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when Houston and Dezhou J.J. Watt renewed their contracts for 6 years, the contract value of 100 million dollars was announced. Everyone, fans, media, experts in TV and the whole social media all thought that every penny in the contract was worth the cost. "J.J." 2011 years in the top 9 watt draft pick in the second place, Denver Broncos linebacker von Miller (Von Miller) are still not satisfied. "In my opinion, he doesn't earn enough," Miller said to Lindsay - Jones (Lindsay Jones) of today's United States network. "He has made a contribution to the people of Dezhou, and none of the others can do so much for his team. The star quarterback who got the big contract did not. J.J. watt should get a contract that is similar to those of the star quarterback. He did everything on the court, and he did everything under the court. He was fully qualified for a bigger contract. I think he should make more. " Miller's rookie contract remains 2 years left, although he and Watt are different types of players, he is also destructive. Miller laced the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee in late December, but he was going to return to the full blood. If he continues to show the best pass in the league, the impact level of his hand -- according to the data of Pro Football Focus, he is the highest scoring among all the 4-3 top players cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , and he can also win the big contract. However, negotiations may be more trouble for his field problems. Miller was banned in the first 6 games of 2013 season, but now the line guard is not worried about extending the contract. "The officials of the team management are great," he said. "My team is great, too. I'll let them operate it. "although most chiefs are back in the training, manager Andy Reid (Andy) also won't be able to take some of the players who do not attend voluntary training. safety Eric Berri (Eric Berry) - Houston Justin, outside linebacker (Justin Houston) and cornerback Marcus Pitts (Marcus Peters) were absent in the offseason, but Reid said he has talked to them, know what happened. , "I am good at teaching people here -- this is what I am doing," said Reid. "People who come here are eager to repeat training, which is good for us." "this is voluntary, so it's up to them to come and not come. I know all the people's ideas. " The absence of two of is not surprising. Houston is mostly due to a contract and knee problems and Berri has been absent from the contract and cancer for the first two years. Neither contract has no problem of injury absence Peters is puzzling.Squash | Hongkong squash team and swept all seven gold head coach position has won four gold Hongkong squash team to won four gold online at the end of the East Asian Games, swept seven gold for Sohu sports news Hongkong East Asian Games squash project has 7 gold medals, which is also the Hongkong delegation's vault in the East Asian Games. The Hongkong squash team champion in the East Asian region in the East Asian Championship strength, have won the championship, sweeping 7 East Asian Games gold medal is behoove, however, the Hong Kong team head coach Cai Yukun said that the player must break through the past has not met the psychological barrier in the East Asian Games, the Hong Kong Squash team goal is 4 gold, no more he will be regarded as gold award. Cai Yukun: 4 gold is the bottom line Cai Yukun said that the Hong Kong team has advantages in men and women and men and women, men and women's doubles and mixed doubles hold small, he said: the 7 projects, if you get more than half of the gold medals are good. It's my goal, the bottom line to get 4 gold medals, and if more than 4, it's a bonus. Is it so easy to sweep? We have a lot of confidence in the singles and we know the level of our opponents, unless we are suddenly lost. Doubles are unknown, because we don't have a group of doubles players. This is also the difficulty. From the case of registration, Korea and Japan pay more attention to doubles. I think they think the doubles will win more opportunities than the singles. because it is generally optimistic about Hongkong squash player in the East Asian Games gold medal, Hongkong media to wall team as the focus, Cai Yukun said: I never doubt the strength of the players, each project has the ability to take the gold medal even, but the most difficult is they have psychological adaptation, learning needs. In the past, the Asian Games or other competition, Hongkong are just individual athletes a chance to win a medal, the Hongkong team and the recent Asian or Asian Championships are not to be optimistic, because the Malaysia team and Nigao (Lord), so we are just going to challenge the gold medal. The East Asian transport and port team is both the host and the most popular. The reports of squash are much more intense than ever before, forming an invisible pressure on the players. Therefore, we should learn to adapt. South Korea to grasp the opportune and kicked into the top 4 in the 2002 World Cup, I think this is a miracle, believe that East Asian Games are the same, Hongkong athletes have the strength, if the pressure into motivation, can create miracles. In addition to his achievements, Cai Yukun also wanted the squash players to be a model for elite athletes. (source: News) related reading: The 2 Beijing tigers baseball | Homer engulfed Jiangsu huge horse! Baseball League points lead bowling | Diego back, Jiangsu TV sports channel "challenge champion" is recorded in | Video: the Bund Longmarch Bowling bowling grand opening! handball |2017 men and women 〉The official website of NFL | Mccoy: still eager to participate in the playoffs | football review of the 2009 draft, Philadelphia selected two eagles offensive team: wide receiver Jeremy Mclean Foundation (Jeremy Maclin) and Sean - Mccoy Weile run (LeSean McCoy). 5 years later, two people still haven't tasted the taste of winning the playoffs. after the end of the season, Mclean will be a free player. But both he and Mccoy said they wanted to be a member of the hawk and win in the playoffs. Mccoy said: it's hard. Every year we fight for the playoffs. Our goal is not only to get into the playoffs, but we also want to win the next game. I hope to be able to make a breakthrough in the future, and the goal is still a super bowl. Mccoy revealed that he still yearns for a playoff victory, and his dream has always been to win the Super Bowl: I have been thinking about this and have been longing for victory. We need to go on, although we are not doing well this season. It's a pity that Mccoy can only put his wishes on the next season. As for Mclean, he will be the number one eagle offseason goals.

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