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Sunday, the jets touchdown after two attempts when chiefs cornerback Steve Nelson (Steve Nelson) was whistled for holding. In this regard, cornerback Marcus Pitts (Marcus Peters) clearly expressed his dissatisfaction with the referee, he put out the yellow flags thrown on the audience, so eat non athletic action fouls. The group did not expel him out, but according to coach Andy - Reed (Andy Reid), Peters thought he had not then play, so he directly back to the locker room. Later on the jet (Elijah McGuire) - Eliza Magul rushed into a two-point conversion run. Peters after worn equipment returned to the sideline. The chief is discussing whether to punish him on Monday. "I haven't made a decision yet," Reed said. "But what he did was no doubt wrong."At 's press conference on Friday, the Chicago bear coach John Fawkes ( cheap nfl jerseys free shipping John Fox) once again received a large number of questions about the quarterback of the team. In the last Thursday night game of , the four turn of the quarterback Mike Glennon (Mike Glennon) led the bear team to have almost no chance of winning. This season he has made eight changes in the ball, and it's hard to believe that it's just a bad moment. Fawkes said the team will be well adjusted in fifth weeks before the game, Michel was asked whether the Truby Khodorkovsky (Mitchell Trubisky) first, his answer is vague. but Fawkes is willing to be clear about his attitude: to improve the efficiency of the offensive, he will not only focus on the quarterback. "I'm not going to get out of a position, I know a lot of people like it, but each of the 11 places is very important. We have to work hard on these 11 positions. " Fawkes said Glen Nong's contract would not affect his decision. Someone asked Mark Sanchez whether or not Mark Sanchez could become the first time. He would answer all the possibilities.Philadelphia hawk announced on Tuesday that Todd Herremans, the Todd Herremans, needed to undergo surgery because of her arm muscle laceration, which has been put on the list of injuries and is reimbursed this season. Heri Mans is injured in the eighth week of the eagle and the Arizona Cardinals in the game. In the ninth week of the match against Dezhou, Houston, he wore a protective gear, but he dropped out of the game because of a sprained ankle. Then came the Helimansi arm injury will undergo surgery news. Helimansi was selected in the fourth round of the 2005 Atlanta, has since been the effect. He did not perform well this season, and the professional rugby Focused Web site (Profootballfocus) gave him a low score and was only seventieth in the 78 front. Although Helimansi cannot play the second half of the season, but the League first guard Ivan Mathis (Evan Mathis) will return to replace Mathis Matt, originally Tobin (Matt Tobin) will put the left guard position to Mathis, to fill the right guard position.The official website of NFL | Brady, Gelon 'patriot | football training is absent where are all the players of the new England patriots? The attack team, who has been wounded by the battalion of patriots, lacks two best players in Friday's training. quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) due to illness missed training. At the same time tight end rob kousky (Rob Gronkowski) Gelon due to personal reasons, the absence of training, but according to the official website of NFL reporter Ian - he reports, this will not affect the fate he played against Tennessee Titans game. doesn't need to be scared, Patriot fans - at least now. G Ron Kowski took part in full training on Thursday, and Brady since the 2008 season has not missed a regular season game. If the Patriots defeated the Titans and the Denver Broncos lost to Pittsburgh Steelers, they will ensure a bye in the first week of the playoffs, if this is Brady and Koski for glycopyrronium words are probably the result of. in the parallel universe or written by Boston fans in the novel, we feel that Marcus Kowski and Brady to observe the midnight Premiere of star wars and Brady drank too much wine. However, until the coach Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) I give the answer before we won't make too much speculation.

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