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According to the CBS sports Jason (Jason La Canfora) La Canfora reports, although the Atlanta falcons once again defeated the New Orleans saints and hopes to enter the playoffs, but the boss Arthur - Blanco J (Arthur Blanks) still plans to the end of Smith fired coach Mike in the season (Mike Smith). The Falcons have been unsatisfactory for the last 2 seasons, especially in the southern part of the less competitive national union. Although they have won the civil war in the division this season, they won only one outside of the division. The last 4 games have lost 3 games. And even in the final 7 - 9 to enter the playoffs, but still far lower than expected. , who have been regarded as a Super Bowl contender since 2012, have been 9 - 21 in the last 2 seasons. and coach candidates include the Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Hess (Adam Gase) and the new England patriots offensive coordinator Josh Mike Daniels (Josh McDaniels), and Stanford University cheap nfl jerseys free shipping coach David Shaw (David Shaw) are also included in the candidate list.49 people in San Francisco continue to sign new players. The 49 people have strengthened the depth of the desperate need for the run - back, and they signed off Tim - Heltava (Tim Hightower). The sea is this week second Srivastava joined the 49 running back, 49 people had signed back - Du Huan Harris (DuJuan Harris). 49 people continue to sign a lot of unseen excellent players at a low price, and the new management hopes to be able to help the team quickly by signing a new player. A sea and Harris will be the main competition running back Carlos Hyde (Carlos Hyde) position behind the bench. sea Tawa last season for the New Orleans saints played in 16 games, rushing 133 times, 548 yards and 4 touchdowns. A sea is a reliable substitute, he also completed the 22 ball 200 yards and 1 touchdowns. This is since 2010 he played for the Arizona Cardinals Haitawa play the best season, he looked back to life. at the start of the 2017 season when the sea would be at least 31 years old, but his 30 year old season to show their age compared to other running backs can continue to play well. This is a low risk for the 49, but it may bring a high return on the contract.The official website of NFL | giants rookie safetys will become the team's second tier football | core New York giants traded up in the draft and selected safe Janice M. Vidal Collins (Landon Collins) in the second round. The team sees Collins as the second line of the future, but for the new rookie, he still has many places to improve. As a style of tough, good in box safetys, fears Collins is the largest covered his defensive ability. a reporter at the rookie training camp after watching the giant said that Collins could not read the trends of the catcher before kick-off, he has a big problem in the aspects of marking. The giants defensive coordinator Steve (Steve Spagnuolo) Genuoluo spa, although still exists room for improvement in technology, but Collins has shown superhuman qualities of leadership. J Page Manolo said: rookie newcomers are often reluctant to say what. But Renton is not the same. He will call his teammates and point out the problems in the training. If he can integrate this habit into the future training and competition, I believe we will have a trustworthy second line.The official website of NFL | Peterson Friday officially resumed playing rugby | qualification The NFL's strongest runner is officially back. The Alliance announced on Thursday that Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) will resume the qualification of NFL players on Friday, and can participate in all the scheduled training of Minnesota Vikings. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, said Peterson will not face further ban after resuming qualification. The district judge will decide in October how many games will be paid for the Viking star player. According to Rapoport, it could be as many as 3 or 1 without penalty. The Vikings issued a statement Thursday that they expected Adrian to rejoin the Vikings. now that Peterson has been able to go back to the stadium, the next step is to find the winner in his dispute with the Vikings. In the last year is not to return soon after the Vikings feel uncomfortable by the Peterson broker clearly said they wanted a new team in 2015 to begin a new journey. Viking general manager Rick Spielman and coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) have repeatedly expressed their intention to leave Peterson in the team. (Spielman Mike) Rapoport recently reported that Peterson wanted to end the stalemate before this year's draft. If the Peterson team cannot succeed with such as the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys team in the draft before the end of the deal, he will have no choice but to obey what, to rejoin the team, the vikings.

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