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The official website of NFL | regular season 17 week qualifying situation -- Analysis of the League of Nations rugby | article if the playoffs began from the end of the sixteenth week, 6 teams in the League Division were the Carolina Panthers (14-1), Arizona Cardinals (13-2), the Green Bay Packers (10-5), Washington Redskins (8-7), Minnesota Vikings (10-5) and Seattle Seahawks (9-6). The number of places in the playoffs has been confirmed, but there is still a possibility of change. red skin without desire flies are also small and meat, and the East champion is king. 8 wins and 7 losses even in the Midland district will not guarantee playoff, but in the East is red top. The 17 week is meaningless to the cowboy competition. Red leather can even consider the main quarterback cousins to rest. Anyway, the three or four points of the Red Skins are stronger than the cowboys' main force now. , the only suspense is the wild card round opponent. In theory, the packers Vikings and the Seahawks are possible and red in the wild card round. Every opponent is the same for red skin, but for the opponent, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping it is not a waste of the year's efforts to meet the red skin. The defeat of the war in the north of is not necessarily a bad thing, In 17 weeks, the packers and the Vikings will fight for the title of the national north champion. Bret faffe brought out of the tangle let the game as loved by the Bureau. However, you are willing to win or lose home court against the Seahawks, proud to deal with red capital? let us assume that all two teams in the game to come up with a hundred percent of the state, their potential rivals in the wild card round actually before the game will determine. If the packers lose to the Vikings, they will certainly be the No. 5 seed in Washington. The Viking situation is more complicated, the worst case is: this week the Seahawks beat the cardinals, the Vikings lost to the packers. That means the Vikings fell to No. 6 seed, ranbow stadium will be the two consecutive week Green Bay drama love me again. if the Seahawks lost to the cardinals, and that will become the No. 6 seed against North champion. The Seahawks may pray the Cardinals spared, but the Cardinals coach Arians view, not bad, does not need to repair the fence, with the Seahawks lineup is part. national champion still has suspense 16 weeks ago, watching the invincible Panthers will gain a perfect season, until the last radiance of the setting sun. This victory not only broke the original Panther cast, there is no suspense in the National League and the waves. In order to cater to the hegemony situation, Panther games and cardinals game will kick off at the same time. The panther, with only one victory, will be able to lock the home advantage of the playoffs. But if they lose, once the Cardinals won the Seahawks, until Super Bowl before the home court is will belong to Arizona 〉Cleveland Brown ensures that one of their young defenders can work for them for a long time. Brown has signed a contract worth 38 million US dollars for 4 years with line Wei Christian Kirk West (Christian Kirksey), the contract includes 38 million dollars of guarantee income. last season Kirk West made an amazing 148 capture and 2.5 capture. In the 4-3 formation of the new defensive coordinator, Greg Williams (Gregg Williams), he will serve as a weak side guard. last season Kirk West was the twenty-second - place football player in the professional rugby Focus Net Score. He did well in running, but he did not perform well in defense. His defense performance needs to be improved in the new season, but his performance in the last season is Kirk West was selected in the third round of the draft in 2014. Brown's choice in this year's draft is disastrous. In the first round, they picked quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) and Jiao Wei Justin Gilbert (Justin Gilbert). Kirk West is not the biggest one of Brown's 2014 new rookie, but he won the trust of Brown's new management. Next, he will be asked to continue to perform well.From the 40 to 50s of last century, the Lille team was inspired. The team was called the "fighting machine" because of its brilliant record. It was the king of football in France at that time. Stripe geometry New away shirt is white, also decorated with red and navy blue color details, together constitute the complete club brand. The design style ofThe official website of NFL | chiefs and offensive striker Reed renewed for three years | football kkansas chief decided to let Reed (Jah Reid) be a long-term team. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Thursday, according to people familiar with the matter, the chief and the offensive striker extended the contract for 3 years, enabling him to play for the 2018 season. Rapoport also said the contract was worth a total of $10 million 200 thousand and could be as high as $12 million. Reed started 8 games in the right - cut front this season. According to professional football focused network data, he ranked fifty-ninth in the season. It's hard for Reed to be a good season, but he provided the bench with depth for the chieftain and a player who could trust to fill the loopholes when needed. In addition to playing the best season performance in the twelfth week against buffalo Bill, scored a negative score in all the statistics of his 7 games. but the chieftain found the features they liked in Reed and made it clear with the contract renewal contract. It would be a Christmas gift for Reed.

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