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The official website of NFL | Super Bowl opponent reunion overtime win over the Seahawks football | even though it wasn't Sunday night, the replay of the Super Bowl at the beginning of this year still attracted a lot of attention. We are concerned about whether the lineup change horse can offer Super Bowl defeat revenge. in the successful counter attack after the Seahawks start, the first wave of attacks on the Mustang starting running back and lose the first battle, Mondi Bohr (Montee Ball) in the 23 yards off the ball. The Seahawks snatch the ball, and to create new styles receiver Jermaine - Kors (Jermaine Kearse) 17 yards to quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) into the red zone, but the Broncos defense group successfully in the end zone before the third consecutive stop running back Sean Lynch Ma Haiying (Marshawn Lynch) of the red ball, the Seahawks can only get 3 points to lead shot. Then the Mustang attack in the pavement difficult, compared with quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) the offensive performance, but the Broncos offensive also failed to take the ball into the end zone, the Broncos shot the equaliser. After a day of time, both sides attack are useless, until the end of the first half the Seahawks rely on Wilson give the external hand card - Locket (Ricardo Lockette) 39 yards ahead again, this wave of attack is the highlight of Wilson 3 consecutive large yards passing attack. The new Mustang began to attack after a false alarm, wide receiver de Maris Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) dropped the ball after 16 yards after the ball, the ball cheap nfl jerseys free shipping was snatched the Seahawks, but the referee did not pass instead of dropping the ball. But the wild horse could not move forward. At the end of the first half wave of attacks, combined with the Seahawks running pass smoothly forward, Wilson finally found Lynch completed 5 yards passing touchdowns. Half the Seahawks leading 17-3 mustang. compared to the first half of the second half, the beginning of the second half of a lot of boring. The Seahawks use run and pass time, while the Mustang road offense is still no improvement. Even worse, the attack of the Mustang's pass was also a problem. In a whole section of time after the standoff, Mustang defense group successfully in the end the Seahawks grapple Lynch caused safety. But the Broncos offensive group did not chase momentum. At this time, the defense they once again stand out: cornerback Chris Harris (Chris Harris) steals Wilson to wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) passing and return to the Seahawks 19 yard. This wild horse did not miss the chance. Manning passed the 3 yard pass to find the near end Julius Thomas (Julius Thomas) to complete the touchdown, and the wild horse pulled the score closer to 12-17. But in the successful attack and defend the Seahawks themselves into the Seahawks 24 yards after Manning to take over the Weiss Wilk (Wes Welker) pass by the Seahawks safety guard cam - money Eisner (Ka〉Losangeles announced a new team of lightning injuries in the United States Wednesday, rookie guard - Forrest li-hope (Forrest Lamp) due to cruciate ligament tear may the season. , according to ESPN news, this year's two round show has been sent for MRI. , if it's not for injuries, Lanpu can win the first place of the season's right front side of the season, and now the lightning has to find a new substitute. and their first show, Mike Williams (Mike Williams), were also unable to fight. That is to say, the Rookies of the two rounds before the draft will be absent from the new season due to injuries, which is obviously not the opening of lightning after coming to Losangeles.Greg - Olsen (Greg Olsen) had just recovered from a foot fracture, but his first game only lasted less than 3. But Ron Rivera, the Ron Rivera, said the near end did not seriously aggravate the old injury. for the first time in second weeks, Olsen had just completed the 1 catch of the black leopard's 35-27 win over New York jets and made 10 yards. He left early in the second half after feeling a pain in his foot. "he's a bit tired. Some are sore, "Rivera said. "So we let him go down in the third quarter. He returned to the game in the second half, and he wanted to try. And then it feels sore. So the best way for a trainer is to get him to rest. We'll go back tomorrow morning and look at his state. " Rivera also said that according to his knowledge that Olsen was only feeling sore, old injuries were not aggravated. Olsen did not look very worried after the end of the game, and he said he felt that he could stick to the game if necessary. Olsen, who has been selected for 3 career bowls 3 times this season, has just completed 4 hits and got 38 yards.The | handball players and champion of dialogue | Youth Olympic cultural activities to enrich the development | hand Association The map and Bubka Isinbayeva attended the Youth Olympic Village in the dialogue with the title Li Lei / photo In August 17, Singapore Cleveland (correspondent Li Lei) two legendary pole vaulter star and Isinbayeva Bubka, tonight came to the Youth Olympic athletes village hall, and hundreds of athletes from around the world together, communicate and share their experiences and feelings of the game. This is a special organization's dialogue with champions in this Youth Olympic Games. It aims to enhance communication between young athletes and stars, and better promote their growth. 's cultural education for young people through sports is also an important purpose of the Youth Olympic Games. Before the opening of the Youth Olympic Games, Roger, chairman of International Olympic Committee, once said, "International Olympic Committee's responsibilities should not be limited to hosting sporting events. We should also shoulder the responsibility of educating young athletes, because sports is an education. this Singapore Youth Olympic Games has designed 5 themes and 7 forms of 50 activities for athletes, providing athletes with learning, contributing, interacting and celebrating platforms, especially emphasizing the active participation of young athletes from all countries and regions. The 5 themes are the Olympic movement, the development of skills, the healthy life, the social responsibility and the ability to express. The 7 forms of activity include dialogue with champions, self excavation, world cultural villages, collective activities, art and culture, exploration and island adventure. through these activities, athletes will understand the values of the Olympic Games and how to apply these values to their lives. The Youth Olympic Games in the hope that through this series of activities, let them learn Olympism, the Olympic movement, and the problem of globalization and sports; let them learn beyond the self, positive impact on people and the environment around; communicate with other participants, promote the exploration of new ideas and new learning culture; and praise the Olympic values the world outlook and cultural diversity, and feel the power in the spirit of the Olympic Games and the unity of multicultural population. Another key element of the culture and education program is that it also includes non athletes, Young Ambassadors and youth reporters. Young Ambassadors aged from 18 to 25 years old will participate in the culture and education plan on behalf of the Olympic Committees of all countries, and continue to promote Olympic values in their communities after the Youth Olympic Games. Young journalists from Singapore and other countries in the world are young journalists who are ambitious from 18 to 25 years old. They will provide news, interviews and reports for the Youth Olympic website and the Youth Olympic digital platform. at tonight's relaxed meeting, many participants and athletes including the Chinese Youth Olympic delegation Ambassador Wang, put forward their own problems to the two stars, and got them one by one.

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