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NFL????|????????????????????????????????|????? after a season of struggle, the Super Bowl runner up Seattle Seahawks players is to overcome injuries at the primary goal of the offseason. Robert Turbin, a substitute, was recently selected for hip surgery. In the interview, Turbin revealed that the operation was successful and recovered well and would not affect his schedule of the new season. in the past few seasons, the Seahawks running back position was very optimistic about Kristin - Michael (Christine Michael), but the talented young ran Wei always failed to prove himself in the game. Tulbin, on the contrary, can always grasp the limited time to play. It is shown when Ma Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) needs to rest, or when the team passes the ball. The last year at the age o cheap nfl jerseys free shipping f 25, Turbin will enter the rookie contract next season, he hopes to seize the opportunity to stay in the sea. For Turbin, the primary goal is to catch up with the offseason training camp, if absent because of injury reasons, his position is likely to be replaced by Michael.The official website of NFL | return back to | hand Ted Jean Panther football Carolina Black Panther announced on Monday local time that the team had taken the lead and returned to attack. Ted Ginn agreed on a 2 year contract worth 4 million 200 thousand dollars. The 29 year old last season to join the Arizona Cardinals, a year after the return to Sherlock. on the season, the Cardinals coach Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) had hope for Jean as the team's No. 3 will take over, but with rookie John - Brown (John Brown) and decline with the rise of their own strength, Jean in the attack group to have the opportunity to play. On the other hand, Jean's reputation for returning to attack was also down in the last 2 seasons. Last season, he took part in 22 kick-off, averaging only 19 yards. 2013 season, for the black panther to finish 5 times back attack, the number is the highest career. This time to return to the Panther, Jean's position will still be a back attack. The team hopes that he can find the status of the year to help the team get better starting position. Up to now, the two most famous back attacks in the free market, Jacoby - Jones (Jacoby Jones) and Jean, have both found a new owner.The official website of NFL | Su and love as the lions left the team | football is a foregone conclusion according to the ESPN reporter, the Detroit lion's defensive cutoff, Damm Kong Su (Ndamukong Suh), is going to leave the team after the end of the 2014 season. Su wants to go to a team in New York and if he can't go to New York, the Chicago bear and the Dallas cowboy are also his favorite choice. Prior to 's report, the lion's management is going to sign a new contract with Sue next year, but he will first give him the opportunity to test his value in the free market. The president Tom - lewand (Tom Lewand) said they had problems after 2014 and Su contract negotiations before, but the team is very difficult to give a proposed $36 million for su. Maybe to go to the free market is the best choice of Su, he has no short board, only his contract price is more troublesome. Su is 27 years old. He is going to finish his rookie contract this year. He is one of the best defensive frontline players in the league. He is looking for a big contract. His past contract was 11 million 550 thousand dollars, and it is expected to reach 22 million 400 thousand dollars after 2014.| [] Hubei old bowling graphic bowling cup in March, Li Zhiqi won the championship 3 15 in the morning, the Hubei old bowling tournament held in Hubei in March 2016, the old bowling training base of Hubei University, bowling hall, more than 20 elderly golfers participated in the competition, Li Zhiqi won the championship 1261 points, with 1236 yuan was at second, Shuqiao clock 1233 points was third, Qi 1231 Xianguo was at fourth. Zhang Zhengyu 1189 was at fifth, Liu Qifa won the sixth 1159.

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