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Toni (Tony Romo) - he did not seem to let go of the Seattle Seahawks linebacker make it back, and he is ready to return as soon as possible. Clif - Avery M (Cliff Avrill) is the Seahawks linebacker since the game after he received a lot of Dallas Cowboys fans hate messages, and he said he once wrote: "by the message to you to protect your National League West opportunity, we see in the playoffs." Avery M said: "this situation has been for several days, if I am on the road they may directly to beat me, this is football, I tried to attack the ball this is a surprise, though the result is very unfortunate, but as the occupation player we need to respect each other, we are not trying to hurt who." the United States Saturday in Denver dropped Mark Sanchez Mustang (Mark Sanchez) after the Cowboys quickly and complete the contract, for now at least Romo missed 7 games in the regular season, and rookie Sanchez Darko Preiss Court (Dak Prescott) will compete for the 7 games of chance.Defensive end Greg - Dallas cowboys Hardy (Greg H cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ardy) is not fully adapt to the new team, and the team made some contribution, but his outside thing is too much, the United States Friday on the 911 terrorist attacks his speech is to make public discontent. in the Carolina Panthers selected rookie wide receiver (Devin Funchess) - German Fuchs after he said on his twitter receiver and the original rookie wide receiver Kevin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) as the Petronas Twin Towers, he originally intended only to taunt. , but even a 10 year old kid knows this is not funny, let alone the cowboy management group. After twitter was released soon, the team said they would make management education for Hardy. Hardy apologized after . "I want to say that I apologize for my comments, which brings people bad memories. But I hope my real fans will understand that I will not joke about those things." reported that Hardy had an oral argument with a cowboy defender last week.established a dynasty, need a lot of elements, but often is not a accumulate steadily. The game below we say that the road as the quarterback I steel in 70s Terry Bradshaw comeback that dominate the war, although the Steelers finally failed to complete reversal, but few data of this game is worth remembering. 1973 December 3rd, Monday, Miami Orange Bowl, Fahrenheit 75 degrees, relative humidity of 56%, wind speed 14 miles per hour. Twelfth weeks of regular season, the Miami dolphins in the home court usher in Pittsburgh Steelers challenge, after one season, the dolphins season victory and won the super bowl, go to create a dynasty at the forefront. We have to make a long story short, look back a very strange game. the game hero: a total of three dolphins swim guard Dick Anderson and the two Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw and Joe Gilliam. The Steelers quarterback to be two steals 6 times, while Dick Anderson had won four times, and two times the direct interception return touchdown, he copied out of cut back yards (121 yards) with the dolphins offensive group team and not much difference between (122 yards). game in the first half, the Steelers was nearly zero, and finally by the kicker Roy Gerela shot to get 3 points. The 30 points of the dolphin team were all in the first half, including 3 and 2 of them were taken by the defensive team. Terry Bradshaw nearly led the steel people's Congress in the second half. He had 14 successful passes 35 times, got 117 yards, two passes, and 3 times. although the game did not reverse the Steelers success, but in the face of that strength can even be said that not much difference between the dolphins Bradshaw or just a little better, led the Steelers played a good game. The game could not be reversed as if it was to return to debt 1 years ago, and it would have to be returned sooner or later. heaven sent (Immaculate Reception) - the opening of the steel curtain Dynasty The Immaculate Reception Immaculate Conception (which is derived from the immaculate conception, conceived as grace). This may be the greatest and most dramatic attack I've seen in the history of NFL, not one of them in my eyes. for the Steelers fans, six Champions League history enough to triumph in the NFL history, but who knows, before the game the team for 40 years the Steelers even a playoff win are not won. But it also seems as if is a victory, after the two season, 11 wins and 17 losses in the Chuck before the Steelers sweep decline, Noll and Terry Bradshaw led.recently Detroit male lion put their discard player Sam Martin (Sam Martin) on the list of non football injuries. It is reported that he had an ankle injury earlier this month. American time Tuesday, the lion officially announced the news, and Martin may not be able to join the team's training camp and all the pre - season games. Martin has played for the lion for 4 seasons, and the 2016 season is the peak of his career, which has completed 48.5 yards each time. The team football injury list three players are Shaun Sellers - Curtis aquio, (Cyrus Kouandjio) rookie cornerback Benitez - Tabor (Teez Tabor) and Martin, while six player football injury list, of which 4 players from the offensive and defensive line.

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