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The official website of NFL, the giant outer Shepard took no serious injuries in the first week of the game, can be called Football nest tiger August 5th news New York giant now can be relieved. the second grade outside Stryn took over the Shepard (Sterling Shepard) this week in training of ankle injuries. He then missed Friday's training, but he did not wear protective boots and walked freely when he met the reporter. on Wednesday and Thursday with an ankle injury in a protective boot, Shepard said good recovery. He was sure he could recover completely at the start of the regular season. Oh, yes, I will be ready to participate in the first week of the game, Shepard said. Shepard at present every day to accept the inspection, the giant will not rush to let him return to training. If I feel enough to play in the pre - season, I'll do it, he said. Shepard is expected as a slot receiver achieve outstanding performance in the new season. He finished 65 in the rookie season ball made 683 yards and 8 touchdowns. is now the giant Shepard as a slot receiver and little Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) and Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) as the lateral proximal wing position also took over, and rookie Evan - Ingram (Evan Engram). A giant will have a large number of weapons to choose from cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in a pass attack. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.For the year | fina water polo | Huang Xuechen | Cao Yuan | Liu Huixia dengbang Liu Huixia and Chen Ruolin sports shoes off the habit for a long time, arranged in a bag, put on the afternoon to buy new shoes, Liu Hui Xia stood up and tried to walk away...... In the face of such a heavyweight award, she pays special attention to dress up. The fina awards ceremony held in Qatar in Doha last night, on the 2014 annual best athletes were commended. The 17 year old China teenager diving Liu Huixia won the best female athlete fina diving, Cao Yuan won the best male athlete seal. The best synchronized swimmer of the year was picked up by Chinese famous Huang Xuechen. Three days before went to Doha to win the prize, Huang Xuechen learned the good news. She was very surprised and said with a smile, carefully prepared speech English. Very honored to receive this award, I will work hard in preparation for the next World Championships in kazan. 3 Asian Games gold medals, 3 World Cup gold medals, this year is the harvest year of Huang Xuechen, the stage of her smile is very brilliant. The Yellow Xuechen upset victory over Russian enemies is a major breakthrough Chinese synchronized swimming made, after the awards over the years by Russia's monopoly. Liu Huixia confessed that he didn't think he could win a prize or even know what he had to say. This is the first time I have won such an important award. I was very happy and excited. Liu Huixia's performance this year is equally impressive. The World Cup women's double 10 meter race champion, the personal 10 meter platform runner up, the Inchon Asian Games double 10 meter platform champion, and the world diving series individual and two person 10 meter champion. At the end of the award ceremony, two people hurried to the airport. There are no translations in these three days, and two people are 'living on each other's life. Liu Huixia said with a smile. As a big sister Huang Xuechen to stir up the beam, overwork, frequency of use of English now more and more high, shortly before the world cup with all of their learned words, this time is. Go back and learn English well. Speaking, Huang Xuechen laughed heartily. Cao margin failed to arrive at the award for the visa issue. In addition, 8 swimmers from swimming, water polo, high diving and open water swimming were awarded, including Close, a famous swimmer of South Africa and Hoss, a Hungarian general. Fina also the best coaches, reporters were commended. (Chinese sports newspaper special reporter Li Xueying)NFL continues to work hard to realize the desire to promote the international race to Mexico City. NFL official website reporter Albert - Brill (Albert Breer) reported this week that the alliance will send a delegation to Mexico City to further investigate the Aztec Stadium - this will be the League second times in three weeks to do so. The stadium successfully held 49 in San Francisco against the Arizona Cardinals game in 2005, that attracted 103467 people came to watch. has told Brill that NFL is "continuing to seek solutions" to allow a match to be held in Mexico City next season. has not yet solved the following problems: 1) the locker room facilities; 2) establishing the space for the broadcasting equipment; 3) allowing the communication devices running between the commander and the quarterback. Continue to study for the Aztec stadium, NFL means they want to in the next season in the Mexico City tournament desire. But it is still impossible to answer the alliance's belief that they will be able to refurbishing the logistics of the 49 - year - old stadium.Cleveland Brown's 2015 season finally ended in a struggle. The team announced in the last game, coach Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) and general manager ray Farmar (Ray Farmer) was fired. Team boss Jimmy - Haslam (Jimmy Haslam) revealed that the newly appointed Executive Vice President Brown (Sashi Brown) - csathy team will take over the operation of things, and ruled that the list of players. in a short period after the two season, Brown and Pettine part company each going his own way. Although management believes that the coach needs to bear the main responsibility, but some players choose to defend pettine. Left Jiefeng Joe - Thomas (Joe Thomas) said: "I think he is a good coach, this is not his fault." this season, Brown's offensive end problem continues. The quarterback has never been finalized, and the overall lack of talent in the attack group has deepened with the season. But it is undeniable that Brown's defense team retreated this year. Last season, losing ninth of their league this season, falling to 29. Farmar, the general manager of , was also not reassuring. He had been punished for 4 games in the competition because of his involvement in the competition. And his leading talent show is more disappointing to the fans. In the past 2 seasons, Brown has held 4 first round signs, including Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel), Justin Gilbert (Justin Gilbert) and Cameron Erwin (Cameron Erving). At the moment, they still do not have the first level.

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