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tiger news August 1st Losangeles lightning show - Williams first took over Mike (Mike Williams) recently received back epidural anesthesia after treatment response is good, which makes the general manager Tom Telaisike (Tom Telesco) for Williams to avoid surgical optimism. but lightning manager Anthony Lynn (Anthony Lynn) is still uncertain whether Williams will be in the 2017 season. "I hope this injury won't end his season, but who knows?" Lynn said. "This may lead to his season's reimbursement. No, I had no idea. You want him to play, but luckily we have excellent substitutes in this position and we will spend it smoothly. " Lynn's confessed remarks continued his tenet at the beginning of his appointment. Lynn has made it clear that he is concerned about players' performance in the field and does not want to be troubled by continuing injuries. In Williams's back injury is considered serious injuries before, Lynn suspected that Williams missed the off-season training will not lead to him behind schedule. obviously lost a big catcher and the impact of the first round of the team is hard to eliminate. Williams would have solved the focus of the lightning pass and help the team to play i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n the red area. But Lynn was not alarmed, and he was trying to use the situation to motivate health players in the array.NFL's official website announced the fiftieth season in Cincinnati tigers team logo, rugby wo The 2017 season is the fiftieth season for the Cincinnati tigers to fight for NFL. For the watch, they will add a new team to the home and guest uniforms. since 1968 since the construction team, both in the Nipote Stadium (Nippert Stadium), river (Riverfront Stadium) before the stadium and now Paul Brown Stadium (Paul Brown Stadium), we have gained many support. Owner Mike - Brown (Mike Brown), in an open letter to a fan, wrote that our fans have never changed over the years. Thank you for your support, and I thank you on behalf of the tigers. We are looking forward to celebrating the team's victory together with you. Although still has financial and venue problems, the tigers are still part of Cincinnati. Although the embarrassing wins and fewer, but the team continues to attract fans. Brown continued to write: "I don't know what the fiftieth season will be like, our team is good, but NFL is very competitive." I very much hope that this year will be the year of the tiger. If you can choose, I will bring you a lifetime of unforgettable experience, as you gave me. Thank you very much, although the word 'thank you' can't convey my thanks. tigers 2011-2015 were able to kill the playoffs every year, but they were lost last year. Coach Marvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis) has entered into a contract last year. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Beijing time as early as November 10th, the Chicago bears at San Diego lightning team challenge. The two teams are not doing well at the moment. The winner of the game can still hold a faint playoff hope, while the loser may say goodbye to this season's playoffs. The first three sections of the lightning flashes all the way to the bear team. But the bears with paratelum recorded two touchdown reversal of the lightning, retreats. The final score was 22:19. In the first section of , the Chicago bear that took the lead in the attack lost a free kick of 47 yards. In their second round of attack, quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) in the red zone and captured lightning killed off the ball, the bears again missed the opportunity to score. This side of the lightning, the first game completed a round of attack, from the running Danny - Woodhhad (Danny Woodhead) to get the 14 yards of the ball. Lightning also led the bear team with 7:0 at the end of the first festival. the second quarter, the beginning of a lightning break Yuanwai took over Malcolm - Freud (Malcom Floyd). Then another wide receiver Tang Cuili Inman (Dontrelle Inman) received the ball after the lost ball turnovers. It was good that the defensive team immediately copied Cutler's pass and ran back to the run, but the additional points failed to kick in. Lightning has taken the lead in 13:0. But the bear came back quickly to the 1 yards of the lightning. The bears put running back a strong red road formation, Cutler clever feint shot, easily find the near end, Bennet Feng Matara (Martellus Bennett), the vacancy with a passing touchdown. At the end of this section, lightning locked the half - field score at 16:7 with a free kick. third race, the lightning team can not find the feeling of attack, the two rounds of attack. It is the bear team offense was only playing hand full of sound and colour, Robbie Goode (Robbie Gould) and kick missed a 34 yard shot, he bears in the foreground is probably not optimistic. Before the end of the festival, the bear team moved to 5 yards of lightning. Unfortunately, they did not break the embarrassing record of the third quarter of the season. In the fourth quarter of , the bear team finally took the 3 yard attack and rushed through the distance of 5 yards. The winning team was Jeremy Langford Jeremy, and the bears narrowed the difference to 2 points. Although the lightning also took six minutes to advance to the bear team's 10 yards, it could only be shot with a free kick to pull the score a little. But the bear team needs only one array to reverse the situation. Lightning 19:14 bear. And the bear team's near - end Zach - Miller (Zach Miller) quickly turned the situation with a beautiful 25 - yard single hand. The bear team has also successfully completed a 2 - point shift. The bear team was struck by lightning at 22:19. Lightning in the final round of the attack, as a linebacker suck, Philip - Rivers (P〉Our football team released Nantes network equipment and Jersey for the 2014-2015 season, the new season's shirt sponsors from ERREA to UMBRO, they will be in the new season UMBRO Jersey New Ligue 1.

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