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The official website of NFL |2015 Hall of Fame Game ahead: Vikings Football | Steelers vs Author: Fang Ling, NFL Chinese official website columnist. the time this Sunday, each season the first drama Hall of fame games will continue to be held in Ohio, the city of Canton, a reconstruction period is about to complete team, the Vikings, and just started a young team, as the Steelers, Canton football birthplace, will give two young team the most fresh the baptism. Minnesota Viking 1, whether the bridge water can continue to progress? , since the 2012 quarter quarterback gold generation, the young quarterback who seems to be playing the leading role is not so happy. It seems that the following is their inner monologue: . E.J. Manuel: I'm very timid, not long, can not pass in distance... keno Smith: I have a full score game! The rest of the game is still so careless. Blake - Boteersi: you don't look at the regular season, preseason I played very well. Johnny - man: a bad first hair won't give me a chance? Derek - Carle: not accurate enough? I'm still young. These seems to Tactic - Bridge Voight seems not a problem, the last draft Vikings jumped into Dezhou before the man grabbed the bridge water, Minnesota show the bitter cold for the desire to sign quarterback. After the first half of the season to the second half of the season, water bridge as a veteran in the League fought for a long time, when cheap nfl jerseys free shipping pressed the hit rate of the league, the real ball hit rate of third in the league, in addition to the data hot outside, in his body seemed to be able to see the shadow of Russell Werwilson, given the height of arms than Wilson to long water bridge 10 cm, can even assert that bridge water is a group of young people in the most potential growth for the elite quarterback child. so the problem is, can bridge water maintain the stability of the last season? On the season water bridge only 10.2% attempts to challenge the long temper after the offseason, the bridge can heal the weakness? Perhaps the hall of fame will only take a period of time, but it seems to be a few clues. 2, Paterson, and Wallace's last chance? also through the streets of the hair, the same draft worth plummeted, the same size is up to eighty, also wearing purple No. 84. Kodak rehl - when Paterson came into the league and Randy Moss almost two seasons later, as like as two peas, clouds and mud is their development. There is a 40 code sprint in the alliance that can run for 4 seconds 4〉The official website of NFL | packers player in the rest period addicted to football games | in such a cold, dark and drowsy winter, the Green Bay Packers found new ways to overcome seasonal affective disorder. With the Seattle Seahawks National League finals broke in, to prepare for the remainder, the players also need to find our own way to spend the leisure time. according to the relevant sources, currently have more than 12 players addicted to a game called Catan desktop. It is said that all the attacking players are loyal fans of the game. Matt Flynn, the substitute quarterback, said, "it's cold here, and nobody wants to go outside, so we need to find something to do," says Matt Flynn. It's a great game. fwing called the game a non violent fight, providing a safe entertainment for the players after training. At the same time, the people who lost the most in the game are also responsible for the whole team roast chicken. Finally, the 3 quarterback Scott Torkin (Scott Tolzien) was unfortunate to recruit. The players want to adjust their mood and state in their own way, and everyone is looking forward to a victory over the the past 2 years, Ray - Rice (Ray Rice) are not in the field of NFL, but the former Baltimore crow ran Wei refused to give up the end of their occupation career. last week, Rice gave a speech to the rookies rookie, about how to get a better life. He also appeared at the University of West Michigan as a speech guest, so that people thought he was going to finish his career and do something else. but TMZ's reporter reported that Rice was in a state of madness and was hoping for a chance in the 2016 season. , a close friend of Rice, told reporters that although Rice is more focused on family relations and educating others, he is still ready to continue his career. Rice ruled out the problem of domestic violence, the running back has been 29 years old, NFL's few running backs can still keep in good condition at the age of 30, this is also the most teams dare not signing him.NetEase sports September 18th report: Nike and NBA announced a partnership in June 2015, which will take effect in the 2017 -18 season. Today, Nike and NBA share: a team of Nike designers, engineers, professional players and sports scientists, how to develop advanced technology's jerseys and shorts for the alliance. twenty years ago, there are more physical contact basketball game, pulling, cuddle and all kinds of foul phenomenon more, the pace of the game is relatively slow, but also more too observant of conventional standards. But later, rules gradually changed, such as restrictions on joint defense, such as "hand , check" and more severe punishment when defending. So the game rhythm became faster and more fluent. In this process, the players have gradually adapted to the new rules, their skills are more comprehensive, and they can make a faster judgment in the game. The team began to use the small lineup more, and only a few teams used an open attack that has become a popular game. nowadays, the players playing, moving or their body types are very different from 5 to 10 years ago. That's why we have to get the performance and appearance of the Jersey. Kurt ·, vice president of Nike clothing design, and Parke (Kurt Parker). then, this mission became the first task of Nike and NBA. In June 2015 the establishment of partnership, Nike's designers have to proceed immediately to the design of New Jersey, is to let the athletes keep cool, dry, easy to move and do the action, in order to reduce the possible interference because the clothes produced, of course but also to ensure the appearance of modern fashion shirt. These designers have more than 25 years of special knowledge and can be relied on. At that time, nearly four years of sporting events were held in Rio, so they had the opportunity to get important feedback from the top athletes in the world. first appeared in Rio, Nike , Vapor basketball clothing, including Nike AeroSwift , high performance knitted sportswear and shorts, which is a very advanced product in Nike basketball products. "But this is just a starting point for us." , "Parke said," in order to prepare for NBA, we have to re examine every part of this jersey. Since Rio, we almost changed it completely. In the process of reinspection, 's engineers and designers focused on three aspects: exercise, temperature regulation and compatibility. In sports, the data collected by the third party sports researchers showed that the basketball players were more diverse in the game than other sports. In an ordinary game, a player will have many times of 1.6 seconds to run 5.

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