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The official website of NFL | Panther | bash away beyond all expectations, the saints Rugby carried out a civil war in the Southern League of Beijing in the early morning of December 8th. The black leopard in New Orleans failed to win the New Orleans saints on the road. To win this game after the Panthers came to 4 wins and 8 losses record 1 flat, and the saints to narrow the gap to the first half, with the division leading Atlanta Falcon gap is reduced to a renewed hope for the top division. And the saints in the playoffs became more and more puzzling after their disastrous defeat. after the opening of the panther to quickly enter the state, four Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) showed excellent feeling, through a series of transmission way to Saint stride forward singing militant songs red zone, and wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin line (Kelvin Benjamin) completed 9 yard touchdown catch, Newton in the first attack in 5 5 scored 56 touchdowns and 1 yards 24 yards rushing, hot state. The opposite is the second opening saints offensive had dropped the ball, running back Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram) received four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) could not protect the ball right after passing by Panthers cornerback Josh Norman (Josh Norman) by dropping the ball, the ball conversion. Then the Panthers completed 37 yard shot, the Panthers leading the scor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e to 10:0. The situation seems to have to start the game set the tone, followed by Drew Bracey in the first pass was the Panthers cornerback - benw Kiel (Ben Benwikere) steals. Newton once again demonstrated impressive strength, once again through the continuous conduction and rushed all the way down to the end ball Saint frontier, by Newton himself for 2 yards touchdown, opened the score to 17:0. In the second section, the saints finally broke the score shortage by a 37 - yard shot, and the score came to 3:17. The two sides have since stalled attack, also missed the saints on a 42 yard shot at Newton stood out, a 16 yard pass to find the near end Greg - Olsen (Greg Olsen) to complete the touchdown, the score was 24:3 to continue to expand, the Panthers lead into halftime. When came back in the second half, the saints were still unable to find a state and gave the ball a quick kick to the Panther. At this time the black leopard run guard Jonathan - Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) stepped forward, a 69 yards of punching ball shocked the whole field, the score was expanded to 31:3. Then the saints punt again, Newton and Stewart. The Panthers two pronged approach to keep advancing, the saints at this time and send a gift, two consecutive fouls 20 yards away, Newton also not hesitate to accept this gift, a 26 yard pass found running back - vitak (Fozzy Whittaker) had completed a touchdown at this time it has come to 38:3. The saints were unable to find a state, then the Panther finished the shot again, and the score came to 4〉Pittsburgh Steelers last week may have had so far this season, the most regret for a weekend. Tampa Bay pirates guest Heinz stadium, eventually 24-27 all over the whole body. In the game there are 7 seconds, starting for the first time this season, the second grade quarterback Mike grenon (Mike Glennon) and all star wide receiver Vincent Jackson (Vincent Jackson) the connection is successful, the complete reversal of score 5 yard touchdowns. is the result of the game let the Steelers experience Rainbow Night in just a week. The week before, they had just defeated the Carolina panther, and the confidence built up was hit by a huge blow overnight. Star wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) in disappointment: "they originally is one of the few teams this season, the worst performance. But we lost the game we had to win, and we felt embarrassed and regrettable. It is more unacceptable to be killed at the last moment. " this season the Steelers defense no longer have the courage, but safety Troy - Paula Manu (Troy Polamalu) is still considered the last attack the team have the ability to block each other. Paula Manu said: "the mistakes we made in the second half with Cleveland Brown were reappeared in the game against the pirates. The attack team did well, the defense team played well, but we lost the direction in the second half. This weekend will lead the Steelers underdog against the Jacksonville Jaguars home court, this is a must win the game.The official website of NFL | Titan receivers injuries: want to desalination and his teammates fought | football Tennessee Titan's veteran Nate Washington and the team's 6 years are about to end this season. Next week's game is likely to be his last battle as a Titan. Washington is both a good player and a good leader. But in August this year, he will be 32 years old, and at present, Titan does not intend to renew his contract. Kendall Wright took over 's another outside (Kendall Wright) on Thursday with the Jacksonville Jaguars game playing hurt. Previously, he missed 2 games because of a fracture of his hand. Wright said, chose to play with, because I want to play together and washington. Wright said: "my hand hasn't recovered yet, but I still decide to fight with my teammates." This year is nett's contract year. I don't know if I have a chance to be a teammate with him next year. I want to play, play with him, and work with other teammates. I will do my best to do what I can do and dedicate a lot to the team and for my teammates.Bree: NFL official website | jiwote beat the packers to become Superman | football Minnesota Vikings will fight Green Bay Packers this week, and they will be the champions of the North District of the League after winning. Over the past 2 weeks at least the Vikings scored 38 points, the week before in the absence of 3 defensive core under the condition of almost beat the Arizona cardinals. For the quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, the first playoffs of their career have been near. talked about the competition with the packers, Bridji Wouter said: you can't make a performance too important. I know we've finished a good season and do a lot, but at this stage we need to get rid of something and do it back to ourselves. Don't need anything to add, don't wear a superman suit, no cloak, we just need to do our work. over the past 3 weeks, Bridji Wouter passed the ball 6 times, without a copy, the quarterback pass score 123.2, the League first. The first 12 games in the season, he only scored 8 touchdowns. In passing the flight distance more than 15 yards, Bree jiwote quarterback passing score of 154.4, first in the league. This week's opponent, Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) state in the doldrums, the past 3 weeks only 4 touchdowns was 2 steals. The former league's most valuable player has scored less than 100 points in 9 consecutive quarterback passes. In the past 5 games, Rodgers's pass rate is only 58%, the field passes 209.6 yards and the score is 78.2.

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