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the past few seasons since the injury plagued wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) was once considered retired at the end of last year, but according to the official website of NFL well-known media people Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported, HARVIN has dismissed the idea of retirement, will return in the 2016 season, but whether he will return to Buffalo Bill is still a question mark, is said to have three teams and were approached. General manager Bill Doug - Wiley (Doug Whaley) in an interview last week said: "as far as I know, HARVIN currently inclined to return. The main problem is the injury so that he could not return to his own satisfaction level now, you should know that in this high level league players are working hard to clearly understand their own physical condition, so he knows he has not been able to reach the level of the game, so it makes him very tangled." Now there are only 27 years old HARVIN, once recovered it could still provide little help to the team, taking into ac cheap nfl jerseys free shipping count the current free agent market reliable receivers also will have a lot of natural There is not much left., the team intends to him. In fact, the performance at the beginning of the season on the field than healthy HARVIN team's top wide receiver Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins) to September, averaging 7 times the ball 75 yards.back in 2015, the big deal in Buffalo Bill and Philadelphia hawks seemed to have been forgotten. that year when Sean ran Weile Eagle - Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) and Bill young linebacker Kirk Alonso (Kiko Alonso) exchange. has gone 2 years now. Mccoy never seems to be a fan of Philadelphia anymore. Recently, Alonso released a picture of Miami dolphin related to the new club on instagram. Mccoy wrote "Tramp" below. Mccoy's message was intended to tell Alonso to turn over the page. , in fact, both of them performed well after exchanging their clubs. Mccoy completed 16 yards in Bill's 2162 yards, and Alonso finished 15 games last season and handed out 115 interception data. Now he has found the right midline position in dolphins. According to , Alonso and dolphins have completed a contract of $28 million 900 thousand for a period of 4 years.Seattle Seahawks finally ready to admit near end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) the recovery schedule may be extended to the regular season. Pete, Pete Carroll, made a vague answer to questions about Graham's preparation. His answer seemed to avoid the central issue: patellar tendon rupture is difficult to recover quickly, and the recovery process involves a lot of work. "we don't have any problems with his training in the field," Carol told ESPN. "His workload will continue to increase over the next few weeks. The real goal is: what will he be at the start of the season? We will then assess how long it will take for the recovery process, or how long he will be ready. We don't know that. But he feels good. " Carol also said: "I will do some evaluation by the next week, but I don't have any expectations for the result. We just wait and see. We have no timetable for this, and he does not have to meet the requirements of any time. We're just trying to get him back. It's really important that he's getting confidence, it's not going to happen again and again. So we do it carefully. " seafalcon wisely wait patiently. In the last season, the offensive team has stable operation and quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) under the condition of great progress, Graham for the Seahawks offensive group rather than are the icing on the cake. although it is difficult to let Graham soon appeared, the other team to understand how the Seahawks arranged for him is very difficult. If Graham can fully recover the Seahawks advantage obviously.The official website of NFL | Gore: we will make the playoffs | football The middle of the season, San Francisco at present 49 people behind the division leader in the Arizona Cardinals 3 games, 1 games behind the Seattle seahawks. ???????????????????????????????????10??????? The more difficult course of the game is to cast a shadow on the 49 - player playoffs that are rather disadvantaged. although the team currently leads the NL West Third, veteran running back Frank Gore (Frank Gore) still believe that the team has the ability to enter the playoffs. He said: we are going to be in the playoffs, and we can do that. We have excellent coaches, excellent players, we have not been able to win the championship in the last 3 years, but we still haven't given up. 49 people will challenge the New Orleans saints who have won 11 games at home this week. The team is looking forward to a good start for the next half of the season. 49 people have reduced the proportion of the offensive on the road this season, but Gore does not think more runs can bring better results for the team. Gore said: we are a team, and every team team is excellent. I think we can get better as long as we fight together. A person's performance can not determine the result of the game, only the whole team will be able to win.

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