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any possible premise, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) will end their occupation career in the new England patriots, here is a great place to him. and as the team traded reserve Jimmy Gary Polo Brady (Jimmy Garoppolo) after the belief that Brady will retire in new England. but last weekend on San Francisco 49 people manager John - Lynch (John Lynch) had asked Bill Bailey (Bill Belichick) - a transaction the possibility of news so that everyone really Brady puzzled. I recently Brady responded with his reply. Brady said: "I had never thought about it, but I'm not sure whether this will not occur. I mean that everyone is likely to be traded to other teams, or to be laid off, or to be dismissed. I've played with many great players. It happens all the time, even coaches. Obviously, the trend of players is not news for people. Brady added: "I try to play well, to increase their own value in the side, I try to become a great pla cheap nfl jerseys free shipping yer. If I'm not a great player for the team, then you try to be a great player that the team needs. clearly know the possibility of their left Aigo Brady is almost zero, the only reason he may leave he is long in the bay area, from all 49 fans.NFL official website, the Chicago bears will not use the label, Geoffrey took over the privileges of foreign football nest Chicago bears will not make Alshon Jeffery a privileged label player this year. The NFL official Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) said that the bear team is not expected to give Geoffrey a privileged label, according to a source of information. . Geoffrey was a privileged label player last season, with a salary of $14 million 599 thousand. If the bears again to him the privilege of using the label, then his salary will reach $17 million 500 thousand, the price for the past two seasons out of 11 games the player is too high. The team can decide whether to use the privilege label at the latest in March 1st. Geoffrey last season finished 52 ball 821 yards and 2 touchdowns, he was suspended for 4 games and facing the bears quarterback in the unstable situation. If Geoffrey leaves, then bears wide receiver lineup will mostly untested young players. if the bear team can't sign a long contract with him before the opening of the free player market in March 9th, Geoffrey will become the best player in the market when he enters the free agent market. The bears were not willing to give Geoffrey a top contract in the past. But Geoffrey should be able to get a big contract in the multi team competition when many teams need to take over. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Sanchez dominates the sales list of jerseys sports direct, the largest sports retailer in Britain, has counted the sales of jerseys in 2018. Because the statistics range is mainly in the UK, the Premier League players occupy the absolute dominance. Sanchez, who has just moved to Manchester United, is on the top, and it is worth mentioning that Coutinho, who has already transferred to Barcelona, is still in the top ten. Sanchez ranked the top of the list, which is reasonable. Manchester United vice president Woodward has publicly stated that Sanchez's sales of jerseys in January has already set a new record, which is three times the original record. Sanchez's own appeal, combined with the magic of Manchester United No. 7, made him dominate the new year's shirt sales list. top twenty rankings Sanchez's Manchester United team mate Pogba ranked second. Hot spurs Red Star Kaine ranked third. Salah of Liverpool and the Zal of Chelsea followed. It is worth mentioning that despite the transfer to Barcelona, Coutinho is still in the top place, ranking No. sixth. (Lei Li)The official website of NFL | Aigo long kickoff hand or left the team to the Navy | Rugby The 2015 draft choice from the Navy long kickoff Joe hand (Joe Cardona) Bailey Cardona for the new England patriots coach Bill (Bill Belichick) - chick is an adventure. Cardona completed 16 games for the Patriots in the 2015 season, but now he may need to go to the Naval Reserve Training after school, he will be sent to Maine, the city of bath. in the 2016 season when he will not return to the team, Secretary of the navy in the United States Thursday replied: we have long open from the Patriots player, he is great in both two last season, he is currently assigned to the service of a ship, maybe he will leave the Patriots a year. , which can explain why patriots signed the Christian Yount of former Cleveland Brown long before the 2016 draft convention.

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