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The official website of NFL | Cowboys offensive line ahead of Christmas | football last week de Mark - Murray (DeMarco Murray) sent them one brand of computer for the protection of the Dallas cowboy's attack line. recently, Toni Romo (Tony Romo) although don't know if I can play this week, but he bought a LV for the offensive line players on Friday travel bag, to thank them for their protection. Zach Martin (Zach Martin), the new rookie, said the bag was the best gift for the cowboy before going to London. The cowboy will fight the Jacksonville Jaguar on Monday afternoon in London. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????2??????????????????????????? the two substitute offensive line cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is a Jeremy - Painaer (Jermey Parnell) because of a foot injury he missed the last 2 games, another is Mike Mackenzie - Benadi (Mackenzy Bernadeau) he will start in this week's game, also starting tight end Jason Romo Heinze Witten (Jason Witten) to buy the travel seems that Pittsburgh Steelers need to re evaluate their heart sign Vick backup quarterback Michael - (Michael Vick). six years ago because of dogfighting in prison for Vic 21 a month, obviously there are a lot of people forget his behavior. has more than 17000 people signed the book was released, against Vick joined the Steelers, wrote a petition: "Vic is a bad guy, he is a bad quarterback, this is why there is no side to him, steel people let us unite as all NFL fans, let him we leave the team. Stop him from wearing our shirt. " in addition, fans also set up a Facebook page, specifically against Vic, the name of the home page "Pittsburgh against Michael Vick, 14000 people have paid attention to the page. obviously every time Vic has a new move, it will meet the full denouncing of the anti Vick organization.The official website of NFL |49 people don't want to run out of the coach: David Gore | Rugby if any game of the season is sitting next to a San Francisco 49 fans, you may hear him nagging or shouting the ball to Frank. , from the third games in 49 weeks to the lowest 6 times in the season, the number of punching balls of Frank Gore has increased in the past two weeks, 24 times and 18 times in Frank. But the 31 year old runner, the first five games of the season, only got 365 yards from the ball 77 times. This is the second less number of shots in his first five games (the 2009 season, he only hit the ball 65 times, but he was faced with an ankle injury). The decrease in the number of shots was planned by team attack coordinator Greg Roman (Greg Roman) before the start of the season. We don't want to work all day and give him a lot of work every day, Roman told the media. At some time a large amount of work will be paid for. This is almost the same for any player in the running position. Who will get more impact than the runner? Carlos Hyde, a substitute runner, looks steady this season, scoring 132 yards to the ball, and the 49 coach team has repeatedly said they trust him in any case. Carlos, 's problem is not how many times a runaway is playing more than the other runners. The problem that many 49 fans have asked is that the team is more likely to choose to pass the ball when the ball attack is clearly able to play a role. Both Gore and Hyde will have an ideal opponent in the week and one night match. They face Saint Louis ram ram ball defense, each game allows opponents to shoot the ball to get 152.5 yards (tied for the twenty-ninth place), and has made the opponent get 21 times more than 10 yards of the ball attack (the most conjoined coalition).

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