculation, and I don't want my coach to explain what I do on Monday. " , but obviously Smith was very annoyed, not only annoyed with the subsequent punishment, which greatly helped the Atlanta Falcon's final killing, but also dissatisfied with Jenkins's post released pictures on social media. So he severely criticized the new rookie. Jenkins said: "I posted this picture at Instagram after the end of the day, and I shouldn't cheap nfl jerseys free shipping have released it. We are 1 - 8 at the moment and I can see people depressed, and what I want to do is to let myself forward. I want to talk to the performance on the scene, not the performance I have after the score. I can't hype it, I need to be more mature, and when the presence is very intense, enjoy it. Do good and enjoy it. " , of course, part of the court is the rules and regulations, just as the trampled event is judged to be irregularities.The official website of NFL | Cowboys running back bench shoplifting arrest | football police confirmed that the Dallas Cowboys came running back Joseph Randall (Joseph Randle) Monday night at a shop in San Francisco Dillard area because of theft was arrested by the police. Randall was accused of theft ranging from 50 to 500 dollars, which belonged to B grade misdemeanor. He was arrested and sent to prison in San Francisco, and released on the second day after 1 o'clock in the morning. San Francisco police confirmed that NFL media, Randall allegedly tried to steal underwear and perfume arrested, equivalent to $120. Randall was picked by the cowboy team in the fifth round of the 2013, and signed a 4 year contract worth 2 million 349 thousand dollars, including the signing bonus of 200 thousand dollars (so it is hard to imagine that he will steal for 120 dollars). , of course, the legal system may not be too harsh for this grade 2 player, but he will be very difficult in the following days. We can imagine that the opponent can make fun of him as a laughing stock on the court. Randall this season to 6 games, rushing 16 times and scored 113 yards, relying on the Cowboys efficient punching ball screen system, average every 7.1 yards rushing.The movement - comfortable design Simple let the new season Zhejiang Greentown home court Jersey is more modern, surrounded by golden collar edge symbol team desire for honor. The collar of the collar with golden "Zhejiang Greentown F.C. 20th Anniversary" (Zhejiang Green City Football Club 20th Anniversary Memorial) words. Behind a gold collar with 20th Anniversary Club souvenir badges, badges in addition to join the "20 Years Anniversary" (20th anniversary anniversary) ", the number" 0 "is added from the flower pattern badge in the meaning of perfect conjugal bliss.New York jet coach Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) firmly used keno Smith (Geno Smith) as the team's first half quarterback in the first half of the season, which made a big hole for him and the team. Today, Michael Vick (Michael Vick) instead, he defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in hot state this week to help the team. We have to admit that, under Vic's lead, the jet's attack team showed the competitiveness that had never been before. in the interview, a reporter asked, if in the earlier time to become a starting, the situation of the team will change. The Vicker bluntly said, "in my heart, my answer is' yes'. If I say no, this is the performance of myself, the lack of confidence in my teammates. I believe that if we can be the first one in a few weeks, we will win more games. But now we don't think about these problems, we need to look forward. " Vic's performance this week gave him confidence, and he said he could be the first in most of the teams in the league. It seemed that the old man's fighting was once again lit. Talking about Ryan's previous decision, Vic didn't mind: "the coach will make a decision, and no matter what decision he makes, I can fully understand it. We need to give a young quarterback, we need to try to cultivate him and give him more opportunities to succeed. "

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