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The official website of NFL, CJ, free agent Peeler visit the Green Bay Packers, rugby nest Green Bay Packers are still looking for talented running guards. According to ESPN's news, free running CJ Peeler (C.J.Spiller) recently visited Green Bay. New Orleans saints gave up Peeler for reasons of health problems after the first week's competition. Spiller completed a contract of 4 years and 16 million dollars with saints in 2015, but in the past 13 games, he only completed 70 holding. The packers Addie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) and James Stark (James Starks) are due to various reasons were poor performance especially in the passing attack, although Peeler is not a reliable running back but he was catching a good performance, occupation career 83 games to finish 192 receptions. if Peeler can play in the packaging industry, so he can become to pass the ball, especially to the role in the transformation of three. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.the Dallas Cowboys fans to really uncomfortable, according to ESPN news reporter, cowboy star tight end Jason - Witten (Jason Witten) empty out for third weeks against the Atlanta falcons game. is actually an American football field no matter what is certain, but there is one thing you c cheap nfl jerseys free shipping an be sure that Jason will be sidelined Sunday on the sidelines. although there are so many injuries, you can't be sure if there will be a player who will continue to play with a sprained ankle and knee. If anyone can do that, then believe this man is Jason.Beijing time, at 8:25 a.m. on October 16th, 5 wins the Atlanta Falcon away from the 1 win 4 of New Orleans saints. In the end, the saints beat their opponents with 31:21 and made the falcons out of the 2015 season. opening saints initiative, four guard Drew - Bliss (Drew Brees) is the elite quarterback, feeling hot, the first wave of attack is very smooth, by running back Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram) to complete the final blow. The Falcon's first attack is not very smooth. In the half court of the saints, he dropped the ball in a four block and one yard attack, and gave up the ball right directly, so that he could prevent the second attacks of the saints and win the ball again. However, the defense and the special group of saints suddenly angry, not only captured and killed Ryan - quarterback Matt (Matt Ryan), the Falcon back many yards, and by Michael - Mao di (Michael Mauti) direct blocked punt return touchdown, with direct 10:0, leading the saints. Start of the second quarter, the falcons finally pulled one back, wide receiver Rudi White (Roddy White) with 7 yards passing touchdowns. The next round of anti Saint Falcon again after the attack, to attack the saints before the 20 yards done in one vigorous effort, ran Wei Tai Coleman temperature · (Tevin Coleman) in the 10 yards knocked the ball, the ball right by the saints. However, after all, is a falcon team, change tactics again the next wave of anti attack, more choices, advance on the ground quickly advancing to the saints before the 17 yards, but the center mistake in kickoff once again dropped the ball again, the ball to the saints. It's good that the saints still have nothing to do before the falcons are attacked, and the first half is so hasty. in the second half of the falcons attacked, but the saints defended the team in midfield, and soon let the falcons attack the team to rest. The offensive team finally seize the opportunity to shoot harvest 3 points, to 10 points will be divided into chalard. Falcon, continue to attack misfiring. The saints took advantage of the pursuit of a successful attack. At last, Benjamin Bliss (Benjamin Watson) took the 2 yards to catch up with Bliss, and the difference widened to 17. In section fourth, the Falcon stumbled forward, suddenly ran Wei De Wundtian - Freeman (Devonta Freeman) take 25 yards to run the ball up front, the score will be close again. The saints didn't give a chance. Bliss kept on holding hot hands and passing the ball successfully. Ingram also provided good ground support, and he scored the last yard. After a round of parties with no score, the final 4 minutes of game time for the falcons. The game was left at 1:29, and the Falcon Freeman again had 13 yards of long distance run, 21:31. Then the falcons failed to gamble and proclaimed the end of the game. full game saints Bliss 39 biography 33, 312 yards and 1 array 0 copies of the perfect play to help the team win. And the falcons first made a number of mistakes.The official website of NFL | Obama and Mustang meet and Payton Manning praised the defense | football Barack Obama Obama delivered an impressive speech on Monday to congratulate Denver wild horse on winning the fiftieth Super Bowl champion. He did not hesitate to mention the strong defense team of the wild horse in the speech of winning the fiftieth Super Bowl champion. said kicker Brandon Macmanus jokingly (Brandon McManus) is the core of the team attack group, Obama will be the focus of the ball impact hand von Miller (Von Miller) and DeMarcus (DeMarcus Ware), will then lead to the now retired quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning). was a high standard last year. The wild horse won the third Super Bowl Champions of the team through the victory of the Carolina black panther, Obama said. This does not mean that their games are always beautiful, or they can be described with beauty. The coaches admit it is a hard man. Last season, the wild horse scored a record 11 points difference in a battle or within the scope of the victory, no one of the best defensive teams in history, you can not do this. Obama finally turned the topic back to Manning. Next is the person that appears in every advertisement. Whatever you need - insurance, pizza, Buick - you can spend your daily life on this person, Obama says. You know who I'm talking about - it's Payton - Manning. I have to say I'm glad to be able to receive Payton at the white house before I leave office. Anyone who has ever witnessed one of the greatest footballers in history knows that he has won the most victories in history, the most MVP, the most passing number and the most successful touchdown. he's the only quarterback that won the super bowl for two different teams. We are obviously disappointed to see him retiring in the spring this spring, but as a little older than him, I sympathize with his ideas. Playing games next to these people will have an impact. this will be Obama's last meeting with the Super Bowl at the White House. In addition to praise for the wild horses, he expressed his support for the Chicago bear again. I will continue to support the bear team. But I have to give them a compliment for the outstanding performance of the team.

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