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Jiangsu Suning held the launching ceremony, the new season's 2018 Milan international home court Jersey, Suning at AFC Champions League Su Ningxin aid qualification was wearing the new season Jersey during the launching ceremony, from left to right, Zhang Lingfeng, Tian Yi Nong, Paletta, HEMMI club for map in March 1st, Jiangsu Suning Football Club held a 2018 season start ceremony in Nanjing. Liu Jun, general manager of Suning football club in Jiangsu, said: "the club will continue to strive for the goal of building a modern and professional football club in Asia through scientific management and operation. In the 2018 season, the goal of Jiangsu's Suning team is to win the sub - title. in addition, Paletta, Zhang Lingfeng and other new help also appeared at the ceremony scene, Boakye has not yet arrived in Nanjing, failed to attend. The Su Ningxin season's home and guest shirt was also exposed at the ceremony scene. modern express /ZAKER Nanjing reporter Wang Wei new season goal Suning strives for the sub - Qualification ritual scene, Liu Jun, general manager of Jiangsu's Suning football club, made clear that the team's 2018 season goal was to win the sub - title. He said that in Marbella and Dubai through the two stage of the winter training and a series of warm-up match, the Suning team is ready for the new season. the 2016 se cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ason is the first season of Jiangsu Suning, when Teixeira, Ramirez, Gu Chao, Xie Pengfei and other foreign players have just taken the lead in Jiangsu's football, and let them become a new force in the Super League. At the end of the season, Suning won the three runner up of the Super League, the FA Cup and the Super Cup. Although they didn't taste the championship, Suning made Jiangsu's football steady and promising. in the next 2017 season, Suning went through a roller coaster process. The team made history in the sub - game field, but the Premier League once fell into the relegation mud, falling from second to the bottom of the league. this year is the third year of Suning to take over Jiangsu football. This season, the war reorganization Suning proposed impact AFC Champions League qualification, which requires the team to enter the league or at least four won the FA Cup champion. This goal is no doubt very difficult in the age of the middle and super group. new lineup in the new season Paletta and other new aid appeared in ritual scene, new aid introduced by Suning. In U23 players, in addition to the introduction, Zhang Lingfeng and other star HEMMI potential, yellow.The official website of NFL | Bill signed cornerback Nicole - Luo Bei | Rugby ?????????????????????????????-?????Nickell Robey??????????????????????????????? Bill announced on Sunday that robe had renewed his contract with the team. NFL official network reporter Rand Getlin, according to a source of information, said Roberto signed a two - year contract renewal. The team wants to repay robe's contribution. , since we signed him in 2013, Robert has always been an excellent and reliable corner guard of our team. Doug Whaley, general manager, said in the statement of the team Doug Doug. I would like to thank our scout team for finding and signing players like Nickel during the rookie signing period. Since entering NFL, Nickel has been playing hard and taking advantage of the opportunity to finish the defense. Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) and the coaching staff under the guidance, we believe that he will continue to grow and make outstanding contributions to the defense group. has a height of 5 feet 7 inches, 170 pounds, Nicole is one of the smallest sub League cornerback, he in the kick-off line near the show a rapid pace with the opponent took over the slot. should be an important member of Lane's excellent defensive team as long as he is on the pitch and stays inside.The official website of NFL | Bill and Daliusi contract talks stalled | football According to insiders revealed that two to the The Associated Press news, buffalo Bill and their star defensive tackle Marcel Daliusi - (Marcell Dareus) of the current contract negotiations stalled. Since the renewal negotiations were carried out secretly, the two people who had been informed chose anonymity. , one of them said that the two sides of the negotiations had not made any concession in the past few weeks. They may not be able to reach a renewal agreement in the remaining three weeks before the start of the new season. However, they did not regard the opening date as a hard deadline. The 25 year old Daliusi will enter into the contract, the basic salary of only $8 million. Bill Whaley, general manager of Bill, in an interview at the beginning of this week, said there was no progress in the negotiations and said it took some time. University of Alabama produced Daliusi cis position was chosen by Bill in the first round of the 2013 third, in four years in the League gradually established his Alliance for a new generation of front top defensive player status. He was selected for the two career bowl, and last season he got 10 escapement, the top of all the defensive fronts and the best squad for the United States Union.The official website of NFL | Seahawks outside over Baldwin: do not worry about the renewal of | football although Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) in the performance of the 2015 season touchdown catch break number tied for first in the league, he is no longer in the highest salary Seattle Seahawks receiver. , his teammate Jermaine Kors (Jermaine Kearse) signed a contract worth 13 million 500 thousand dollars over the past three years, which is more than Baldwin's 3 year 13 million dollar contract in the spring of 2014. has already become the first pass goal of quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) in Baldwin. When he enters the contract year, we naturally doubt that his renewal is near. I haven't had any negotiations yet, Baldwin said on Wednesday. To be honest, I'm not too worried about it. I'm enjoying the fun of playing. I enjoyed the time and I enjoyed the time, Baldwin said. So whatever happens, I'll let God decide that he will lead me to any direction I need to go. The NFL team will usually wait until the free player market opens and the draft will end with the renewal of the contract. Indeed, players who have contracts now cannot be the top negotiant. In any order, Pete Carroll, the team leader, explained to the media in February. We really do our best to keep the team intact. This will always be the way we deal with the renewal of the contract. last season quarterback to Baldwin pass score is the highest League (142.8) and Baldwin in the last six games of the regular season scoring 11 touchdowns in 43 games before he can add up to only get so touchdowns. , as an offensive star in the rise, his next contract should be a priority for the team in the draft and training camp.

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