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The official website of NFL | running back Forster: no return | football schedule Don't expect (Arian Foster) - the Forster stadium will return in third weeks in the game. Houston, the Dezhou runner, said on Thursday that he planned to wait for 100% recovery and then return to the stadium. After that, he said he had not yet recovered to this state. I wanted to make sure I had a hundred percent recovery, so I didn't intend to kill myself or my teammates, Forster said. He later said he felt great, but there was no timetable for the return field and he said his groin had not recovered 100%. coach Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) said on Wednesday that Forster looked good in training, but did not mention any return this week. looks like Forster is approaching the return, but considering his l cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ong history of injury, Dezhou people will be careful with their attacking star. Dezhou people need Forster to fully recover and be ready to take the offensive task when they return, rather than when they try to overcome the two losing streak and start off.Jared - Hayne (Jarryd Hayne) this year decided to retire from NFL back to rugby stadium, and he left for the understanding of American football is too tired, especially when the coach is going to Kaili (Chip Kelly). Hayne, a former Australian rugby star, signed up with 49 people in San Francisco in 2015 and played 8 games in the last season. Hayne said that the understanding of American football needs to be meticulous, including the learning of tactical books, which will take a lot of time. When the team chooses the new coach, he feels that learning new tactics is very exhausting. he told the Sydney morning news reporter: "I just think Kaili's tactics are too much time. I have no experience in University, but the people around me can understand them very quickly, because they have been through these universities, and I always lag behind them. I understand that time can make me an American olive player I want to be, but now for me, the next goal is Fiji. no one could say that Hayne was a lazy man, and he made his own decision to go back to the sport he was best at. And his Rugby career is not bad. Without any experience, he completed the 52 yards, 27 yards, and the preseason.The official website of NFL |49 team new arena earthquake has no effect | football San Francisco 49 days ago issued a statement Sunday morning, the earthquake will not affect the schedule in this area. The 49 people, scheduled to be held on Sunday, are still holding a match against the Santiago lightning team. The competition will be held at the new Reaves stadium in California. A spokesman for the 49 team said: We sincerely wish the best wishes to all the neighbors, family and friends that have been affected by this early earthquake. The 49 team said that the cost of the Reaves stadium was 1 billion 270 million dollars. Its construction was designed to cope with the actual situation of the multiple earthquakes in this area, and the seismic design was strengthened during the construction. The engineer inspected the whole building after the earthquake and did not find any damage to the earthquake. news: San Francisco fans say goodbye to the old stadium hondis Candlestick ParkMarch 14th Sichuan Zigong UFO players Hu Jian hit 300 out of | Bowling March 14, 2015 (Saturday) at 20:10 in the evening from Sichuan city in Zigong Province, the flying saucer player Hu Jian, a Zigong bowling history of second out of 300 in the Zigong Nanhu bowling Sports Center tenth, is also the month of Zigong bowling in the second places out of 300 points, this is an inspiring event. A Zigong bowling enthusiasts excited countless again heart, positive energy also pass a health campaign is continue to love and support of the friends of the bowling ball. I always firmly believe that, whether it is a straight line or a flying saucer or a arc ball player, keep holding, 300 points on the side. More Zigong bowling enthusiasts are expected to join the 300 points.

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