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Arsenal announced the signing of the 5 year 200 million year extension contract with the Jersey, advertising sponsor and Emirates, which is known as the largest transaction in the history of the club. United Arab Emirates with stadium naming rights will continue to sponsor Arsenal's shirts and training kit until the end of the 2023-24 season. The annual contract value of $40 million, and the Emirates to Arsenal Stadium is named, gunmen in 2006 from Highbury moved to a new place. , which continues to be the longest sponsorship partner in the Premier League, Ivan Gazidis, chief executive of Arsenal, told the club website that it will provide the investment needed to help the team continue to compete for the championship. Gazidis said: "our shirt sponsors are the longest in the Premier League and one of the longest - working relationships in world sports. "This mutual commitment proves the strength and depth of our unique relationship. "Emirates once again shows their belief in our methods and ambitions. Their huge investment will help us continue to compete for the trophy and bring more success and pleasure to the fans of the club and the world." Arsenal has been looking for a new shirt sponsorship since June 2017 because it has been revealed that UAE is only interested in continuing the naming court. The Gunners are considered interested in separating their shirt sponsorship from the home title to gain the greatest benefit. Arsenal now and the team of the United Arab Emirates agreed a n cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ew contract, the team of the United Arab Emirates also sponsored, Paris Saint Germain, AC Milan, Benfica, Olympia and Hamburg Coase jersey. Compared with London's rival Chelsea, Arsenal's previous Jersey contract costs 30 million pounds per year, while Chelsea receives 40 million pounds annually from the shirt sponsor's Yokohama tire. Since the summer of 2013, Arsenal have won 117 million pounds from the field, and Manchester United have got 280 million.The final 2016-2017 season of the season may not be the best year in Green Bay, but it is the most story and the most tortuous year. at the beginning of the season, with the main players - Nielsen, Randall Jodi Cobb, Eddie RESINES and others coming back, and Jared Cook joined reinforcements, fans and team have their hopes on the hitherto unknown game, think this year will be a Green Bay, there may even be long Bardi cup again in the green Bay football kingdom. In the first six games of the season, the team was 4 - 2, barely able to go, but the process was absolutely impossible to satisfy the fans. The team proud of the offensive firepower did not release the offseason vows to lose weight Rethy body still bloated, teeter, Rodgers and his group also did not establish a luxury ball should have the tacit understanding, personal data of six games before Rodgers dropped to the bottom of occupation career, quarterback score is only 86, all ranked in the League quarterback sixteenth. The only gratifying thing was that the team's defensive team showed an amazing battle, and the road defense was once the first in the League! Can be said that the team in the first six games on the defensive group got an unexpected result, but the defense team is fraught with hidden dangers, reshaping the defense team last year second-line is clearly not successful, let the unknown Steve Digges and Marvin Jones brush out of the 182yds 1TD and 205yds 2TDs occupation career high optical performance. all the illusion was ripped out in the face of the falcons in eighth weeks. After three weeks, the team lost to the pony, Titan and red, four games are losing 38 points, averaging 462 yard loss, averaging 0.5 manufacturing ball. The front line defense is tough and the side road defense is weak, which is thoroughly studied by the opponents. The field is missing 108 yards, and the field allowed 1.5 times to attack the road array. It's also a wonder, because this is the real level of the team's defense. But compared to the pavement defense worse is the team's second defense, the defense is weak in the second tier suffered extensive injuries, starting cornerback combined team had sent undrafted LADA Gunter and Leith sparring team player - Emmett Goodson team consisting of. The combination made Matt Ryan, Andrew LAK, Marcus Mario Kobita and Kirk cousins brush the "ruling alliance for 20 years" feeling. These four people scored an astonishing 141 on the Green Bay. Four common in Green Bay on the second brush out of 1239 yards, 13 touchdowns MVP, Green Bay defensive alliance became synonymous with "bread holidays", 4 wins and 6 negative results also let the team almost lost the playoff hopes, if what can let the fans continue to I believe that the team's words, it was A.Rodgers, the Rodgers around the performance is not bad, averaging 316.25 yards passing yards, total reported 12 touchdowns, only 2 interceptions (or one of the Titans and the end of the first half of the long life, passing on gambling)2015 occupation bowl draft at the end of yesterday, coincidentally, all four selected occupation bowl of the Arizona Cardinals players have been elected to the same team, so they can play a home court playing in front of common elders. in this field separately held on the draft, Carter team captain Chris - Carter (Cris Carter) has selected the special members of the Justin - Bossel Cardinals (Justin Bethel), cornerback Antonio (Antonio Cromartie) - Kulo Marty, defensive end Campbell Callas (Calais Campbell) and cornerback Patrick Peterson (Patrick Peterson). When learned that everyone was in the same team, Campbell said, "this is cool. I think Carter used a good strategy in this draft. He waited for a while to pick me up." Peterson was selected in the seventeenth place of the total, and Campbell was followed by the twenty-third place. The 2015 NFL professional bowl will be held at 9 a.m. Beijing time at Feinikesi's University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday, Beijing time.As a world-famous sports brand, PUMA always adheres to the brand idea of "Forever Faster", and is committed to influencing the sports industry with courage, self-confidence, firmness and happiness. After joining Arsenal, PUMA provides professional football equipment for the top team and improves Arsenal's performance in the green field with innovative technology. Arsenal has become the best platform for PUMA to display its high-performance football products, thanks to its huge number of fans, excellent achievements and reputation. This time, PUMA for the "gun fans" to create Fan Zone, by personally on the scene experience, not only greatly closer to the fans and their idols from enhance and consolidate the good interactive relationship between the club and the fans Chinese, at the same time let the fans feel the new boots PUMA ONE style. As a versatile boots, PUMA ONE combines all the advantages of PUMA's speed and touch type shoes evoSPEED evoTOUCH shoes, two sets of long, in order to provide to the players fit, rapid and tactility, help players to play the best performance out of the stadium. Whether Fan Zone will create the Emirates authentic to Shanghai, or make a careful research of PUMA ONE shoes to meet all the needs of the players, PUMA has been used in practical action for the majority of football fans bring the joy of the football, and through innovative products to continue to inspire everyone's potential, fully embodies the the international well-known sports brand for the focus and passion of football, and the football culture to promote and support the unremitting.

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