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The reigning world tour |TommyJones Bowling bowling tournament -DHC Super Cup International Championship 2013 DHC International Bowling Championships is probably the world's highest prize bowling tournament, following the 2012 win after Tommy Jones successfully defended today! A top prize of six million yen 7 US $15000! At the same time as the WBT title, it also added a pBA title, bringing the number of pBA titles to 14 (3 of them in Japan). This day is the Tommy Jones career to win the most bonus day! You know, pBA has started this winter season. Today, the 5 Winter events, Tommy Jones, even if they all won the championship, the bonus is also not up to today. women's champion was Chen Shihua of the new home last year, and this is the new home, Huang Linzhi! The same is 7 US $15000! (equal pay, so high bonus unique American women's world woman) players only finished runners up occupation. The strength of the Asian bowling is too powerful, the pBA Station forecast Singapore women's players and Williams are still consistent. Click to watch the 2012 DHC World Championship Bowling complete video DHC cup related articles click into top five men: Sean Rush got too many runner up: women champion Huang Linzhi: top fiv cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e women: Asians' talent is absolutely first-rate women runner up: this competition video please pay attention to the Alan log, once the event is completed video 〉, who was injured in the season when he was defeated in the match of the new England patriots, led to a season's reimbursement. Chicago Xiong Chuanqiu Lamar Lamarr Houston did not regret it. "of course people are going to question what I'm doing," Houston told the Chicago media. "But look, this is the first time I catch the season. I should have got more escapement before that. So after my first capture, I would celebrate anyway. People can say what they want to say. It's not wrong to question why I celebrate and say I shouldn't celebrate. That's what they think. It doesn't bother me. I have reason to celebrate "" in the fourth quarter of the match, the Patriot substitutes Jimmy Jimmy (Jimmy Garoppolo), though the bear has already fallen by 25 points, Houston has jumped up to celebrate her first time, and it is also the only catch of the season. But he was heavily involved and later told to tear the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee, which meant he was reimbursed for the season. , but Houston has thrown away this embarrassing experience and is ready to take the lead in the 3-4 defense of the new defense coordinator, Vic Fangio. He must do the same; 2014 before the start of the season to bear 5 year $35 million contract signed him to replace Julius peipers (Julius Peppers). So far, it can be said that he has not been in line with the value of the contract.even-even soccer equipment network by Palace, Gosha Rubchinskiy other fashion brand fashion apparel and a football Redubujian, following the earlier launch of the first series of Les V tements de Football "retro, the headquarters is located in Milan street culture magazine Nss the launch of the new Magazine ; Les V tements de Football limited series, again with the famous team classic color shirt for inspiration, but the chest printed Vetements words, football into the fashion circle. in order to reproduce the glory of the past, they used the classic style shirt, then also joined with "Balenciagoal"; the striped shirt and GUCCI GOAL T CDG T-shirt, silver; words and so on, to create out of the ordinary street fashion charm.The official website of NFL |NFL nearly 50 years of classic battle: lore and anti | football lore in the spring of 2004, the United States has focused on the San Diego team with the lightning champion dplace off the New York giants quarterback Eli Manning ACE (Eli Manning), but due to the small Manning of team conflict followed by lightning historic giants picked Philip - Rivers (Philip Rivers) for small transactions the story of Manning. The team in the 2004 season, lightning Bracey now New Orleans saints quarterback Drew ace four - (Drew Brees) under the leadership of a wash on the season 4 wins and 12 losses in the recession, with 12 wins and 4 American League fourth results dominating the American League West, and in the wild card week (Qualcomm Stadium) at Qualcomm Stadium New York jet the Fifth Fleet against the American league. At that time the jets by the League pass success rate record (the 2014 season was Drew - Bracey Chad - Pennington (refresh) quarterback Chad Pennington) led to a five game winning streak in team history best start and eventually to 10 wins and 6 losses third in the past four seasons in the playoffs. After the start of the competition, the jets first gained the right to win the ball. After a wave of running, they got into the red zone of the lightning team. But the kicker Doug Brian (Doug Brien) missed the 31 yard free kick. But the second quarter, the first team in the lightning attack, led by quarterback Bracey completed a 88 yard drive and by the veteran Keenan - Mike Kader (Keenan McCardell) completed 26 yard touchdown catch (catch in the back to 7 to 0 after), xianbatouchou. But in the 5 minutes before the end of the first half of the first half, the team members of the team of the lightning team did not play the sport moral behavior calmly, giving their opponents a chance to attack directly in the 37 yards of the half court. Pennington 3 consecutive passes by Anthony - Becht (Anthony Becht) to complete the catch a touchdown to tie the score. The lightning team was supposed to take the last 2 minutes to lead again, but Bracey's pass was cut in the red zone of the jet fleet, and the two sides ended the first half with 7 to 7. third jets in the next wave of anti attack, Pennington a series again 3 passes for 68 yards, and the over - Moss Santana (Santana Moss) Big Play finally completed 47 yards! Help the jet fleet 14 to 7 against the score. In the successful completion of a defensive again after the jets attack wave of 8 stalls for 42 yards after the opening shot missed the Bryant completed a 42 yard shot, 17 jets than 7 lead. ???????????????????????????????????????????????? The fourth day, lightning team has launched a frenzied counterattack. In 〉

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