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The official website of NFL | team twelve Steelers cornerback Taylor retired from football | AIKE Taylor (Ike Taylor) on Tuesday officially announced his retirement, ended his outstanding 12 year career, he put the 12 years dedicated to the Pittsburgh steelers. , the 34 year old veteran, helped the team win 2 Super Bowls and 3 United States United States Championships. except my son was born, as the Steelers effect is my best experience of life, Taylor said in a statement issued by the steelers. This is rare, and now the free player market is rarely able to serve only one team in a hot time. It was a chance for me to show a lot of their feelings about me and my contribution to the team. I didn't get cut and I didn't get fired. My contract expires, and it's time to retire. If you want to have glory, this is the glory I have, and can reach the expiration of the contract. Taylor has long worked follow teammate Troy Polamalu (Troy Polamalu) for retired, coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) and in the past has been quiet cheap nfl jerseys free shipping for the Steelers is a variation of the season. once said he plans to fight for three years and are willing to consider safety Taylor reluctant to finally join other teams. Taylor said the time he chose to retire was not a coincidence. It was symbolic to some extent to see the retirement of pola Maru. The two people joined the league together and retired in the same way. This is the way we do things, he said. We go into the league together, and we leave the alliance together. This is my loyalty to him. I once said that once Troy made a decision, I would. This is my commitment to Troy. sounds Steelers willing to let Taylor in the next few months as an assistant in the off-season training team. See him in the future to enter or go to Tennessee Steelers coach group joined the former steel Titan defence coordinator Dick Loeb (Dick LeBeau) coach group no surprise.NFL official website of the White House urged NFL | solve the problem of domestic violence as soon as possible | football players in the near period of time, all kinds of domestic violence of all kinds of NFL players emerge in endlessly, the social impact is getting worse and worse, and the White House is finally unable to sit down. Recently, the White House spokesman NFL as soon as possible good players in domestic violence. A spokesman said the White House attaches great importance to the burst of the past few weeks NFL players and believes that the current domestic violence scandal, the situation is very serious. NFL alliance has the obligation and responsibility to regulate players' behaviors, to prevent players from participating in family violence, child abuse, and intentionally injure people. This is not only for the fans, but also for the people of the United States. The spokesman said. These players are an example in the minds of many young fans, so the behavior of the players will have a great impact on young people. This is one of the important reasons NFL needs to stop the violence. and NFL, after being silent for a day, convened a conference by the president of the alliance, Roger Roger Goodell, announced that they would improve their personal behavior management regulations and cooperate with the players guild, and began to reform.August 2nd news near - end Lee - Smith (Lee Smith) is very eager to stay in the Raiders, so he agreed to the restructuring of the contract requirements. according to the original contract, Smith's salary for next season is $2 million 750 thousand. The contract now includes a total of $1 million and a 1 million list of bonuses. Another 1 million dollars is based on the number of kick-off he is involved in, and only 60% or more open balls can make him earn 1 million dollars. but money is not the most important for Smith. Davies from the boss Mark (Mark Davis), general manager Reggie Mackenzie (Reggie McKenzie) to coach Jack - Austria (Jack Del Rio) in Delhi at the moment I stepped into the club, gave me meticulous care." Smith said, "when I became a free player in 2015, I wanted to come to the raider, and I still want to stay in the Raider. The attack coordinator Todd - Downing (Todd Downing) and the near - front coach Bobby Johnson (Bobby Johnson) are all my friends. " "and the friendship of the teammates is more than how to say that, I love all the people in the dressing room, especially Derek. He was the first to come and celebrate when I saw me finish the ball. Teammates are my first reasons to stay here.Myles Garrett, the defensive front end of Dezhou Agricultural University, is very likely to become the top player of the draft this year. But he said he would not attend the draft contest in Dezhou. "I'll stay at home," Gareth told the local media. Gareth said he wanted to be selected in Arlington, Dezhou, and his family and friends. The show will be held in from April 27th to 29th, and Brown, Cleveland, holds the number one. Garrett made a total of 32.5 escapement in the 3 season for the Dezhou agricultural machinery University, resulting in the number of loss codes. He made 8.5 escapement in the 2016 half of the season with an ankle injury.

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