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March separately, the new season of the Chinese Super League has finished the first round of the tournament, and then, the League will also open the new season this week, there have been more of a club released a new season Jersey, compared with the monotonous super shirt, a shirt design the full sense of the fans is very satisfied, and recently, a team in a club released a new season away from home jersey, Dalian is beyond the club. When first saw Dalian surpassing the New Jersey, it was really amazing. Boldly integrating the color expression of the Chinese style "landscape and flying flow", and displaying the characteristics of the seaside cities of Dalian perfectly with the flowing waves, while keeping the dominant colors of the clubs unchanged. continued to maintain the frame of sea blue jacket black shorts last season and decorated the white tone in detail, which showed the exquisite characteristics everywhere. , the first Chinese professional team to use the Chinese wind to design the shirt, Dalian transcends the innovation and the young team building concept coincides. The landscape is not strong totem dominee cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ring fierce, yet unassuming, feel very comfortable. in the away shirt design, with grayish white and white as the main color, through your body, and the white shirt decorated home court to echo each other, and in the application of landscape painting as a stunning, Chinese ink strong wind, personal feeling away fine in the ball on the home court. Dalian city never lack elements of football, Dalian Super League side, in a beyond Dalian, B Dalian Bo Yang, as China football talent most populous city, the development of football in Dalian is always worried about every Chinese fans inside, although Dalian in a new season first game performance, but who can doubt that he in the super resolution. And Dalian surpassed as a small cost management team, the goal of the new season is also really fixed in the 10 8. Football is a happy sport, the champion always has only one, the process of enjoying football with ordinary heart, may be the true meaning of this sport. read the original copyright statement: the content and editing of this article are from the Internetmany people thought that the season of New Orleans saints could last until January, but now their season will end before the end of 2014. They lost 5 games in the past 7 games and lost the playoffs. now the saints need to beat the Tampa Bay pirates to avoid the first season of 10 games since 2005. In 2005, Drew and Bracey, Drew Brees and Sean Payton (Sean Payton) were going to arrive at the saints in a year before they opened the most successful stage of the team. Many things went wrong this year, but Bracey didn't need any reason to explain why he felt confident of the team's ability to continue to play well in the 2015 season and beyond. , "no matter what I feel this year from any aspect, it doesn't feel different from what I have always felt about the team, myself, what we have and what we continue to shape. "Bracey said to ESPN. "I'm very confident. I looked at the teammates around me and I felt that all of our teams were jigsaw together, and I knew we would be looking for and adding new members. I am confident that our management, our general manager Mitch Loomis can do that, I told Sean Payton, our entire coaching group full of confidence." , you can't expect Bracey to say that the team has been rotten home. But the confusion of salary cap space management and repair of poor defensive team this season is one of the most important reasons why people can't expect too much of saints in the short term. Before a problem can often be solved, but there is no guarantee that they can solve a problem, the saints have 2 seasons in the league in offensive that not enough to make up to the defensive group opponents without resistance losses in the past 3 seasons.now Philadelphia Eagle offseason did not want to lose the player is the most proximal front Zach (Zach Ertz) their distress. on Monday U.S. time, Eagle heuse finished formally with a 5 year contract. , the 25 year old near end is the second round of the 2013 draft. His career has been completed 169 times to catch the ball, advance 2024 yards and 9 touches. This season is his high light season, completed 75 times to catch the ball, promoted 853 yards and 2 touches. It is reported that the contract will become the League tight end fourth paid contract, if the contract is carried out smoothly if heuse will get $42 million 500 thousand, and the team can keep him until 2021. after the distress on his personal website wrote: "no matter what makes me happier than to stay in Philadelphia. I love Philadelphia, I like the fans here, we will be successful in the pressure.{"averagePoints":4.8,"playerId":14885,"percentChange":-1.8,"averageDraftPosition":92.5,"percentOwned":62.8,"fullName":"Doug Martin","lastPoints":-0.3,"pointsSEASON":76,"seasonOutlook":{"outlook":"Martin's 2016 season was a disaster from all angles. He entered the year off a 1,673-yard bounce-back campaign that landed him a five-year, $35.75 million extension. He went on to appear in only eight games due to injury and suspension and posted a 2.9 YPC (fourth worst). Of course, in his defense, Martin was afforded 1.1 yards before contact per attempt, which was second lowest in the NFL and down from 2.8 in 2015. Martin has now missed at least five games during three of the past four years and averaged 3.7 YPC or worse during those three seasons. He's also suspended three games to start 2017 and is thus worth no more than a mid-round pick.","seasonId":2017,"date":"Thu May 25"},"positionRank":64,"totalPoints":76}

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