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Handball | reserve talent base signing awarding ceremony held | hand in hand curved rod base Center Co Figure : hold a new batch of reserve base signing ceremony. Luca from China Handball Association was informed that, in order to promote the handball Handball Association, approved a new batch of national handball Olympic reserve talent base and China handball Handball Association of traditional school, and held a signing ceremony. It is reported that a total of 15 handball reserve bases have been approved at present. From 2009 to 2010, the handball Club Center carried out the identification of the national handball Olympic reserve base. Based on the identification methods and conditions of the reserve talent base, the expert group made a careful assessment of some reporting units. According to the results of examination, determination of sports school in Suzhou, Shandong Province, Weifang City, Guangzhou City, Dongpu Yuhua school middle school, Zhuhai City Sports School and other 4 units for the 2011-2014 year national handball Olympic reserve talent base, Anhui Hefei, Anhui Chuzhou Lenong Village Primary School Mingguang Nushanhu Center Primary School and other 2 units for 2011-2014 years China handball the traditional school handball association. so far, a total of 15 handball reserve talent base, they are Shenzhen Tigongdadui, Guangxi Liuzhou Sports Center, Changzhou handball training base, Anhui province sports school, Chuzhou sports school, Weihai sports school, sports school in Heilongjiang Province, Shanghai Baoshan TongZhou model school, Yangpu sports school, Shanxi sports school in Jinzhong, Shenyang fifth middle school, Suzhou City, Shandong Province Sports School of Weifang Yuhua school, Dongpu middle school, Guangzhou City, Zhuhai City Sports School; School of traditional handball, a total of 4, they cheap nfl jerseys free shipping are Beijing, Shanxi Jinzhong Yucai School Life in primary school, Anhui primary school, Anhui Mingguang Village Hefei Lenong Nushanhu center primary school. (Paul)NFL official website, week ninth Thursday night game battlefield: Falcon 43:28 away win over the pirates, pirates season four game losing streak, sent home court football nest Beijing time on November 4th at 8:30 in the morning, NFL ninth weeks of the regular season competition has opened. The 5 - 3 Atlanta falcons present to Tampa Bay, the challenge of 3 - 4 - the Pirates of the three home games. The two national rivals last hand in the first week of the season, when the Tampa Bay pirates won the 31:24 victory over the falcons. At the start of the game, the attacking teams entered the game. Pirates attack first receiver Mike Evans (Mike Evens) with four Wei Jie - Winston (Jameis Winston) who completed 17 yard pass, the ball. In the middle of the Falcon, Mike - Evans took 11 yards again. Eventually Evans took 3 yards and the pirate 7:0 took the lead in scoring. The Falcon took less than two minutes to tie the score: quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) to find the short running backs de Feng tower - Freeman (Devonta Freeman) for 27 yards wide receiver Taylor Gabriel (Taylor Gabriel) won the ball 15 yards, tight end Toy Lolo Levine (Levine Toilolo) completed 32 yards receiving touchdown, the game was 7:7. ball, pirates running back Anton Smith (Antone Smith) and four Wei Jie, Winston Meese with mistakes, the ball was picked up off the falcons. The falcons took the opportunity to hit a 29 - yard free kick by kicker Matt - Bryant (Matt Bryant), and the falcons 10:7 took the lead. Pirates attack again, and the way to promote the Falcon four first half, however, Wei Jie, Winston Meese the ball off the ball, causing failure of pirate falcon. second, Falcon dvon von von Freeman flush the ball 20 yards, followed by the kicker Matt Bryant 41 yards free kick hit, the Falcon 13:7 lead. The pirates quickly abandoned kicks. Subsequently, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was killed and dropped by Gerrard Mccoy (Gerald McCoy) in the half court. This time the pirates made a mistake in the other half. Pirates to take over Mike - Evans in the other side of the corner of the guard to connect the 24 yards to pass the ball, the pirates at 14:13 anti - 1 points. The falcons refused to yield, wide receiver Taylor Gabriel take the ball 26 yards, tight end Austen - Hooper (Austin Hooper) won the ball 16 yards, and finally took over Gabriel 9 yards rushing touchdowns, falcons lead again at 20:14. Before the end of the second quarter, the two teams did not build again and went into the midfield. in the second half of the falcons advanced attack, the external relay Julio - Jones (Julio Jones) continuous completion of the 〉auto play switch auto play for next season's shirt changes more: short sleeved coat or obsolete wasp is loading... Tencent sports July 19th hearing (/ESPN Paul Lukas) started from the 2017-2018 season, and the brand of NBA jersey will change from Adidas to Nike. Since the replacement of the jerseys supplier, the corresponding Jersey design will also change. Nike has released some details of the NBA's New Jersey today, but there are still a lot of problems for the New Jersey. ESPN has some questions and answers about the New Jersey. Let's take a look at it. Nike releases the New Jersey [Click to see the new season shirt group) why is the NBA summer league or the Adidas shirt? The question of is a good explanation. In the contract signed before Adidas, it included the summer league of the season. Another thing to say is that Adidas will still be the WNBA's shirt supplier in the new season. when will the new Nike shirt be released? does not have an exact date. According to the information provided by Nike, the teams will show their white shirts and dark coloured shirts in the summer, and some other specific designs will be announced in the coming months. According to Nike, there will be a big press conference at the time. Is the release date fast approaching the regular season? yes, in fact, it may be closer to the regular season than you think, because NBA has made the opening date of the regular season much earlier this season. Although the 2017-2018 season's regular season will not be announced until next month, NBA chairman Adam Xiao Hua has made it clear that the new season will start in Beijing time in October 18th, which is nearly two weeks earlier than the previous one. This is to prolong the whole season to reduce the number of back to back in the season. In the past time, too many back-to-back games have been the focus of players' Tucao. But the result is that it reduces the time between the Jersey release and the start of the season. will each team get a new shirt? that depends on how you understand the New Jersey. Every team's shirt will turn from Adidas to Nike, so the entire league's shirt will change from cutting and fabric. Nike's message today includes an increase in the sleeves and a change in the shape of the collar. The Nike mark will also be added to all the shirts and shorts. But there is a special case in the alliance, that is the wasp, the wasp will be fighting in a shirt with a Jordan series. After all, Michael - Jordan, as the owner of the wasp, has to have this privilege. as far as we know, some teams will have new jersey designs, but many teams will still maintain their existing Jersey styles or make minor alterations. 〉since the 2007 season of the new year of Calvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson), only 1 times Detroit lions have entered the playoffs. The 2011 lions season 10 regular season wins 6 negative after the playoffs but were eliminated in the wildcard week. , in addition to that, Detroit really didn't get close to the playoffs. But the recent bad performance of the lion failed to reduce Johnson's confidence. He said on Tuesday that he believed he was the "best chance" to win the championship this year. "To be honest, I believe this," Johnson told the Detroit freedom. "You have to believe this. You have to believe in the coach's philosophy, and we all believe it. I think everyone is doing exactly what the coach wants us to do. If we do not, if we do not follow his train of thought, he will tell us that we will do better in this area. He only needs to tell us once. Johnson's coach is the male lion manager Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell), who will be Johnson's third manager since 2007. However, unlike Johnson's top 2 managers, Rod Marinelli and Jim Schwartz (Jim Schwartz), Deweier has a champion ring (the assistant coach of the forty-first super bowl when he was in the forty-first Super Bowl). Caldwell, who led the pony into the forty-fourth super bowl, agreed with Johnson's evaluation of the team. "I think we have the foundation to win the championship," Caldwell said. "No doubt." national audience will decide whether the lion is really so good when the lion is facing the giant in the first week. The lions do not often start the new season on the national stage, which will be their first Monday night competition since 1971. Monday's game is also for the first time since 1991 in the Golden Lion season opener on Sunday night, at the time of their first week match of the 0-45 lost to the Redskins, but that season they reached the final of the League of nations.

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