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The official website of NFL, overall pick Joey botha finally with the signing of lightning, football nest a month contract dispute ended on Monday, this year the draft third Joey botha (Joey Bosa) signed a 4 year contract with the San Diego lightning. was supposed to report on 29 July, the team training camp botha took 31 days to sign with the team. is now in the team base and Bosa will participate in the next training team, but officials said he would not attend the last season against the San Francisco lightning 49 people before the match. The team general manager Tom - Tailaisike (Tom Telesco) said in a statement. We expect Joey to join us and let him get ready for the 2016 season as soon as possible. had the two parties to the contract differences resulted in the Bossa refused to accept the best known as a lightning after the team to withdraw the offer. The offer includes a 85% signa cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ture bonus paid by December, and the rest will be paid in March next year. A wish all sign Bosa bonuses or remove the salary offset clause before December. , according to multiple reports, lightning to make concessions in the contract is second years, third years and fourth years of salary, let the team history become Bosa signing bonuses to pay for the most preliminary bonus players. But in terms of salary offset Barbosa concessions.Doug - Malone (Doug Marrone) also got the opportunity to serve as the coach. The Jacksonville Jaguar announced on Monday as the assistant manager of the team in charge of the offensive / attack front coach Malone as the temporary manager. The 2 - 12 - 12 - negative Jaguar fired manager Gus Bradley (Gus) after 20-21 to Houston Dezhou. Malone is an ideal candidate for a temporary manager. He joined the Jaguar as an assistant coach in 2015. After served two years from 2013 to 2014, Malone was the boss of Bill, and Malone chose to jump out of the contract after Bill was taken over by the new boss. He achieved 15 wins and 17 defeats in Bill's two years, but he led Bill to win 9 and 7 in 2014. This is Bill's first win since 2004. , who was thought to be a hot candidate for other team manager positions at the time, was ignored by a number of teams. For the past two years, Malone has been in a state of obscurity for the most part of his career. is a reasonable choice for the Jaguar to choose him to lead the team to the end of the season, considering the experience of Malone as the manager. And Malone could be a candidate for the Jaguar manager next year.Atlanta Falcon near Jacob Tammy (Jacob Tamme) will become a free player after the disappointing 2016 season. In the last season he only finished 22 ball 210 yards and 3 touchdowns, the second half of the season he spent in the injured reserve list. But that does not mean that he will not get the team at the age of 32. ESPN reported that if Tammy to stay in the Falcon, he is likely to join San Francisco 49. The former offensive coordinator Kell Shanahan Falcon (Kyle Shanahan) has now joined 49 people as the new coach, so 49 people already know Tammy's offense. at the same time, Tammy said he wanted to stay in the falcons if he could. "I love the falcons effect, love my teammates, all love this team in place," said tami. "I'm interested in looking at what's going to happen in the future." Tami signed a 2 year contract for $3 million 200 thousand in 2015 and the falcon. In reality, he might have to accept a contract that is smaller than that. But a coach who knows him clearly knows he can make a contribution.The official website of NFL | Ryan: I have suggested the jets traded Beckham | Rugby Rex - Ryan (Rex Rayn) wanted the team to trade Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) when he was coaching in New York jets. Coach the buffalo Bill recently in an interview when talking about Bill Sami Watkins took over (Sammy Watkins) of the injury, he said he will miss some games? This is affirmative. I remember him and Beckham the same year in the league but Beckham because of a hamstring injury missed many games? Believe me, I once suggested that New York jets deal with Beckham at that time, so Watkins won't leave for a long time and he'll be back soon. in 2014, Beckham missed the first 4 games of the rookie season due to hamstring injury. However, he finished the terrible data. Watkins of the same grade finished 1047 yards and 9 9 in the last season's 13 games. Ryan finally said: Watkins loves his job, and once he's healthy, he will come back, because he knows there's no corner guard in the League to beat him.

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