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The official website of NFL | Rivers did not participate in the training will meet 49 people | football San Diego quarterback Philip lightning - Rivers (Philip Rivers) did not participate in training on Wednesday, but the morning walk he attended. He said he will still play on Saturday's match against San Francisco's 49 people to ensure the hope of the playoffs. Rivers said: I have no doubt that I will fight at this critical moment. The coach said: I hope he will be able to fight. In fact, Wednesday's training time is a chance for the team to give Rivers a rest. Afterwards, Rivers said, "I hate not to participate in training, but at this critical time, you need to adjust to the best. Today, training can't face Saturday's competition in the best condition. Rivers had been included in the injury list before his shoulder and back injuries troubled him, but the team did not point out his specific injuries. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is now losing to the new England patriots and Denver wild horses, and the team is now winning 8 games and 6 defeats. It is necessary to win the next round of matches to ensure the playoffs. related reading: The 2 Beijing tigers baseball | Homer engulfed Jiangsu huge horse! Baseball League points lead bowling | Diego back, Jiangsu TV sports channel "challenge champion" is recorded in | Video: the Bund Longmarch Bowling bowling grand opening! |2017 men and Women Handball handball World Championships host | only European countries | pending bid for Chinese hand Co bowling | Chongqing honglink bowling alley in June 2016 third week tournament player Cui Jie 1348 points to win the hands curve! bowling |2016 national bowling championship in the northern section of the north, Jiangsu winning team champion | Shanghai the Bund Longmarch Bowling bowling bowling tomorrow officially opened! The official website of NFL | Aigo trading malette | backup quarterback football | China tour's first stop squash squash ended Wang Weicong Li Dongjin to win a The official website of NFL | Toni Luomoyin back briefly left | footballSunday the Washington Redskins game, Kirk - Cousins (Kirk Cousins) and rob Kelly (Rob Kelley) a move let us uproarious. when the red ball, the ball center opened slightly higher, the ball from the hands of Cousins high ball, Seattle Seahawks defensive players are going to break the line of attack caught cousins, Cousins save to the ball quickly put the ball to the side of Kelly, as in "pull the ball away feeling." Feeling. Cousins said in an interview after the other side of the story: "this is why I love Kelly, the ball was leaping high in my heart like the ball after I don't be defensive players with good, the moment Kelly shouted, I can't remember what he said, but I know" Kirk gave me the ball." It's like talking about the lamb that told me to do that sacrifice. I can feel him in me, so I'll naturally give him the ball, that moment, we all know that he will be subject to other players' impact, which is why I love him, he is the all hope to win and put yourself in front of people." if there is no Kelly, Cousins will suffer from the impact of the Seahawks defensive line, quarterback Kelly knew for the team's value, he protected the quarterback with his actions.|2013 World College Winter Games 2013 World College Winter Games ice pot competition information 2013 World University Winter Games curling competition will be held in Italy on December 12, 2013 -20, curling team a total of 20, including 10 men's teams, were from Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Chinese, Canada, Czech, the United States, Norway, South Korea, UK, 10; women's teams, from Sweden, Canada, respectively. Switzerland, Italy, UK, Chinese, Japan, Korea and the United States, russia. competition schedule competition picture score link:even-even soccer equipment network Adidas company in the German Football Association (DFB) jointly announced the German national team jersey new home court, this time, Adidas will be one of the most legendary German Football Jersey history back to everybody's view, the new shirt again the West Germany won the 1990 World Championship Away Jersey, meaning Chongzou champion road. a new shirt decorated with black, red and gold color rib V collar, chest proudly displayed in Germany's "four" badge and FIFA world champion shield emblem, a black Adidas landmark victory three stripes back in Jersey two shoulders, back under the collar with the team the nickname "Die Mannschaft (team)". The German team's new home shorts are black, with white socks and the design of the European Cup.

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