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The official website of NFL | Gelon Sikorski in "entourage" as the police | football since the new England patriots won the Super Bowl our star tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) in the offseason will not stop the madness, of course including the movie. , who plays a patrol in the latest issue of the star partner, is just a word that you can't have only that thing. G Ron Kowski wrote in his Twitter: am I a policeman right now! At least in my movie. do not know what to describe, a love with Shakira love drinking police, also flirting looking girl, okay, don't imagine, let us look forward to the release of the film.tiger August 7th news; when Atlanta Falcon three grade corner guard Jaron Collins (Jalen Collins) ushered in another new cheap nfl jerseys free shipping season, he faced the difficult start again. in the last season due to violation of the provisions of the use of drug and the alliance was suspended after 4 games, Collins once again because of irregularities in the new season was suspended for 10 games. Collins will not be trained with the team until the end of the preseason until November 21st. , "we are extremely disappointed in Jaron's second season's ban." Thomas Dimitroff, general manager, said in an official statement that Thomas had been banned. "This is the consequence of making certain choices. We will make a decision in the future based on the principles of the best interests of the team. " if it didn't perform well in the rest of the season, the second ban could mean the end of Collins's hawk's career. But in the latter half of last season, especially after the injury of Desmond Trufant, Desmond, several defenders were more valuable than Collins. In the 636 - gear defense that was involved in the last season, made 2 copies, 10 passes and 28 grabs. He got 10 grappling in the super bowl.last week also consider retiring and engaged in the Olympic Games the Minnesota Vikings all star running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) immediately changed their mind. According to , Peterson is preparing to return to the game next season, according to people familiar with the matter. The fastest this week in the proceedings to ensure his return to the team in the offseason, as everyone knows he is suspended until next year after April 15th. If can Peterson in March next year on the return to the team, he will be more operating space, especially he decided to leave the Minnesota Vikings to search for a new club. he said earlier that he would leave the Vikings, but it was just a matter of time. However, we do not know whether the Vikings were divided into two groups to support and oppose the return of his return at the beginning of this period of time to reach agreement.The official website of NFL | outside the saints took over as boss | rugby football team site New Orleans Saint Marquez Marques (Marques Colston) has now become the venue of rugby league (AFL, a rugby game indoors, less than NFL), and a shareholder of Philadelphia's soul. That means he's not just a player, but a small boss of a team. This team is currently the largest shareholder, the name is the owner of the ESPN Analyst (Ron Jaworski) - Luo yavorsky. He has recently told NFL officials that Kerr Stone has bought part of the team. actually, it wasn't Kerr Stone's first acquisition of a team. Over the past two years, he was the occupation Indoor Football League (PIFL), the first shareholders a team in Pittsburgh. Kerr Stone, 31 years old, said he was very willing to become a shareholder of some teams last year, which will help him expand his social life and set his track ahead of schedule after his retirement. In an interview last summer, he revealed that I was trying to make some changes to my identity. Some are planned and some are opportunistic.

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