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what does Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) do after announcing retirement, in addition to taking a large number of ads that will definitely be played throughout the season? we know he has no intention of working on the TV station, and he may not find a position in the team management. At the same time, Manning seems to have begun to work as a tutor. according to Miami media reports, Manning earlier this year in the spring to visit Miami dolphins base and his former offensive coordinator Adam Geithner met and helped guide the dolphins quarterback Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) in tanzania. "it's really cool," tanning Hill said. "A career like him, he is a living legend, just won the Super Bowl champion -- can do a study he has done in the attack group and the whole thing to play this thing really cool: before kick-off the slogan, the things you love, you want to route teammate method run, small details of the game. We really have to talk about the game, which is what we all love. " According to , the guidance was entirely Manning's idea. This helps to Tanneixixi many learning new offensive system because of labor agreements, he is not allowed to meet with the coach in the offseason. this may also be Manning trying to test cheap nfl jerseys free shipping how much he likes to be a coach and how well he can do in this area. If he did a good job in directing tanning Hill, maybe he would never pursue a TV guest or a team management job.The official website of NFL | that Vick should give Rice a second chance | football New York jets backup quarterback, Vick dogfighting charges before Michael (Michael Vick) - the initiator of evil that fired Baltimore crow running back ray - Rice (Ray Rice) is a second chance to get on the pitch. In an interview with ESPN, Vic said: I hope so. this week, NFL's punishment for Rice and the crow cut Rice because of his violence against his fiancee in February. 2007 NFL punished Vic, because he opened personal fighting places violated the laws of the United states. He stayed in prison for 2 years, but he finally returned to the field and completed his career reconstruction. "I honestly don't know what to say to Vick," he said. "This is almost out of control with what I met at that time. I just hope people can learn something from these bad things. Vick said he was aware of an important lesson in life when he was sentenced in the court. someone told me that you had 23 hours to do the right thing, and the last hour made them all screwed up, and they all needed to remember. You have to know what you are doing, and you know all the time. You can't let your things go beyond a certain category. We control everything and control every action and action. We control everyone around us, which is reflected in time. The second chance of Vic derives from the hard work of training. Now he thinks that Rice is worth the same treatment, at least when he has treated her fiancee with violence, and he married her.Champion Fisher will change the play right tackle football before chief NFL official website 's former prime minister, the kkansas chief's attack cutting forward Eric Fisher (Eric Fisher)'s career was not smooth. The original first left Jiefeng, the new season will be moved to the right. The chief coach of the emirate Andy - Reed (Andy Reid) told the news in an interview with the local media. Donald - Stephenson (Donald Stephenson) will replace the blind test of Fisher to protect the quarterback. He was the 94 Zuo Jiefeng in the pre - season and won the team's confidence through his uncommon performance. In addition to his own ability, Fisher's performance was also affected by injuries. He had an ankle injury during the pre - season. According to the professional rugby focus (ProFootballFocus) scoring system, Fisher's total score in the last season was only seventy-second out of 84. although the chief decided to change Fisher's position, the team remained confident and patient about the former top player. In the 2013 draft, 3 of the top 4 players were selected, and Fisher came to the fore. The team has signed a $22 million 190 thousand contract with him for 4 years, but his bad performance has made it considered one of the most highly paid and low - Powered players.In the base | development characteristic sports build quality education | Zheng Dong district held a soft barrier match opening ceremony ????4??26????28???2013???????????3?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????|??|??????????????????쨰??????????????????????13???????????????????|??|????? The competition is divided into primary school group and middle school group. Zheng Dong New Area Yongping Road Primary School and eighty-eighth middle school respectively obtained the first place of the primary school group and the middle school group. This competition and to implement the guiding spirit of the Education Bureau of Zhengzhou City, Zhengzhou City Sports Bureau on further strengthening school physical education work, strengthen the comprehensive quality education of students in our region, vigorously carry out the sunshine sports, promote the vigorous development of Zheng Dong new characteristic sports. athletes in the competition health first, lifelong physical education, is the goal of school physical education. In order to promote the vigorous development of Sports School District of Zheng Dong, to build the eastern sports brand characteristics, Zheng Dong New District in April 2012 by the State Sports General Administration officially named the national softball experimental base, at the same time, also granted 14 schools for the Eastern National softball experimental school. Over the past year, has been developing vigorously in the Zheng Dong new area with the attention and support of leaders at all levels and the hard efforts of the majority of physical education teachers and athletes, and has been loved by teachers and students and parents. It is believed that this competition is not only an important measure to promote quality education, but also a major test for schools to carry out soft Softball Teaching on campus. (feed / China Softball Association) sports team photo

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