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even-even soccer equipment network Bundesliga BANBA Bayern Munich released their 2015/16 season away jerseys, the glorious history and the modern trend of them together. at the first sight of the stadium shirt, many people would think it was a deep blue, red and gray cross - line casual dress. The famous Bavaria slogan "Mia San Mia" around the neck means "we are us". The three red lines on the shoulders, like the rhomboid of the lower swing, are the landmark designs of Adidas in recent years.The official website of NFL | Mansel concussion, or Davies first | football this week Pittsburgh Steelers against Cleveland Brown, they first need to make sure we win this game. The Brown quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) is likely to be absent from the last week cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of the game because of concussion. According to reports, the substitutes for the quarterback Austen Davies (Austin Davis) will start out first. Manzel was injured in last week and the Kansas City Chiefs in the game, his injury might make it easier to win the steelers. If you want to get the Steelers to win the wild card, need to look at the same time, the New York jets to Buffalo Bill. Brown coach Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) said, Manzel has played, teams will decide according to further examination results. ??????????????????????????-???????Terrelle Pryor???????????????????????????????????????????????Y??????????????????last Saturday in Anderson, Indiana, a group of spectators in a group of training camps. The Indiana Colts owner Jimmy El to lavish, he at the scene were to visit the team training camp fans paid $100 in cash. The Pro-Football-Talk program has reported that Escher often carry large amounts of cash. In an interview with a newspaper reporter in June, he showed a $100 briefcase. In March 16th, he was arrested by the police for illegal driving. He carried 29000 dollars with him. The police also seized a package of drugs, including the prescription drugs that were not issued to himself. Escher said: "you think I am too generous, but I don't think that is what. This is the way I live, and it has nothing to do with the law. The content of the report is just a hype. Everything I do is allowed in the law. There is nothing to do. "Although the Seattle Seahawks this season has been with the Green Bay Packers game experience, but the team coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) pointed out that, compared with the packers ground defense level and September, already take on an altogether new aspect. Carol said: "they have made obvious progress this season, and the first 8 games and the last 8 games have shown a completely different posture. Their ground defense and the level of ground attack are the biggest changes, and we have to pay attention to that. " wrapper Eddie racy (Eddie Lacy) has 7 shots of more than 97 yards in the next half of the season. In the last half of the season, the packers had less than one hundred punches in 5 games, while they were 5 - 3. In the next half of the season, they have to take at least 110 yards from the ground in each game, which also helps them to get a good score of 7 to 1. In the match with the Dallas cowboy last week, Roy held 19 times and made 101 yards. The same changes in are also on the defensive end. In the first half of the season, the packaging workshop allowed the opponents to take 153.5 yards from the ground, and the alliance was at the bottom. In the second half of the season, the figure dropped to 86.7 yards. An important reason is that the packing work for military rushed Craig - Mathews (Clay Matthews) to play inside linebacker. This change has been reiterated by Carol over the past week. Carol said, "the packers have made several crucial changes in the middle of the season, which helped them get here. They are growing in depth and I believe they are at the top of the season.

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