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me football equipment network New Balance to the England Club of Liverpool jointly launched the 2016-17 season the team New Jersey, as "Made for Liverpool" part series theme, New Jersey out as the "Red Army" fans of the significance. Back in May 25, 1977 the team won the European Cup an unforgettable night in Rome, New Jersey is endowed with black, red and silver theme, reminiscent of the game that night dressed in red tens of thousands of fans, until today still so. "black as the main color of the Red Army" of the new season Away Jersey, breathable fabric on both sides of the body into the rosy red dot. In memory of the first five European Champions League Cups in the club's history, the shirt's collar, front and back details have been given a silver medal for the Champions League. NB Dry the shirt collar with Bill · sir Shankly's motto: "Red for danger, red for power (red symbolizes danger, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping red represents power), the medial Jersey printed on the back of the hem of his other words --" Liverpool was made for me and I was made for Liverpool (Liverpool for me I was born there, Liverpool)". The collar behind the silver " 96" flame mark with 96 fans killed in the Hillsborough disaster. "Red Army" Captain Jordan · Henderson (Jordan Henderson) said: "the great history of everyone here know the club, both at home and in europe. The new basketball jersey looks great. Shankly's two famous quotes on the Jersey remind us of the significance of Liverpool football club. Every time we go to war, we always inspire us.recently announced the hiring of Milanovi Scott Jaguar (Scott Milanovich) as quarterbacks coach. Milanovic in recent five years in the Toronto gold CFL (Toronto Argonauts) served as the team coach. "to our coach Scott group brings a lot of experience, we are eager to see he began coaching." Tom - executive vice president of Jaguar Coughlin said in the news release, "the offensive coordinator Nathaniel - Hackett's help, we hope that the quarterback position can also be directed by Scott produced good results." Milanovi served as a quarterback for four years in piracy in the 90s of last century, then played in XFL, and then taught in rugby league and NFL Europe. He has been working at CFL since 2007.Seattle Seahawks running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch) has been because of its bad attitude to the media controversy. After repeated refusal to receive interviews, the alliance has imposed a fine on him. Local time on Friday, the team in the press conference, the media manager John Schneider to the Seahawks (John Schneider) to ask questions, ask whether it will move Yinlinqi dissatisfied. Schneider said, "no, certainly not. In fact, I really like him. " At present, Lynch's relationship with the team management is still very harmonious. After the NFL website reporter has revealed that the Seahawks have begun to Yu Linqi's renewal plan, they hope to retain the core team. In this regard, Schneider said: "next year his contract is not over, he is one of us. He was a brave man and behaved well every week. I think it's just impossible to find a better runner from the League to replace him. " next season, Lynch's basic salary will be $5 million, plus the bonus he can get up to 7 million. Although the price of more than for the Seahawks running back position of the budget, but from Schneider's speech is not difficult to see that the team still attaches great importance to Lynch, they want to try to keep him.War is approaching , compared to the rival Seattle Seahawks, new England patriots choose to deal with the media in a more low-key way. Although the Patriots on little publicly about the upcoming super bowl, but coach Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) and spike Vince wilfork defense (Vince Wilfork) or repeated rivals running back Sean ma - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) the importance of. "He is the best running guard, whether it's the ground attack, the ball, or the pass protection," said volflock. "He is the most outstanding runner. No one can have a stronger explosive force than he, and no one can get more code than he has after contact with the defender. Like his title, the beast, he is such a player. " patriot safety Mccati Devin McCourty said: "it's hard for anyone to find the same way of playing with Lynch from other running guards. He can attack 8 times in a single attack. And his confrontation will be the toughest game of our season. The same thing happened to Russell - Wilson (Russell Wilson), and their combination was unstoppable. We have to do everything we can to catch them. "

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