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The official website of NFL, the Cardinals before signing the Seahawks cornerback Simon, rugby nest on Wednesday local time, announced the signing of the Arizona Cardinals had just been sacked with division rival Seattle Seahawks cornerback Sarod Simon (Tharold Simon). From the training camp opened, the Cardinals have been hounded by the weak depth cornerback position. Mike Jenkins (Mike Jenkins) has been reimbursed for her knee injury season. The secret service Justin Justin Basil is also unable to play because of foot injury. in the first week of the team's match with the new England patriots, the new rookie Blanton Williams (Brandon Williams) became the weakness of the opponent's focus. His bad play also led to the Cardinals lose to a certain extent. Simon's arrival is very necessary for the Cardin cheap nfl jerseys free shipping als concerned. He had only 5 games in the past 3 seasons because of his injuries and stability. had the Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) predicted that Simon will eventually become a better player. This week he can represent the Cardinals appearance is not clear, the Cardinals opponent will be Jia - Winston (Jameis Winston) he led the Tampa Bay buccaneers. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Eli Manning (Eli Manning) in the fiftieth Super Bowl in embarrassment by widespread media speculation. when the Denver Broncos won a touchdown in the game, Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) 2 points and the successful transformation, help the team leading the Carolina Panthers camera sweep to Manning's box, then Eli expression can be said is not normal. seems to Eli and the people around you don't want to celebrate this happy moment, the United States Tuesday the New York giants quarterback TMZ told reporters. , he explained, "my attention was all in the two points transformation. I think the defense team should take a step forward and block it." that's what I am thinking. obviously the giant's quarterback was thinking about what the defensive team of each opponent would do, which was like the Manning family.The official website of NFL | Saggers was fined $8268 for | football due to impact Blount NFL, the dirtiest foul of the season, was only one of the league's stunning penalties. Baltimore team linebacker Terrell Crow - Saggers (Terrell Suggs) to the Pittsburgh Steelers in last Sunday's match due to impact each other Weile Blount GalAT run (LeGarrette Blount) leg was fined 8268 dollars. The official NFL explained that Saggers, with unnecessary rough movements, hit his opponent after the trend of his opponent had stopped. Although this description is accurate, it does not fully describe how dirty his impact is. You know, hitting a man's leg behind a man's backside can cause a serious injury to the other. fortunately not injured Blount. But in the league, the penalty is only heavier than that of the wrong socks or the wrong earphones, which is equivalent to the Fouls of the quarterback fouls and the unfielded fielder. After , Blount called Saggers a dirty player, and if NFL wanted Saggers to correct his behavior, he should pay more than his professional player for tens of millions of dollars.The official website of NFL | chief Geoffrey, Jenkins took over the disengagement | football chief last season failed to get any outside over a ball up front, the team not unexpectedly began personnel changes to this position player, Anthony Avery (Donnie Avery) and the former 49 first round pick AJ- Jenkins (A.J.Jenkins) layoffs. Sheikh's move could reduce the $47 million wage cap. Avery, 30, has played 55 times for the chief in the last two seasons, 772 yards and 2, and was plagued by the xenon last year. Jenkins, 25, was still unable to show the potential of the first round show after being traded to the chieftain. He only got 17 times to catch the ball 223 yards, and it was largely in the process of Avery's injury last year. Their layoffs can be said to be no surprise.

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