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Hello, I'm Jiang Zihan, a medical doctor and a American football fan. Beijing time on Monday (1.23) morning, the two teams compete for the fifty-first Super Bowl football once a year and have been released, the biggest event in the super bowl, super bowl, will be in Beijing on February 6, 2017, the tenth lunar new year begins at 7:30 in the morning. With the opening of the Super Bowl curtain, I'll share with you my Rugby accompany with me here, and sincerely hope that you can start watching and falling in love with this hot and witty exercise. Jiang Zihan (right two) in the NFL sina sports broadcast platform to participate in football commentary How does start watching American football? is a great choice to begin to know American football from the Super Bowl! The super bowl is not only the national finals of the National Football League (NFL) every year, but also a wonderful event. It cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is also an entertainment Gala. According to statistics, the total number of American television viewers in the 2006 World Cup final was about 17 million, while the number of American spectators in the Super Bowl in the same year was over 100 million. In addition to the exciting game, a year before the guests to sing the national anthem and halftime show is the midfield suction eye aspect, participated in the Super Bowl halftime show guests include Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce, brother, sister, Mars fruit U2, Coldplay, rolling stones...... This year is the Lady GAGA leading midfield show, and I don't know what wonderful performance she will bring. In 1993, Michael Jackson started the grand performance of sports events at the Rose Bowl Stadium, and was widely used for reference by Olympic Games and World Cup. When playing, Michael Jackson independent center stage, the whole 90 seconds, motionless, the ears are but an avalanche of hysterical fans tweet sound... Finally, with the 3500 children chorus Heal the world ending, under the children's smiling face, the center of the game floats the giant earth, the audience around the world. How can get a quick understanding of an American rugby game when it comes back to the game? A brief introduction to the rules of rugby. First of all, football is the competition between the two teams, each team is divided into attack group, defense team and special service, the two teams and offensive teams alternately. The whole game is divided into the first half, 4 sections, each 15 minutes, and the team with a high score at the end of the game wins. The main way is football score touchdowns (touch down), the football into both ends of the court region (end zone). In short, the goal of the offensive side is to bring Rugby into the array as much as possible, while the defender is as much as possible to prevent the offender from achieving this goal. , according to the American gossip website TMZ, the star of San Francisco 49 party star Vernon TMZ Vernon Davis has officially begun to enter the entertainment circle. He has just announced his first role in the screen, the superhero -- torpedo captain. has a comedy channel for the company to invest in the film, and it's very obvious that the film will probably be a comedy style film. In the announcement, Davies was quarrelling with a Russian, and the two sides shot each other on the other's head. Although Davies's acting looks still to be improved, it is a good attempt.Our new football equipment network Benfica jersey will be the first 2015-16 home court sponsored by Fly Emirates, and will use the classic design. The new Benfield 2015-16 home tennis Jersey announced in May 19th at the club and Fly Emirates's sponsorship agreement. Meanwhile, the new Adidas Benfica 2015-16 Away Jersey will be released later this summer. Fly Emirates replaced the former sponsor MEO, MEO and Benfica, which had a three year sponsorship contract.Carlos - Williams (Karlos Williams) lost the position of buffalo Bill. Bill announced the release of Williams on Saturday. Williams is Bill's fifth round last year's draft, completed 517 yards and 7 touchdown and 2 times to catch the ball, but Williams did not participate in the team's off-season training. Williams returned to the team after being overweight, and the reason why he was pregnant as a reason for his absence from the rest season was that he was also punished by the League for 4 games. is currently running back Bill for rich, including Le Sean - Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) and Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush), Williams left the team with little loss.

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