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even-even soccer equipment news according to the German "Bild" news, although China for harvest in Bayern, but in an interview, Bayern CEO Rummenigge said Chinese the copycat shirt too much, this is not the love of Bayern. Bayern ended 9 days of China, which brought about 10 million euros in revenue for them on the Chinese market, Bayern Wacker executives said, "we will Chinese as the main market, the market research shows that we have a potential of 90 million fans here." although the Bayern opening China market also achieved good results, Chinese also achieved great success, but one thing is a headache for Bayern high, it is a huge market full of fake jerseys, which in every city, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are no exception, these big city can be seen everywhere Bayern copycat jersey. , the German Bild reveals that the price of the fake and inferior products is between 10-30 euros, while in general, t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he price of the genuine Jersey is 75 euros. when it comes to the situation of Chinese cottage Jersey, Rummenigge said, "I don't like to hide it. We don't like this situation. We must see that fans buy the official Jersey, which has been the best in life."jets coach Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) by he advocated in this season is fried into attack coordinator Marty mourning Ludwig (Marty Mornhinweg) statements were denied. today asked this season he had two times to fire mourning Ludwig reports, Ryan said this is very ridiculous. He replied: "I have no idea the sacking of Marty or anyone else. When we are arguing with each other this gives us a sense of disagreement, but as a member of the coaching team, we do our best to help the team win. So I don't know where the rumor comes from. I think this is a rumor, although I don't know who said it, but I'm sure it's not what I said or what I thought. Ryan also said that some reports about the discord inside the team were "ridiculous". For him, the biggest problem at the moment is that team members are disappointed in the 2 - 10 record. added: "our coaching team is very united and I believe in them, and that's the fact. And our physical fitness trainer should be the best in the league. I'm very satisfied with the coaching team, but I'm not satisfied with our results, not someone. So when we were arguing, we were all thinking about making things better, but again, I didn't want to replace any of the coaches. But if the lane at the end of the season after his assumption was fired, the coach group is likely to go along with him. But Ryan says the current coaching team will remain the same until the end of the season.The official website of NFL | conflict Seahawks cornerback was sent off for fighting | football in Beijing on August 8th, the Denver Broncos defeated the Seattle Seahawks in the home court. The game was thrilling, and you came to play very hard, and the score was very tight. The third section there are 10 minutes and 44 seconds, Broncos running back Capri - Bibusi (Kapri Bibbs) to the Seahawks touchdown zone attack, in the process of Bibusi loss ball, touchdown zone is a mess, both sides rushed to the ball, the referee whistle immediately and ready to replay to sentenced. At this time, Seahawks cornerback Cerro de Simon (Tharold Simon) with the Broncos tight end Greer - Robinson (Gerell Robinson) dispute, and pushing each other and provocation. , of course, was not allowed in the game. The referee made a severe penalty for Robinson's provocation - deportation. This is a rare event in pre - season games. No one can see the winner of the pre - season as important or even the risk of being banned. The official website of NFL | lions in the locker room for leisure facilities | football if you don't feel funny about this week's news, then the question comes, and look at the dressing room of the Detroit lion. , in order to get more rest for players, the lions team increased the number of games and leisure facilities in their locker rooms, and even placed table tennis tables and game machines. The male lions do 80% because they have been thinking about how important it is to let the players relax rather than keep the army as nervous as the army. Coach Jim - Deweier (Jim Caldwell) also plans to prepare the team for the team after the game. , on the one hand, does not have any harm in itself. In any case, players with a million years of salary will always find all kinds of fun. On the other hand, players can also improve their feelings and trust by playing together. today, the lion's 6 - 2 record in the North District of the United States, they need to continue this momentum.

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