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even-even soccer equipment network Serie A Rome team from Brazil goalkeeper Allison · Becker (Alisson Becker) recently in the training, wearing Nike revolutionary new goalkeeper gloves without straps. Let's take a look at all the details of this new glove. however, from another point of view, this seems a glove bandage, bandage only exists in the top of gloves, gloves and the top is almost aligned. No matter whether there is the last of this glove bandages, coming this new Nike glove is the biggest change in the past few years goalie gloves., the chief of Kansas City is willing to trade 17 positions to pick up a capable quarterback who doesn't wear a quarterback because they have Andy Reid, one of the top quarterback coaches in the league, Andy Reed. on cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Saturday, when the rookie started the mini camp, Reed and the others of the chieftain first witnessed the performance of Patrick Mahomes on the court. Reed spoke before the training of the chief hope eventually to become Alex Smith (Alex Smith) successor to the quarterback, he said, Ma Hongmu learning process is more on the head rather than the body. , "we know he can pass the ball," Reed told the media. "The key is to integrate. The key is to note all kinds of terms and formations so that he can adapt to them. This is a good time to study. There will be a lot to learn. " "There's no easy way," Reed said. You have to study the tactical manuals, and then you have to stand in front of the mirror and practice shouting tactics. When you go to the stadium, you don't have a chance to come back again. So if you have to come back in front of the mirror, you may have a problem after you go to the court. " Chief fans may be more eager to know the horse Hongmu, in passing how than he remembered what tactics. According to local media reports, Ma Hongmu, came a good -- especially in the face of long - diagonal Wei made some mark when the problem of choice. This is the same as his college age - he will finish an excellent pass and make an adventurous pass. one thing is certain: Reed will not reduce the tactics to help the horse, especially Hongmu, because as long as Smith is still the chief not to let the horse Hongmu Adams appearance.53 people's official list: quarterback (2) - A. Rodgers, B. Hundley [tailored: J. Callahan, T. Hill] running guard (4) - T. Montgomery, J. Williams, A. Jones, D. Mays [K. Phillips] all guard (1) - A. Ripkowski [injury Reservation: J. Kerridge] The take the place of (5) -- J. Nelson, D. Adams, R. Cobb, J. Janis, T. Davis [may be retained: Janis, and be cut off: "," near end front (3) - M. Bennett, L. Kendricks, R. Rodgers [A. Peak, E. Byrd] attack frontline (10) -- C. Linsley, L. Taylor, J. Evans, D. Bakhtiari, B. Bulaga, B., Taylor, and Taylor. defense frontline (6) -- M. Daniels, D. Lowry, K. Clark, R. Jean Francois, C. Francois, and "Hou". (7): C. linebacker Matthews, N. Perry, J. Ryan, B. Martinez, J. Thomas, K. Fackrell [part out: V. Biegel; D. Talley; injury retention: cut J. Calvin, C. Heiman, D., Mathews, R. Gilbert, J. Tripp, J. Letuligasence ] corner guard (7) - D. House, D. R〉has recently reported that the career of New York jet Darrelle Darrelle has ended. He doesn't want to compete again, because he is 31 years old, and the jet is 3, 8 and 8. "I have a lot of games to play, and I'm looking forward to it," said on Thursday, . Obviously ray Weiss himself was not ready to retire. Lives also said, "I still love rugby football. That's why I'm still playing. It's because of love and my innate competitive power that I make the best of myself every Sunday." ray Weiss's contract until 2019, and $70 million 100 thousand for 5 years, but his ideas may not get the recognition of the team, team boss Woody - Johnson (Woody Johnson) prior to the ray Weiss performance "betrayal" is a word to express their dissatisfaction. ?

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