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The official website of NFL | giant defender to tackle high school quarterback of the football team | this week, the New York giants' coach group repeatedly stressed to the players that Jacksonville Jaguar ran Denard (Denard Robinson) had been quarterback as a quarterback at college. He is capable and possible to pass the ball in the game. For this, the giant defensive end Jason - Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) has long been in mind. Pierre Paul said he was my high school teammate of the quarterback, and I know him very well. He never laces his shoelaces. It's a little unimaginable, but he has been doing well all the time. I'll try to stop him this week's game and hope I can catch him in the game. Pierre Paul revealed that he and Robinson grew up in the same neighborhood, and showed their heartfelt joy to their friends when they turned to be a runner. Pierre - Paul says: we have to find the right place for us. He's a runaway now, but he's also good at passing. As a defender, we don't want to see him suddenly passing in the holding process, which is a great threat, but we are ready. He is doing very well now, I h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ope he can continue to fuel, he has the ability to become a great player.The official website of NFL | Eli Manning mocked his injury reports | football Eli Manning (Eli Manning) for the first time in 2 years in the team's injury report, and he himself participated in regular training on Wednesday. New York giant reported Manning's back injury. The 33 year old quarterback was first put on the list of injuries. The last time his injuries were due to stomach disease, which was before the 2012 National League finals. But seems to feel that Eli should be injured, he has said: I'm not sure, but if you really need to hurt them, please inform me. They notify the back injury because the injury is more popular. ??????????????????164??????NFL??????????????|??????|????????????NFL??????????? on Sunday more than 36 to 7 victory over the Tennessee Titans after the game, Eli did not spend too much time in the gym, he said he was not injured, you need to do more to face the next game and the Washington redskins.in American football, the Pro Set formation is one of the basic offensive formations of many professional teams. As with the I formation, Pro Set formation is a symmetrical shape, usually including a quarterback, two running backs, two receivers, a tight end and five offensive line Wei; unlike I formation is the two running backs are standing side by side, rather than stand in a row. The Pro Set formation can be regarded as a branch of the traditional T formation. Only the third runner in the T formation is not responsible for rushing the ball in the Pro Set formation, but needs to shoulder the responsibility of the foreign takeover. Pro Set formation can be widely used in the occupation field, mainly because it is also suitable for the ball and passing attack, and the probability of success of two methods are similar. This is very important on the field, and the Pro Set formation is puzzled so that the defensive end can't immediately judge the intention of the offensive end. Besides, as two running guards are placed side by side, both of them may become the quarterbacks' objects to the ball, so the defensive ends need to spend more time to determine who is the main force of attack. is a nightmare for the defensive end, once the Pro Set attack formation is made. Because in a defensive ball attack and defensive end must also be wary of this scam may only be placed under each other. Because this will inevitably impact on the defensive intensity, who sometimes need to join the tour defensive line of scrimmage up to strengthen the party's defense, and thus back empty, it will give the attacker break opportunity to press forward to the enemy's capital in one fell swoop. If the attack side chooses to play a pass, the two runners' false run cover can also get more time for the quarterback to find the most suitable pass. , however, using Pro Set formation attack is not without any disadvantages. Because Pro Set has strengthened the pass attack, it has made some discount in the aspect of attacking the ball, and the possibility of breaking through the middle way has also been reduced. formation history: 1949, after the introduction of star guard Elroy Hirsch half, when he was coach of the Losangeles rams, the legendary Clark Shaughnessy character of American football, is also the inventor of the T formation, the design of a new attack to attack group rams. At that time, Clark Shaughnessy thought he was more suited to serve as a catcher after the injury of Elroy Hirsch, but at that time, the team had already had two excellent catchers, Tom Fears and Bob Shaw. Therefore, Clark Shaughnessy has inserted Elroy Hirsch to the location of the current foreign takeover. This play has also become the origin of the modern Pro Set formation, and Elroy Hirsch has also become the first foreign player in the history of NFL.Baltimore crow safety Matt Eelam (Matt Elam) due to the violation of NFL provisions and drug abuse by the League suspended for 1 games. in August two due to Eelam quadriceps tear is currently in the injured reserve list. So the punishment did not have much impact on the crow. However, in the injured reserve list of players can get paid, but because of this ticket, Elam will lose a game this season's salary. The basic salary this season Eelam is $1 million 20 thousand, so he will be punished because of loss of about $60 thousand. The team is the first round of the 2013 Eelam show, in the first two months of the season he started 26 games.

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