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The shirt cuffs and collar show club called "Swansea City AFC (Swansea City Football Club)", it is worth mentioning that the shirt collar is embedded in the Premier League official chip. The details of the designThe official website of NFL | Dezhou's playoff hopes remain | football ended the season with 2 wins and 14 losses last season. Houston, a fan of Dezhou, could not imagine that in the 2014 season, he still had the chance to discuss the fate of the playoffs in 17 weeks. The team drafted in the first round of the elimination rookie quarterback Jed viand clowney (Jadeveon Clowney) - because of injuries that forced him to miss most of the games, Dezhou people still made the playoffs, especially after 25 to 13 victory over the Baltimore crow. but for the people of Dezhou playoff fate still have to rely on other teams, they will first need 3 wins and 12 losses Jacksonville Jaguars win, then they are eligible for the playoffs, then they have to do is pray Cliff Lamb Lang beat Kansas chiefs so that they can successfully qualify for the playoffs, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping so if you qualify for the playoffs this is since 2012 have a breakthrough.Beijing time, at 8:30 a.m. on October 20th, the Philadelphia hawks met the New York giants at home. The two teams have a long history and each other is a dead enemy in the same area. Finally, the giant 7-27 is not the enemy of the eagle. began the first round of attacks, the giants played very smoothly, Eli Manning (Eil Manning) 5 to 5, and finally by the external Odell - Beckham Nova (Odell Beckham) middle catch touchdown. The next wave of anti attack each other after the Hawks find the feeling, first pass and advance on the ground, then quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) a 23 yard fatal long pass found wide receiver Riley Cooper (Riley Cooper), who catch a touchdown. After another round of ball game changed hands in the second quarter, the giants again get the chance to attack, but this time Manning's pass was the eagles cornerback Nolan Carol (Nolan Carroll) steals, and directly back into the 17 yard touchdown. After the last 7 seconds of the first half, the eagle opened the score to 10 points with the shot. In the second half of , the two sides failed in succession and gave each other the right to send the ball. In the war of chaos, the Hawks seized a chance. A ground based attack went into the red area of the other side, and finally ran to the ball by 12 yards from run Wei De Mark Murray (DeMarco Murray). In the fourth section, the giant's attack still didn't start, and the eagle continued to score 20 points by shooting. finally, the Philadelphia hawk took the match with relatively few mistakes, and ran the Murray season for the first time to break 100 yards.The official website of NFL | Vikings rookie NFL | eager to adapt to the rhythm of German football as soon as possible Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) in order to commend the team for nearly a month of hard training, decided to cancel the last day of the training, ahead of time to let players go on holiday, the players are excited, looking forward to have vacation next month. But one person is not so happy, he is from the German new show to take over Moritz - Bollinger (Moritz Boehringer). I want to train, because now for me to practice more, to catch up with the rhythm of the people faster. He said to the reporter with a bitter smile. The Vikings now have as many as 90 players on the team, and Bollinger is the most trained person in these people. This year's six round show has made history, becoming the first foreign player in NFL who has stepped directly into the League without NCAA, but obviously he still needs to learn a lot. Five years ago he was seeing Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson): love football, rugby contact in less than three years in the low level of the German football league has only played a full season, he NFL football knowledge just have an entry-level understanding. As the Viking offensive coordinator, Norv Turner, said, his starting line is far behind the average player. Berlin played last season in the German League, and averaged 20.9 yards each time, scoring 16 times to win the best Rookies of the season. The unicorn played by him played down to 70 to 80 gears, but the formation was only 5 to 6, which was not equal to the offensive complexity of the NFL team. , however, is not only tactical, but also technically and physically difficult. He vomited on the first day of the rookie Mini training camp because he didn't adapt to the training volume, and at the same time, he had a serious problem of catching up in the past four weeks. But their problem is not to sell Berlin to worry too much, he said: I did not sell most of the ball technology has a problem, but the attention, because I after all of the tactical book is not familiar with, so more when the mind was on my route runs not to. , on the contrary, cultural difference is not a problem for Berlin Ge. He quickly integrated into the team. He played golf with his teammates the other day. Although I played poorly, I didn't think I was very good at golf, but at least I tried. Berlin grin said. But as a European, he still adapted to the tip culture of the Americans. The quarterback and his roommate Joel Dave (Joel Stave) revealed two people almost every night.

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